We try the advertising line Daos

In the light of the last talk about making money on a blog, after my article How to make money traveling online, we decided to try some new ways to make money. One of which is - the advertising line Daos in the header of the blog. I have long wanted to try it, but my hands did not reach.

Daos is a script that installs on a blog very easily. For a few clicks, any visitor can buy an advertising line with the number of impressions he needs.

This thing was invented and created by a person who calls himself a Brake (although then he gave his brainchild to other hands). And I put it after I was impressed with Masha and Ajay’s successes with traveling.

The content of the article

Why You Need It

- To support our blog and us by posting both a link and just a simple phrase.
- Advertise your site by posting a link to a blog or a specific article.
- Place a referral link to an affiliate program to attract referrals.
- Just like that, for fun, by posting a funny line.

The first option is a very good alternative optionstandard donations. Many bloggers in their place just the details, they say, if you like the blog, then transfer a penny to the wallet. And in the case of Daos, you can support us and get a link to your resource as a bonus - two good things at once. In addition, it is likely that someone just wants to write something good and without reference ...

How it works and how much it costs

You simply go to the page of Daos and fill out a simple form, then pay via Webmoney, Yandex.Money, or by Visa or Mastercard. Time spent literally a few minutes.

At the moment, the price is 29 rubles per 1000 impressions. That is, paying only 29p, you have the opportunity to show your link to as many as 1000 people. Not bad, right?

If you are the only advertiser for thismoment, then 1000 hits unscrew pretty quickly. If, for example, there are 4 advertisers, then the line will hang longer, because all the advertising lines are shown in turn and approximately the same number of impressions is given per day.

Links of indecent content and any spam will be deleted without returning funds!

The board

It’s best to come up with a cooler lineso it will be more clickable. However, it must comply with the content. Therefore, if the reader is disappointed after the transition, then so much the worse for you.

P.S. At the moment, Daos is used mostly for donations (donate), so it is hidden in the blog basement.

P.P.S. Daos is disabled altogether due to its uselessness.

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