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The main attractions of Phuket -natural. These are mainly tropical islands with excellent secluded beaches, clear water and beautiful views, caves and lagoons, jungle nat. parks with lakes and waterfalls. Also interesting are tropical vegetation and the inhabitants of the jungle in Phuket and its surroundings, and in the nearby provinces there are several interesting temples. On complex tours of Phuket, you can get acquainted with the life of local residents, mostly peasants. Another type of excursions on the island itself - a variety of entertainment for tourists. These are several grand world-class evening shows and extreme entertainment (bungee jumping, jungle flight, quests, diving, wakeboarding).

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About Phuket Tours

You can buy a tour, either at your hotel guide (but this is always more expensive), if you take a rest on a trip, or choose yourself in one of the street travel agencies.

Constantly asked to advise a proven localthe agency that I used myself. I advise: Alpha Travel. Large selection of excursions, including in Russian. Conveniently, you can write to them through the messenger, and make an order directly on the site.

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If you are not friends with left-hand traffic and driving a bike, then it is better to take a tour. For an entrance ticket and a taxi, you still give a total more than a tour.

Of course, in some interesting places you canYou can get there by public transport, but entrance tickets with a guided tour will be cheaper than a ticket at the box office. Local agencies use a discount when purchasing tickets for the tour.

Excursions to the islands

Phuket is full of amazingly beautiful places.uninhabited islands, the very "Bounty" with white sand, clean azure-colored water and palm trees whispering softly in the wind. In addition, right next to Phuket is one of the pearls of not only Thailand, but also the whole of Southeast Asia - Phang Nga Bay. Many islands of the bay have caves and hidden lagoons, which can only be reached during low tide. There is also “James Bond Island”, which became famous thanks to one of the series of films about the English spy. Another attraction near Phuket is the world-famous Phi Phi islands with Maya Bay and small islands around. To the west of Phuket, too, there are islands, including nat. Similan Islands Park, one of the world's best diving sites, with unique underwater fauna and coral reefs.

Phi Phi Islands

Cost: 1300 baht

A group of 6 islands is located 40 km away.southeast of Phuket, there are inhabited Phi-Phi Don, Phi-Phi Ley with the famous Maya bay, where the movie “The Beach” was filmed, and Loh Samah bay, as well as the small uninhabited islands Mosquito and Bamboo and two small cliffs of Bida Nok and Bida Nai. The tour program includes a visit to the Viking Cave (Viking Cave), where sea gypsies grow swallow nests, considered to be a delicacy, as well as a beach with wild monkeys, snorkeling, lunch on the island Phi-Phi Don, a walk around the island. On the way back to Phuket on some tours they also stop at Khai Nok Island.

James Bond Island

Cost: from 1,400 baht

Excursion to the island of James Bond and the islandsPhang Nga Bay includes visits to several islands and stops for canoeing. The island nearest to Phuket is Panak island, which is 15 minutes away by speed boat. Usually the tour program includes a canoe trip through the caves and lagoons of the island. During low tide through the cave you can go to the lake in the center of the island, which is surrounded on all sides by rocks. Another stop is on the island of Hong (Hong island), in the rocks of which there are also caves. Canoeing can also be sailed through mangroves. The main point of the program is James Bond Island (Ko Ta Pu), which is located next to Ko Ping Kan Island. Filming of one of the parts of the Bond took place exactly here (“The Man with the Golden Gun”, 1974). Lunch is usually arranged on the island of Panyee, which surrounds a Muslim village on stilts in the water. On the way back to Phuket - a stop on the island of Naka and a beach holiday.

Boat trip to Krabi

Cost: 2000 baht

The tour includes stopping and swimming inKoh Hong, Talay Waek, Koh Poda and Phranang Cave beach. Koh Hong is known for its white sand and interesting snorkeling near the island. Phranang Cave beach is popular with rock climbers. Talay Waek is a three cliffs, connected by a sandy spit. One of the rocks is called chiken island (looks like a chicken's head), at high tide it becomes an island, and at low tide a narrow sandy isthmus appears, connecting it with the other two rocks. The island of Koh Poda is more than one kilometer in diameter and is surrounded by a sandy coast almost along the entire perimeter, 20 m from which coral reefs begin. Great place for snorkeling, and for a beach holiday.

