Tours to Thailand

Thailand is not only a serene rest onocean coast surrounded by exotic nature. It is also a unique opportunity to make bargains, to purchase interesting souvenirs for loved ones. That is why tours to Thailand, despite the considerable cost and the need for a long flight, are popular with tourists. If you want to buy high-quality clothing and shoes, it is better to make similar purchases in Bangkok. Not only in large shopping centers, but also in the markets there is always a chance to get excellent Rolex watches. Of course, this is a fake - but sometimes very good quality. The higher the class of the outlet, the less chance of running into a poor-quality product (goods in large department stores are better than in spontaneous markets).

And still rest in Thailand is an opportunity to buyantiques and precious stones. In order for the purchase not to disappoint later, and the money was not thrown to the wind, you need to understand these issues. Otherwise, in an antique shop they may be deceived, having slipped an ordinary cheap girl as a rare thing. In order to export the purchased antiques outside the country, you should contact the relevant state department for a special permit. Often, sellers already have such a document and are ready to provide it to the buyer. The main thing is to make sure that it is genuine.

Being at the airport while shoppingduty free Duty Free, you should pay attention to the lacquer boxes, which are imported from Burma. Somewhat cheaper, these products can be bought in cross-border markets.

Many use tours to Thailand in order toto walk around the shops of silver craftsmen and buy products from this noble metal. Silver items with niello are especially appreciated. Prices for such elegant souvenirs and jewelry are quite affordable.

Ceramics will be a good acquisition.and green porcelain, the so-called. celadon. Their production is an important article of the country's economy, they are exported to many countries in the Asian region. Ceramic and porcelain vases, dishes, home furnishings will become an elegant decoration of the home and will remind you of visiting this exotic corner of the earth for many years.

And still rest in Thailand will be remembered by the opportunityto buy silk is the pride of the inhabitants of this country. The thinnest, weightless, unusually high quality, they are sold at every step and are quite expensive. However, if you search properly, you can find stores where this product is cheaper.

Shopping in Thailand is a fascinating activity during which every tourist can make his own discoveries.

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