Travel Altai by car

So, you overcame the hunt for change places. And you did not draw anywhere on the warm Turkish coast, the Canaries or to Thailand, but on a tour of the Altai region. And this is a very good decision. There is no need to go abroad, when there are many interesting places in your country that can give a lot of unforgettable impressions. Today, Russian tour operators offer very interesting routes around Altai.

Driving by car makes it possiblerapid movement from one point of interest to another. At the same time, it is necessary to make considerable efforts to inspect the most beautiful places: impassable roads, floods of rivers, unpredictable vagaries of nature - these are just a few obstacles that stand in the way of travelers.

Successfully overcome all of this will help you.experienced instructor, professional driver and reliable all-terrain vehicle. In these wild places will be useful weapons, you never know what. And if you like to tickle your nerves and look for strong emotions, then the local routes are just for you. The risk, danger and adrenaline in the blood - all this is of course wonderful. But still you better prepare in advance.

So you can go to Lake Teletskoye(Altyn-Kol - “Golden Lake”) - the pearl of the Altai Territory. On a speedboat you will be taken to the southern shore of the lake. Then, on a reliable car, you will drive about fifty kilometers surrounded by pristine natural beauty to the mouth of the Chulcha River. Here you will find relaxation and a steam bath.

11 kilometers from the mouth of the river Chulcha isthe largest cascade waterfall in Altai, the total height of the fall of which is more than 160 meters, and at the time of high water, is a real grandiose spectacle. It is here that you can experience all the unbridled power of Mother Nature. After a nine-hour excursion, the outdoor bathhouse that is already becoming familiar will be quite useful.

And further along the route. 170 km from the mouth of the Chulcha River to the Kurai steppe with excursions to the Red Gate, the valley with the Pazyryk barrows, the Katueryk pass, the Blue Lake, the Aktru mountain-glacial basin with the highest point, Aktru-Bash peak (4075 m). From the Kurai steppe you return by car to Barnaul with a visit to a number of very interesting sightseeing objects. By the end of the trip, you will become the owner of unforgettable impressions that you will keep in your memory, in photos and videos.

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