Racha Island (or Paradise)

Cost: from 1000 baht

The island is 12 kilometers and a half hour drive.on a speed boat south of Phuket. From the nearby islands it is the best place for diving, snorkeling and beach holidays. Tourists, who study diving and those who gathered for sea fishing, are usually brought to the island. The island has several small bays and two beaches, Bungalo Bay and Siam bay.

Surin Islands Group

Cost: 2700 baht

Surin is another reserve near Phuket. Located north of the Similan Islands and Tachai Island. Surin Archipelago consists of five islands, the underwater world around which is remarkable for a large variety of marine life and corals. Next to Surin is Thailand’s most popular dive site and one of the most famous in the world, the Richelieu Rock.

Tachai Island

Cost: 2600 baht

Trips to this island began to actively sellnot so long ago, about 5 years ago. Like the Similan Islands, it attracts with a rich underwater world, untouched nature and a beautiful beach on the eastern side of the island. Near the island there is an opportunity to look at turtles and leopard sharks. Usually the program provides two stops for swimming with masks from a boat, rest and swimming on the beach, exploring the area and a short walk around the island.

Similan Islands

Cost: 1900 baht

Nat Similan Islands Park is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. Located 100 km north-west of Phuket. The very beautiful and rich underwater world attracts not only divers to the islands, but also numerous tourists. During a day trip to the Similans, a group usually visits 2 beaches, and snorkeling stops near the islands. Also, tourists rise to the stone "Sail", which is located on the cliff of one of the islands.

Khai Islands, three islands

Cost: 1000 baht

A group of three islands is great forrelaxing beach holiday, including with children. There are small cafes on the islands, but there are no hotels. Located near Phuket, the road to the first island takes about 20 minutes. The time usually spent on visiting the islands is about 6 hours.

Coral island

Cost: from 1000 baht

Beach excursion to a small island, which is only 9 km from Phuket. The road takes about 20 minutes. Lunch is provided in the hotel’s restaurant on the beach, buffet style.

Mayton, private island

Cost: 2500 baht

The island is 9 km from Phuket, a 20 minute drive tospeed boat. In 1993, by royal decree, the island was transferred to the ownership of a Korean businessman. Mayton was closed to tourists, but there were, for example, the Crown Prince of Bhutan, the prime ministers of Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam. Now the island is allowed to land no more than 150 people a day. A large white beach, clear water and a freshwater swimming pool right on the beach are an ideal place to relax. The tour provides lunch, on the beach there are sun beds and umbrellas, free drinks.

Sunset in Phang Nga Bay, boat cruise

Cost: from 2100 baht

Romantic walk and dinner on a sailing ship, with a wonderful view of the islands of Phang Nga Bay during sunset.


Phuket offers quite a wide rest. Of course, entertainment related to the sea — diving, snorkeling, underwater motorcycles, etc. — takes a large share. In addition, the classic entertainment for Thailand - a variety of jumps, climbing, flying above the ground, and of course, riding on elephants. In general, Phuket offers many ways to tickle your nerves and get a shot of adrenaline.

"Flight of Hanuman"

Cost: from 1,800 baht

A thrilling but absolutely safe rideamong the jungle. Clinging to the cable stretched above the ground, you can fly from tree to tree. Rope bridges, spiral staircases, vertical slopes. The longest flight is about 400 meters, the height above the ground is up to 40 meters. Weight limit of 120 kg.


Cost: from 1000 baht

The tour may include not only river raftinginflatable boats. The most intense program begins with bungee jumping from a cliff above the lake, then rafting on a mountain river, lunch (buffet). The program also includes a visit to a waterfall, a safari park, elephant riding through the jungle, elephant shows and monkeys. In addition, you can also ride through the jungle on quad bikes, and on the way back - to call on a fruit plantation.


ATV riding is a good opportunityexplore far corners of Phuket. During the walk you can see jungles, hills, rivers, pineapple and rubber plantations and villages of local residents. On quad bikes you can get to one of the main attractions of the island - the statues of the Big Buddha, drive along the beaches and climb to the observation platforms.

