Visa-free countries for Russian citizens on the map

It turns out visa-free countries for Russian citizensenough. And if there is no possibility for some reason to get a visa to a visa country, then it is quite possible to find a worthy alternative. If you wish, you can go around almost the whole world for visa-free countries.

Visa-free countries for citizens of Russia about 60. Some of them are quite far from Russia. Some countries can be reached without a visa only in transit, others for a limited number of hours / days. But can this be a hindrance for travelers? By the way, information appeared on the Internet that a visa-free entry into the European Union would also be possible.

Number of countries where visas can be obtained atborder, at the entrance - about 50. Agree, the total is about 110 countries, where you can be without additional training, and having only a foreign passport. I am sure that this amount will be enough for many years of travel.

Visa-free countries for Russians 2012 - here I am constantly updated list of countries (without a map), where a visa is not needed, or which is obtained at the border.

Visa-free countries for Russian citizens on the map:

Visa-free countries for citizens of the Russian Federation.

Visa-free countries for citizens of the Russian Federation. Click on the image to download a large image of 4000x200 (500Kb).

The light green color on the map indicates visa-free countries for citizens of the Russian Federation.
Dark green - the countries where the visa can be obtained at the border.
Yellow color on the map indicates the countries in which it is easy to get a visa in the Russian Federation.
The conditional visa-free countries are shown in gray on the map.
Blue - the rest of the country.

Information on the map is relevant for April 2009. Therefore, check the latest changes in the embassies, or the link above, there is constantly updated my post, although it also may not contain accuracy.

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