Vegetarian restaurant Taboon on Phangan - Israeli cuisine

Taboon Restaurant, he is - Tabun restaurant, this is a restaurant of Israeli cuisine, a cafe with homemade pastries and a hand-made shop. Located in a famous area Shritana beach. Herd vegetarian restaurant, but in my opinion it is suitable for everyone. For example, there is a cafe nearby. Akasha Homewhich I came in from interest, here it is for specific vegans and lovers of macrobiotic cuisine.

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Taboon Restaurant

Herd restaurant is literally fiftymeters from a large lake, it is the only one in Shritana. Let it be your guideline. Rest is small. Some of the tables are located indoors with air conditioning and sofas, the other part is under the sheds without walls and under the open sky. A sign hangs on the road. The road passes right alongside, but the traffic there is not busy, so I was not bothered. To be honest, there is very little to pang on Pangan.

You can park a bike or a car on the side of the road, right next to it or just a little distance away. Usually in the evening, there are many people there and there is not always enough space in front of the restaurant.

The Tabun serves Israeli dishes: hummus, falafel, shashuku, Greek salad, etc. Everywhere it is written that the cuisine is Mediterranean, but friends living on Panagan said that it was Israeli. But maybe this is almost the same thing, I am not strong in gastronomic tourism. In addition to the main menu, in the restaurant you can buy takeaway, all sorts of health drinks, pastries, kefir, or buy yourself some clothes, souvenirs or handmade bags / wallets. On what people can, on that and earn.

I really liked the food. We ordered a whole table, everything was awesome delicious. In the end, the owner apparently saw that we really liked everything, asked to leave feedback in Triadweiser, for which he made a compliment in the form of ice cream. Not quite honestly (but Tripadweiser is all like that), but I put a high mark on my conscience, considering that we later additionally ordered ice cream for money. The portions in general are not very large, but we ate a lot, paying quite normal money for such a place.

Vegetarian restaurant Taboon on Phangan - Israeli cuisine
Restaurant Tabun on Phangan

Restaurant Tabun on Phangan

Information to visit

Opening hours: daily from 7 am to 23 hours. Parking space is available.

Salads from 140 to 180 baht, breakfast - from 100 to 500 (and breakfast from 7 am is cool), drinks from 50 to 180 baht, food from 60 to 180 baht. Quite a normal price.

On the map

Taboon Restaurant

Taboon Restaurant
Good restaurant near the lake. I liked the food, Israeli cuisine.
More about the restaurant.

Vegetarian restaurant Taboon on Phangan - Israeli cuisine

Good restaurant near the lake. I liked the food, Israeli cuisine. More about the restaurant.

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