The trip to Europe has begun!

Finally, our trip to Europe has begun. What she was long-awaited, considering how we for obtaining a Schengen visa worried. There are 4 weeks of road ahead: Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, France and about 4,000 km by car, 1,000 km by hitchhiking and 2,500 km by plane.

Initially, my wife and I were just going to fly toto friends in France, but another friend also drew a car. As a result, we drive the four of us to France, through the Czech Republic and Germany. The guys go back home to Moscow together, as they are working people, and they have to rest only 2 weeks at a time. We stay for another 2 weeks in France and are already flying from there to Berlin, and then to Moscow. We plan to stay, with friends, by in the list, and possibly camping in a tent, if the weather is not scared. Here is a trip.

We do not quite coincide with our friends in order totrips to Europe. They somehow want more standard sights, but we prefer to spend time in French families and small towns in order to observe life and look inside at the life of local residents. But we have already found a compromise, so all the way through.

The route that we eventually got and a list of all the posts of their trip can be seen here - Independent travel to Europe - route.

Our approximate route.

By car: Moscow - Brest - Prague - Munich - Grenoble - Marseille - Setphone
The Hitchhiker: Sethfon - Rohan-Saint-Marie - Grenoble - Paris
By plane: Paris - Berlin, Berlin - Moscow.

News from the trip.

You may have already seen the innovation - “Ourlatest news "in the header of the blog. There will appear messages that we will write from the phone via SMS in real time from the country where we are now. You may be interested to watch where we are and what we are. Yes, and we ourselves want to try this chip.

At a minimum, this will be useful, for ourfriends and relatives, in order not to write all sms, still roaming is expensive. Now all our friends can just go to the blog and find out the latest news from the fields.

P.S. Until we are gone, there will be several information posts that we have accumulated during the writing of travel reports, as well as the story of Darya about volunteering in France. But when we come back, there will be so much to tell about, so have a little patience!

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