Cost: from 950 baht


Cost: from 600 baht

The program takes place entirely in Phuket, introduceswith some aspects of Thai life, on the principle of "a little of everything." You can ride the buffaloes, raft down the river on a canoe, ride an elephant, watch a show with elephants and monkeys. Some programs also provide bathing with elephants. You can see how rice is processed, rubber is extracted, Thai papaya salad is prepared. The program also provides a small presentation with Thai boxing. Lunch with Thai cuisine, and after - foot massage with fish. There are several safari programs to choose from, from the shortest, which takes only 2 hours to the most intense, lasting 5.5 hours.

Splash Jungle Water Park Waterpark

Cost: from 1200 baht

Splash Jungle Water Park is located in the northparts of Phuket, near the Mai Kao beach, north of the airport. The territory of the water park is divided into several thematic zones, from Asia and Africa to ancient civilizations. On the territory of the river flows, about 15 different rides, many different pipes and slides. There is also a playground, a sauna, a cafe. Good place to relax with the whole family. Weight limit 136 kg.

Underwater motorcycles

Cost: 2600 baht

New fashionable entertainment for those who would like totry diving, but not yet fully decided. There are many places around Phuket with a very beautiful underwater world, so this is a good chance for non-divers to watch ocean life. The underwater motorcycle has a safety buoy floating on the surface, this makes it even safer. Experienced instructors explain how to use a motorcycle and look after tourists while diving. The underwater tour usually lasts about 20 minutes, takes place near the Coral Island (Coral island). Those interested can also do a test scuba dive. The excursion program also includes: swimming, boating and banana riding, lunch (Thai cuisine).

Phuket Cable Ski Wakepark

Cost: 1600 baht

Wakeboarding - skating on a board with a rope in hand,which pulls either a boat or a mechanical system. There are two winches in Phuket Park. Large ring, kilometer long and short linear, which is suitable for beginners. The park has all the necessary equipment for rental, springboards, in the evenings included spotlights. The park has a bar and restaurant with free wi-fi, a wakeboarding equipment and clothing store, a swimming pool, a massage parlor, a solarium, and a hotel.

Horseback riding

Cost: 1000 baht

Phuket has an equestrian club with a stable. There are just over 60 horses. You can order a walk through the jungle or on the beach, take riding lessons.

"King Kong" (disco foam, pool and slides)

Cost: 900 baht

Something in between a nightclub and a water park,open air. During the day, guests have access to a huge swimming pool with water activities, a children's area, a water bar, a sauna and a water springboard. In the evenings, this is a nightclub with a foam disco. On the territory of the club there is a Finnish sauna and a traditional Thai, steamed. Large selection of drinks and food, on Saturday evening foam parties are held by the pool with live music. The price includes one soft drink and all entertainment, including a sauna. Additionally, the club offers massage and spa treatments at reasonable prices. For example, an hour of massage - 200 baht. From the beaches of Kata, Karon, Patong to the club there is a free transfer (from 5 people).

Bungy Jumping Bungee Jump

Cost: 1,650 baht

Popular in Thailand, there is entertainment onPatong. Anyone can jump from a height of 60 meters down to the pond. The jumper by the feet is attached to the tower by an elastic cable, stopping the fall almost at the very surface of the pond. If desired, with extended arms you can touch the water.

Extreme Amusement Park

Cost: from 2250 baht

Rope park is another fashionable entertainment. Phuket Extreme Adventure is suitable for both adults and children. There are 69 stations in the park, 12 of them are complex, they are marked with red marks. It is a rope ladder, cables, labyrinths and networks that you need to walk and climb. All this is on top. From the track there is a wonderful view down to Phuket. The park has a children's version with the same kind of obstacles, only smaller and lower. The whole playground is protected from the bottom with a net, in the fall it works like a hammock. Obligatory condition of visiting the park - closed sports shoes and clothing, tail hair.

Quest game "Secret Room"

Cost: from 2500 baht (for two adult players) + from 1000 baht each subsequent player

The game combines a puzzle, treasure huntand informative historical quest. It will be pleasant and will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults. Branches of the Secret Room are located in 20 cities of the world. Phuket attraction opened relatively recently, located near the Patong Beach. The essence of the game is to find a way out of the room. There are many different objects, riddles, clues in the room. 60 minutes is given for solving the puzzles and leaving the room.


