Tour insurance for people with disabilities (1/2/3 and children) and for chronic diseases

Infrequent question on the blog, however, informationimportant. It is very useful to those who have a particular disability, a chronic disease, and at the same time also travel. Some point is definitely worth knowing. Unfortunately, you can not just buy the first available travel insurance and calm down on this. And in principle, this applies to all people in general, and not just disabled people. All other nuances, not less important, in my post - medical travel insurance.

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Disabled insurance, how it works

If at the time of purchase of the policy you did not reportinsurance company on the presence of disability of a particular category, the insurer has the right to invalidate the policy. How it will be checked is difficult to say, therefore it is better to warn. Or you can ask in Cherehapa which specific insurance company should be notified and how, and which not, they track all recent changes.

First of all, you need to understand that aggravationchronic disease and disability are different risks. That is, if you put a check on the Suppression of exacerbation of chronic diseases in the search filter in Cherekhap service, or find yourself in the insurance contract covering the exacerbation of chronic diseases (many companies have exacerbation if they risk life to $ 1,000-5,000) payment of the insured event in the presence of disability. So let's say a chronic disease is not equal to disability. Take for example, chronic rhinitis, it does not pull on disability at all, I hope it is understandable.

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Now I will tell how it works, although a littleEverything is unclear, those insurance beetles. Assistant and the insurance company can not find out whether a person has official disability or not, since there is no such database with a list of disabled people. But! The doctor in the hospital when applying for an insured event will describe the patient's condition and then pass on all this information to the service department (assisting). What the doctor will write there is a question. But if the disability is visible to the naked eye and could somehow affect the course of the disease with which you addressed this doctor, then the data about it will definitely be in custody. That is, the point is not at all whether you have an official disability or not.

So if the insured has no officialdisability, then the service will decide along the way. Perhaps the reimbursement will be according to the risk of “stopping and exacerbation of chronic diseases,” and possibly a failure. Such situations are not registered anywhere and the decision is made each time individually. Hence the conclusion: it is better not to get involved with companies that do not insure the disabled.

Insurance that do not insure I and II groups

Absolute Insurance (Europ Assistance)
Zetta (AP Companies)
Arsenal (Balt Assistance)
Reso-Guarantee (Europ Assistance)
Russian Standard (AP Companies)

Tour insurance for people with disabilities (1/2/3 and children) and for chronic diseases

Insurance that insure with restrictions

Absolute Insurance (Europ Assistance) andTripinsurance: insures Group III disability, but children with disabilities (they have no group) does not insure at all. Exacerbation of the chronicles at life threatening insure up to $ 1000. Warn that in the presence of a disability is not necessary.

Liberty (Class-Assistance): do not insure disabled people of the first group and patients with oncological diseases. The exacerbation of chronicles in the face of a life threat is covered by $ 2,000 (program A) and by $ 3,000 (program B, which is through Cherehapa).

Rosgosstrakh (GVA and others, depending on the country): insures, but additional coordination with the insurance is required, and if a positive decision is made, it will be necessary to fill out a special mandatory form. Cover the costs of exacerbation of chronic diseases with life threatening in the amount of 1000 ye by default and in the amount of 10% of the sum insured if the option “Relief of complications of chronic diseases” on Cherehape is selected. But in general, you should always put this check mark, if the option is relevant for you, so that exactly the risk fell into the policy. By the way, I know that it is this insurance that is often used for disabled children, read about it on the forums.

Reso-Guarantee (Europ Assistance): Do not insure disabled children. Very cleverly written about the exacerbation of the chronicle with the threat of life. There is no limit on the amount, but the insurer has the right to reduce the sum insured at its discretion. Here, as you like, and understand.

Tour insurance for people with disabilities (1/2/3 and children) and for chronic diseases

Insurance that insure all

Sberbank-Insurance (Europ Assistance): The insurance includes the exacerbation of the chronicles when life threatens the entire insured amount.

Tinkoff (Europ Assistance): In terms of the exacerbation of chronicles in the face of life threatening, I did not find in the contract any restrictions on the amount, that is, on the entire amount.

Ingosstrakh (Smile, Remed): Veiled written, but insure the exacerbation of chronic diseases when life threatens, and there is no limit on the amount, did not find it in the contract.

Renaissance insurance (Europ Assistance): A sudden acute illness or exacerbation of a chronic illness is covered. Moreover, it is not stated what is at risk for life, therefore the “aggravation” seems to be interpreted differently. But I would not count on treating a chronicle without obvious urgency for this. Restrictions on the amount in the contract did not find.

Alpha Insurance (GVA, Class, Savitar): Exacerbation of chronic diseases is covered only when life threatens. The limit of liability in this case is 3% of the sum insured.

Tour insurance for people with disabilities (1/2/3 and children) and for chronic diseases

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