Three Sixty Bar on Phangan - 360 degree view

Tree Sixty Bar (alternatively - Bar 360) toRecently, it was an ordinary unfinished hotel on the top of a hill in the northwestern part of Phangan. The place was not something that would be popular in large quantities, but known in narrow circles and enjoyed demand. To come here closer to sunset with a package of food and drinks, climb higher and spend an hour in silence and sunset pacification - it was worth a lot and like real lovers of viewpoints.

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Bar Z60 on Phangan

However, a holy place for a long time is never emptyThai ingenuity (no matter how funny it sounds) worked - now tourists are offered some kind of comfort on a panoramic viewpoint. “No” in this case refers to the chef of the bar, who does not particularly try in his work. Slightly more advantages in karma can be thrown to the bartender, who mixes quite tolerable cocktails, and, in combination with music and a stunning view on all four sides, the bar can be safely called one of the most interesting on Pangan.

Almost to the door of the bar leads normala concrete road, under a concrete foundation (it’s also the floor of the bar), there is plenty of space for parking bikes, and the entire Three Sixty is a cultivated open space on a concrete platform that was supposed to be the foundation of the villa, but did not.

Around the platform they made woodenPodiums, on which you can now sit, brought bamboo furniture and built a couple of island-style huts - the minimum investment, I must say. It remained only to fit a couple of pickups with alcohol and snacks from MACRO - and the bar is ready. I must say that the decision to drag the tubs with the trees here was mega-successful and, thanks to their shadow, you can sit here not only in the evening hours. The platform is built in two levels, and if you want to improve the already excellent view - rise higher.

Bar 360 on Phangan

Bar 360 on Phangan

In cloudy weather, you can also come, but so-so

In cloudy weather, you can also come, but so-so

View of Mae Haad Beach and Isthmus

View of Mae Haad Beach and Isthmus

Information to visit

If you want to eat with a view of the sea, then right next to it on the same hill is Utopia Resort (between it and the bar 360 path). Utopia is a hotel and restaurant, mostly with Thai food. But they come there not because of the food (they usually cook), but simply because of the pleasant place and the view.

Parking is located right under the bar.

Opening hours - from 8 am to 12 at night. In the days of parties, works until the morning. Seasonal parties are held once a month somewhere, banners with announcements can be found on the roads of Phangan. I myself did not get to the party, but they say the music is not bad and the people gather.

At sunset, it is better to arrive in advance, an hour and a half. Sunset time varies throughout the year from 18:30 to 19:00 approximately. You can safely not come to cloudy weather, although this is exactly what I did, which caused me to rain and could not capture a photo with a blue sky. The road to the bar has a steep slope, perhaps for beginners it will seem dangerous, so it's better to explore the road here without a passenger in the afternoon. It makes sense to combine with a visit. Mae Haad Beach.

Prices can be found in the pictures.

Parking in the building under the roof

Parking in the building under the roof

On the map

Bar 360

Bar 360
Former abandoned facility, and now - a bar on the roof of an abandoned hotel with panoramic views. Excellent viewpoint and mediocre bar.
More about the bar.

Former abandoned facility, and now - a bar on the roof of an abandoned hotel with panoramic views. Excellent viewpoint and mediocre bar. Read more about the bar.

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