Cost: from 3900 baht

Beginners wishing to practice diving,spend on the boat almost the whole day, making 2 dives, between which lunch is served. The duration of the dive depends on the individual characteristics of the diver, in the first times they usually last 30-40 minutes. Under the water you can see and feed tropical fish, take a picture with them or shoot a video. For those who dive for the first time, it is better to do this on the island of Racha, where the depth is not so sharp and the currents are not so strong. For more experienced, it will be interesting to dive on Phi Phi, where you can see leopard sharks and turtles. For experienced divers there are programs with 2-4 dives per day, diving safari in Similan.

Sea fishing

Cost: from 1200 baht

For sea fishing boats from Phuket usuallygo to the islands of Racha Yai or Racha Noi, on the way throwing fishing rods with bait and fishing by trolling. Next to Phuket most often come across young tuna, sometimes marlin, sailfish, mahi-mahi. Caught fish is either prepared or served directly raw. Approximately in the middle of the way you stop for a swim, next to one of the islands.

Fishing with sea gypsies

Cost: from 2500 baht

Maritime gypsies are the indigenous people of that region,where Phuket is located. They live a little apart, their villages. Engaged mainly in fishing, supplying seafood to local markets and restaurants. Gypsies use their own traditional gear to catch fish. When fishing with sea gypsies, the fish is caught either by trolling, right on the go, or when anchored near the islands. At the end of fishing, in the evening, the boat moor near the restaurant, where Thai chefs prepare the participants of the fishing dinner from their catch.

Lake fishing

Cost: from 2450 baht

Phuket lake fishing is available on a smalllake in the center of the island, which is fully equipped for a comfortable stay. For fishermen there are benches and bamboo arbors, a restaurant of local cuisine. Various breeds of fish are bred in the lake, including rare ones, so the fish caught is released back into the water, and a fine is taken for its death.

Day trips

Day trips, except tours on the mostPhuket and trips to the islands mainly go to the reserves of Khao Lan and Khao Sok, to the province of Krabi - to the amazing colors of lakes, waterfalls in the jungle and other land attractions.

Kao lak

Cost: 1000 baht

The tour is suitable for nature lovers, walkingjungle, outdoor activities, adventure and animal communication. First, the group visits the temple of the reclining Buddha and a mini zoo with monkeys. Next - a ride on elephants on the river, show and swim with elephants. After lunch - rafting on bamboo rafts, swimming in a waterfall. And at the end of the program - turtle farm and fruit market. My review of the resort Khao Lak, you can go there to relax and instead of Phuket.

Khao Sok National Park

Cost: 1600 baht

Nat Khao Sok Park is located near Phuket, you can visit it with a two-day tour, and with a one-day. This place is interesting for wild tropical nature, flora (for example, gigantic rafflesia) and fauna (crabs, rhinoceros, gibbons) of the reserve, rain forests and limestone rocks with karst caves. Usually the tour includes an elephant ride (40 min), rafting, a cave temple, a waterfall, a viewing platform. Some tours also include bathing in hot springs, tea drinking in a cave, a visit to the Bang Rieng temple with a good view of the reserve.

If you want to visit independently, then I have informational post about Khao Sok.

Khao Sok and Ceolan Lake

Cost: from 1600 baht

Nat Khao Sok Park is located near Phuket, you can visit it with a two-day tour, and with a one-day. This place is interesting for wild tropical nature, flora (for example, gigantic rafflesia) and fauna (crabs, rhinoceros, gibbons) of the reserve, rain forests and limestone rocks with karst caves. In the center of the reserve is a freshwater lake Cheo Lan, which occupies about a quarter of the area nat. parka. It is home to many species of fish. The tour program includes observation platforms, waterfalls, caves, kayak and boat rides, animal observation. Here is how I traveled to lake cheo lan.

