Viking-1 and Viking-2 (Viking Beach) - almost private beaches of the Viking Nature resort

Between the beaches of Tonsai and Long beachPhi Phi Don Island has a steep sitecoast, which laid an interesting footpath. Interesting in the sense that it is partly covered, and partly - the usual footpath in the jungle, with stones and snags, and suddenly opening cozy beaches.

The places are very nice and interesting, with tall trees on the rocks, and a short strip of sand with a chic shadow. There are three such beaches on the way: Arayaburi Resort and a little further - near the buildings Viking NatureResort. For the convenience of orienteering, the tourists called them: Viking-1 beach and Viking-2 beach. The original Thai name for this part of the coast is Ao Hin Khom (Ao Hin Khom).

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Beach description

Two cozy snatch for seals. Like all short beaches, the description of the Vikings was very short. Viking-1 is 50 meters long and up to 10 meters wide.

I passed the first beach almost without stopping, so there is no close-up shot with sand, but it’s shallow and soft there by the water, and closer to the forest it becomes larger and with impurities of shells, leaves and wood.

At Viking 2, the length is even shorter - only 35 meters andthe width is slightly more - up to 15 meters, with sand - as on the first beach and it is in the photo. Very pleasant, soft, almost white. Boatmen with their longsters break up, especially those who park not at the edge of the beach, but strictly in the center.

Sunset, depth and waves

Opposite all the beaches of Ao Hin Khom is amazingclean bottom for 10-15 meters, but you expect a shallow shallow water here and to fully swim, hanging feet down, it will not work here. We'll have to go further, to the depth and to the stones under water. Quite large boulders come across right at the coast, but they only add color to these beautiful beaches.

The shore here is very flat, and when waves occur,then they roll to the very edge of the forest and slowly wash away the palm trees. At Viking-2, they even strengthened the coast with a stone wall under the houses. Both beaches are very dependent on tides, so you should take note of any weather site with sea level control. And then walking here is not so easy, although there are trails and more difficult.

Sun beds and shade

Sun beds on both beaches of the Viking I did not noticepeople use large beach towels and bamboo mats. If you think about it, the sun loungers would only spoil the overall atmosphere and take away a lot of space on these heavenly spots. The people fall quite comfortably with their belongings and drinks right on the sand, and there are no sun umbrellas here - the dense vegetation around the beach gives a beautiful shade.

On the eastern beach, Viking-1 will be hot until about noon, and the north-facing Viking-2 beach is half in the shade almost all day.

Beach photo

Part 1

Viking 1 beach

Viking 1 beach

Part 2

Beach opposite Viking 2

Beach opposite Viking 2


The infrastructure of both Vikings is typical forprivate private beaches of a small tropical resort, that is - a bar. On the second beach there is a full-fledged restaurant. A pair of hammocks, some sheds, benches, snags and stones. That's all.

Well, there really is very little space, and onlyenough to accommodate tourists arriving on the beaches on foot or by boat. The main building begins on the slopes of the mountain, and this is the living quarters of the resort.

Houses and hotels on the beach

The only institution on the beaches of Ao Hin Khom, where you can stay for the whole vacation, is Viking Nature Resort

. They have several options for houses, from standard bungalows and huts on pillars to luxury houses.

Houses are more expensive stand on high ground, away fromsea, but part of the housing is literally five meters from the beach. To settle here I would become only if there is an unlimited budget, sports mood or mood to break away from civilization. This is a specific detachment of Phi Phi. Walking from here on foot on the island is difficult, and constantly riding on a boat is expensive.

Under the link below, you will be transferred to the general on Phi Phi Don, but you click on the icon with the map and there already decide on the accommodation options on Viking Beach. The island is so small that Roomguru does not even try to share hotels along the beaches.

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For the lazy, here’s a direct link to the above hotel: Viking Nature Resort

How to find the beach

The easiest option is to start already usinggoogle maps. This is the best assistant in your smartphone when traveling abroad. I downloaded the maps of the desired area, and they will be available to you even without the Internet. Yandex maps do not yet have such a detail of Phi Phi islands, so there’s no sense in them.

Well, if you are a tourist with a capital letter, andcarefully read the ways to get to this or that place, where you can get, having only the coordinates, then go to the boatmen. Tell them "Viking Beach" and cook 300 baht. Well, or turn from the pier on Ton Sae to the right and go, without turning off for about an hour, until you see the beach you know (from my photos).

Beach map

Map of Viking beaches (Phi Phi)

Map of the beaches of Viking (Phi Phi):

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