Vegan restaurant in Phangan - Akasha Home or Macrobiotic

Small, but no less significant.a restaurant that has long and confidently entered the list of vegan establishments in Phangan. The restaurant is called Akasha Home, but in common it is called by many Macrobiotic (Macrobiotic World). It is located in an easily accessible place, close to the sea and not far from the main infrastructure of Shritan beach.

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Akasha Home Phangan

Akasha Home is a small island-style house with a palm leaf roof, very modest in size but charming both inside and out. There is a cafe nearby Shritana beachwhich is also considered not the latestfans of healthy lifestyles, yoga, esoteric and just lovers of all strange. Literally across the road (and a barbed wire fence) from Akasha, there is a lake, which is a flooded old tin mine, which was closed in a shaggy year.

The institution is relatively popularvegans and lovers of exactly macrobiotic cuisine, so I went there on the recommendation of my friends, it was interesting to try. The staff of the cafe is friendly and sociable, there are few people. A restaurant is usually decorated, perhaps, you need to sit on the floor on pillows. Although this is not something unusual for Phangan.

Honestly, I was not very impressed with the macrobiotic cuisine. Not mine. It was generally not bad, but I am not a fan of all kinds of germinated grains and raw vegetables such as beets :) Although the card and cabbage salad is very, sometimes I miss them in Thailand.

Akasha Home or Macrobitics on Phangan

Akasha Home Phangan

Information to visit

The institution is open from 8 to 22 hours. Parking is free and free. When I was in Macrobiotics, I specially photographed the menu.

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Akasha Home (Macrobiotic Cafe)

Akasha Home (Macrobiotic Cafe)
One of the vegan restaurants in Phangan with macrobiotic cuisine.
More about the restaurant.

One of the vegan restaurants in Phangan with macrobiotic cuisine. More about the restaurant.

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