Lake Cheo Lan

Lake Cheo Lan

Krabi (land)

Cost: from 2000 baht

Krabi Province is next door to Phuket.and is rich in natural and cultural landmarks. In addition to the island part, with the unique beauty of the nature of Phang Nga Bay, in Krabi you can explore places located on the mainland. Approximately 40 minutes from Phuket is the temple of Hell and Paradise with sculptural scenes of retribution for sins and other horrors. A little further is Krabi town, the capital of the province. Tourists usually stop at sculptures in the form of huge crabs, at the monument to the eagle and at the White Temple. One of the main attractions of Krabi is the very beautiful lakes Emerald and Blue. The water in them is very clean and clear. In addition to lakes, in Krabi there are hot radon springs in the form of natural baths. The program of the tour usually includes lunch and swimming in a waterfall. And the final point of the excursion program is the Tiger Temple in the forest. From the temple begins the staircase in 1237 steps, leading to a viewing platform with a statue of the Buddha, offering a great view of the surroundings.

Tiger kingdom

Cost: from 800 baht

Tiger Kingdom Tiger Kingdom in Phuketthe opportunity to take pictures and play with live tigers (15 minutes). Part of the income from visitors goes to preserve the population of tigers, i.e. their breeding in captivity. At present, there are more than 30 tigers in the Kingdom, which have been raised by trainers from birth, and therefore less aggressive than wild ones. The ticket price is divided into 4 categories and depends on the size of the tigers you want to visit. The smallest cubs only from 2 to 4 months. Then go older, 5-10 months. Average tigers 11-15 months. And the most adults are between 16 and 36 months. When dealing with tigers, it is necessary to take into account their peculiarities and observe security measures. There is also a restaurant on site, it works from 11.00 to 15.00. Children under 15 may be allowed to go only to the smallest tiger cubs. The decision is taken by the zoo staff.

Thai boxing

Cost: from 1600 baht

Thai boxing stadium Sainamyen is onPatong, next to the bungee. Thai boxing or Muay Thai, as it is called by the Thais, is the traditional art of self-defense in Thailand. In addition to regular matches, professional fights sometimes take place here. Fights are held on Mondays and Thursdays.


Cost: 500 baht

Phuket Zoo is not very big and prettyold. There is a show with elephants, monkeys, crocodiles. Quite a lot of different animals and birds, an aquarium. You can take pictures with different animals for a fee.

3D Museum Phuket Trick Eye Museum

Cost: 500 baht

The museum gallery consists of two floors and severalrooms filled with paintings that are painted directly on the floor and walls and create the illusion of three-dimensional space. Each picture-scenes has its own plot, in which the visitor can write himself. The main thing is not to forget to take a camera with you. The space is decorated with humor, it will be interesting for both children and adults.

Phuket Comprehensive Tour

Cost: from 2500 baht

A sightseeing tour of Phuket can include riding elephants and swimming with them, visiting a mountain of monkeys and caves, a tortoise and coral farm, visiting a Thai temple, swimming in a waterfall, rafting.

Individual sightseeing tour of Phuket

Price: 3900 baht, up to 4 people

The program of the tour can be chosen independently, or you can express your wishes and preferences to the driver. For example, a tiger kingdom, a visit to a Big Buddha statue, Botanical Garden, orchid garden, bird park or butterflies, aquarium, viewing platforms, lunch in some of Phuket restaurants, shopping, temples, trekking to the waterfalls.

Evening shows

Thailand and Phuket in particular is one of the mostpopular places for a carefree beach holiday. Therefore, there are many evening entertainment and shows. All of them are very colorful, vibrant and dynamic. This is a combination of circus, theater, cabaret and restaurant. Fantasy and Siam Niramit tell about the history and culture of Siam, this is a grand show in which not only artists but also animals participate. Aphrodite and Simon - transvestite show. At the same time, technically the shows are very high quality and professional, no vulgarity. So you can take children too. All shows include dinner and related entertainment. Illusion and the Palazzo - two more interactive shows, both dinner and disco and performance. And, of course, for those who wish, there is a “show for adults”, which (including) is famous for Thailand and its resorts.

