Travel in South Africa are becoming increasingly popular

I was never drawn to Africa. For some reason, it always seemed that there was nothing special there, only poverty and devastation. However, when I began traveling and being interested in different countries, I came across stories about Africa, and in particular about South Africa and Botswana on the site. It turns out that everything is completely different from what I had imagined. Well, at least, if we are talking about South Africa, and not about its other part. Just when you do not dig deep, any information is automatically applied immediately to the whole continent, to all of Africa, although there are more than 50 countries, and the situation is, respectively, different.

First, there is simply amazing nature, judgingon photos and articles on different sites. Many national parks, wild animals, mountains, tall waterfalls, kilometer-long beaches. Someone even says that humanity left them from these places, who knows, maybe this is true. Now I am not surprised that there are those who are going to South Africa for permanent residence, to some Cape Town or Port Elizabeth.
Secondly, South Africa has a fairly high standard of living.compared with its neighbors, and security is increasing every day. If it goes on like this, then Africa can become a very popular destination for beach holidays like Turkey or Egypt.

Since I am indifferent to rest on the sea, I’ve firstjust chose some safari tour. Something like this: Tours in South Africa - Safaris in Botswana and Victoria Falls. Imagine going on an SUV for a week or two, sleeping in a tent in the wilderness, burning a fire under a starry sky, and not a soul around, only animal and flora untouched by humans. If you have money, then you can, of course, stop everywhere and in fashionable lodges, although personally it seems to me to be quite a boring exercise, for the sake of which it was not worth going to the other end of the world for as long as 20 hours.

By the way, if it’s about money, the way II realized at the moment tours to Africa can not be said to be cheap. But also the flight itself must be paid. But most likely it is a matter of time. Now it is exotic, and after 5-10 years it is a familiar rest. In any case, those who are interested can afford to pay a thousand dollars for a tour, or at a certain level of travel preparation, do it all on their own, or partly on their own (if you are thinking about it, I advise you to buy tickets on and . I personally have already thought hard about visiting South Africa and what options for this exist.

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