Show Fantasy

Cost: from 1550 baht

The territory of the Fantasea show is truly huge; Besidesthe palace where the shows take place, there is an amusement park, a restaurant with 4,000 seats, a small zoo and many souvenir shops. The main presentation of the show talks about Thai culture, replete with circus tricks, magic tricks, acrobatics. The show uses various special effects and pyrotechnics; except for the artists in the performance involved elephants. Colorful decorations, stunning imagination costumes, bright colors and music - all this creates the impression of celebration, carnival and fun. Read more about Show Fantasia.

href = "">> More about Show Fantasy</a>.

This is where the Fantasy Show is held.

This is where the Fantasy Show is held.

Show Siam Niramit

Cost: from 1150 baht

Show based on the history and myths of Siam introducesviewers with Thai traditions and customs. Gorgeous scenery, a huge variety of costumes, special effects - all this makes the show truly exciting. Before the start of the show, visitors can stroll through the improvised Thai village, where the main Thai crafts are presented. Here you can ride on elephants and feed them. In addition, on the territory you can see Thai boxing, participate in contests, dine in a restaurant and buy souvenirs.

Cabaret Simon

Cost: from 700 baht

Original, bright and colorful performance with professional artists, good music. And although this is a show of transvestites, everything is very decent and within the framework of decency, you can take children with you.

Cabaret Aphrodite

Cost: from 700 baht

Second in a row but not in quality showtransvestites in Phuket. The performance immerses the audience in the atmosphere of the holiday, bright costumes, incendiary dances and music. Professional actors, good sound and lighting.


Cost: 450 baht

Illusion - a mixture of theatrical show, musicalperformance, interactive disco, nightclub. High-quality sound and light, high quality of the show, in which young and talented artists, dancers and DJs participate, creating a festive atmosphere and fun.

Show-restaurant Palazzo

Cost: 1350 baht

Thematic show during the evening bringsspectators from continent to continent. The performance involves artists, aerialists, jugglers, comedians, singers and dancers. The interior of the restaurant is quite interesting, creating a chamber, magical atmosphere. Dinner is included. There is no age limit.

Show for adults

Cost: from 850 baht

Shows from the category of those that are a kind of landmark, made Thailand famous all over the world. The show lasts about an hour, constantly repeating.

Excursions for 2 days1 night

The main directions of the two-day excursions withPhuket is all the same islands, from Similan to Phi Phi and Phang Nga Bay, nat. parks Kao Lan and Khao Sok and the combination of mainland and maritime programs in Krabi. The long and expensive excursions offered in Phuket are mainly Samui and Bangkok. From excursions to other countries - Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia (Angkor Wat). The cost of such a tour to another country - from $ 300, calculated individually.

Krabi - mainland and islands

Cost: from 5500 baht

The tour program may include a walk throughthe islands of Krabi province, as well as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, the Huay Toh Waterfall, boating on the Krabi River, mangroves, the Tiger Cave Temple, radon springs, Emerald Lake.
Another option for a two-day tour in Krabi includesamong other things, a visit to the fishing market on the Sarasin Bridge, which connects Phuket with the mainland of Thailand, the Monkey Cave, Blue Lake. The second day of the tour is usually devoted to exploring the coastal sights of Krabi and the islands: caves, Sa Phranang lagoon, Tup island, chicken island, Poda island.

11 islands: Phi Phi, Krabi, James Bond

Cost: from 3300 baht

The tour program allows you to see the three mostPopular places near Phuket and includes an overnight stay on Phi Phi Don Island with the opportunity to plunge into the rich nightlife of this place. The first part of the excursion is a visit to the famous James Bond Island and a canoe trip through the lagoons. The group then visits small uninhabited islands with beautiful beaches and bays in Krabi province. After dinner on Phi Phi Don - evening fire show. The next day, in the morning - Maya Bay, another gem of these places, then - the lagoon, a Viking cave, a beach with monkeys and Bamboo Island with a beach holiday.

Phi Phi Islands

Cost: 3300 baht

Perhaps the most popular excursion amongtourists coming to rest on Phuket. The two-day tour allows you to get to know the Phi Phi archipelago better, to see the nightlife of the only inhabited island, Phi Phi Don, where tourists usually stop for the night. The tour program includes the world famous Maya Bay, as well as lagoons, a Viking cave, a beach with monkeys and small neighboring islands, swimming and a beach holiday.

Phang Nga Bay, Krabi Islands, Koh Lanta and Phi Phi Islands

Cost: 6000 baht

The tour program includes almost allinteresting natural and island attractions to the east and south of Phuket and begins with the departure to the Phang Nga Bay, where tourists can go canoeing and visit the village on the water (residence of sea gypsies), lunch in the same place in the village. Next - visit the island of Hong in the province of Krabi, visit the lagoon, beach vacation. Arrival on the peninsula Railay. This is one of the most famous places in Krabi. During a walk around the island - a visit to the Fertility Cave (also known as Princess Pranang's Cave), the Diamond Cave. Snorkeling Arrival on the island of Lanta, check-in at the hotel, beach vacation. Dinner, fire show, free time. The next day, after breakfast at the hotel - departure to Phi Phi, Maya Bay. Visit the Pila lagoon, swimming from a boat, Viking cave, monkey beach, swimming and snorkeling next to a coral reef, lunch at a beach restaurant, then Bamboo Island and a beach holiday.

Similan Islands and Tachai

Cost: 5700 baht

Excursion for lovers of wildlife andsnorkeling. The tour starts at Khao Lak pier, from the departure to Tachai Island, where the group spends half the day: a walk around the island, swimming with snorkels and masks, lunch at a beach restaurant. Next - departure to the Similan Islands, Parus Island (all islands have numbers, this one is No. 8) with a viewing platform, dinner and overnight in tents on the island. The next day, after breakfast - a walk through the jungle, where you can see monitor lizards and flying foxes. Next - an uninhabited beach, snorkeling near the island number 9, where there is a chance to see turtles. Lunch at the beach restaurant on the island number 8, snorkeling on the island number 6, a visit to the island number 4, a beach holiday and departure back to Phuket.


Cost: from 7900 baht

Samui tour starts with transfer to the provinceSurat Thani and the ferry to the island, where the group arrives around lunchtime. Often the program begins with Paradise Park, where there is a pool with a good view of the island from the mountain and the zoo, where you can feed the animals with hands. Another option is to visit the Namuang waterfall. Another possible route is the Buddha’s Magic Garden (Garden of Stones), lunch at the Giant peak view restaurant, with a beautiful view of the island, Kunara and Samret temples (the largest tree in Samui), a viewing platform overlooking Chaweng Beach. Next - check in hotel and dinner, free time, walk through Chaweng with his nightlife. On the second day, rest on Chaweng beach, walk to the Pagoda and the observation deck on Chaweng, Play Laem temple, Big Buddha temple, send to Naton pier and transfer back to Phuket.


Cost: from 6800 baht

A tour from Phuket to Bangkok includes a flightCheck in to the hotel for one night and see the most famous tourist attractions in the capital of Thailand. The excursion program usually includes a visit to the Royal Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, as well as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, a trip along the canals of the Chao Phraya River, by khlong. Dinner is supposed to be in the skyscraper Bayok Sky, with a beautiful panoramic view of the city. In the evening - free time to walk around Bangkok. On the second day, the program may vary from different agencies, often it continues in the Old Town and includes visits to the Wimanmek Royal Teak Palace and the Wat Saket Temple.

Excursions outside of Thailand: Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

In addition to sightseeing tours inside Thailand, withPhuket for a couple of days can fly to almost any country in the region. The most common destinations for Phuket are Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. A trip to the famous Angkor Wat, too, may well fit into these terms. There are such tours, of course, very differently, depending on the program. Since all of them include flights, the cost of short overseas excursions from Phuket is quite high. The minimum amount from which such a tour can begin is about $ 300. You can book a tour in Phuket travel agencies. They offer a wide range of services for organizing excursions outside of Thailand, including drawing up an individual program and accompanying a Russian-speaking guide.


Phuket has a lot of interesting places.point of view of shopping. All excursions, transfers there are offered for free. Tourists are given a wide choice of places to visit: a large gift shop (including furniture and interior items), a snake farm where the shows are held and you can buy products from the skin of these reptiles, massage and spa, a local cosmetics shop, a pharmacy of Thai traditional medicine tea house. Those interested can also go to the warehouse store of latex products, look at a jewelry factory or a pearl farm, a silver jewelry shop or a silk shop.

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