Visa free countries for Russians in 2017 - list for entry

There is a fairly large numbervisa-free countries for Russians, where you can go without a visa. The only negative thing is that some of these countries are a little further than we would like. However, for some it will not be an obstacle, because air tickets can in some cases be found at very good prices. There is also a list of countries that require a visa, but it can be issued at the airport or at the border (Visa on arrival).

For some countries there are a number of conditions forentry (voucher, tickets, invitations). The data quickly becomes obsolete and it is quite difficult to keep track of all of them, so it is better to check them before going to the embassies of countries. But I try to update this list periodically.

Visa-free countries for Russians, or with a visa of another state

(In alphabet order)

Abkhazia - enough passport of the Russian Federation (only when entering from the Russian Federation).
Azerbaijan - up to 90 days (registration must be made within three days after arrival).
Albania - with the Schengen multi-visa or the US, not more than 90 days in a period of 180 days. In summer, the visa may be canceled.
Antigua and Barbuda - up to 30 days, if there is a return ticket to a third country, a tourist voucher.
Argentina - up to 90 days within 180 days.
Armenia - up to 180 days per semester.
Aruba - 24 hours transit, possible entry with multishengen, USA, Canada, UK and Ireland multivisa. This also applies to the other Caribbean territories of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Bahamas - up to 90 days, return ticket to a third country, proof of solvency.
Barbados - up to 28 days.
Belarus - entry is possible on the passport of the Russian Federation.
Benin - on arrival at the international airportA Cotonou without a Benin visa, a passport is withdrawn from a foreigner and sent to the migration service, and a foreign citizen with a card filled out at the airport, having a mark on passing border control, has the right to go to the city to perform formalities in the migration service upon receipt of his passport a visa.
Bermuda - visa-free entry with a US, Canada, UK visa is possible.
Bosnia and Herzegovina - up to 30 days.
Botswana - up to 90 days, return ticket to a third country, proof of solvency.
Brazil - up to 90 days.
Brunei - transit 72 hours, a ticket to a third country, confirmation of solvency - $ 60 per day.
Bhutan - when buying a tour, you need to provide passport data, the travel company receives a visa number, on which a visa is put in the passport upon arrival, $ 20 for 15 days + another $ 20 if longer.

Vanuatu - up to 30 days.
Vietnam - up to 15 days, upon arrival in Phu Quoc (PhuQuoc International Airport (PQC)) - up to 30 days, availability of return tickets or tickets to a third country, passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry.
Venezuela - up to 90 days.

Guyana - up to 90 days, availability of return tickets or tickets to a third country.
Guadeloupe - with Schengen.
Guatemala - up to 90 days.
Honduras - up to 3 months.
Hong Kong - up to 14 days, return tickets or tickets from a third country and show the availability of sufficient funds (money, bank cards, check).
Grenada - up to 3 months, return tickets or tickets to a third country.
Georgia - up to 1 year, the passport must be valid 3 months from the date of departure from Georgia.
Guam - up to 45 days, tickets back or to a third country.

Dominica - up to 21 days.
Dominican Republic - up to 30 days, $ 10, can be extended up to 90 days.

Israel - up to 3 months (there may be delays at the border if there are seals of neighboring Arab countries in the passport).
Indonesia - up to 30 days without a visa and collectionarrival at the airports of Jakarta and Surabaya (Java), Medana (Sumatra), Denpasar (Bali), Batam Islands, as well as through four seaports. In other cases, $ 35 may still be charged.
Iran - without a visa you can get to the island of Kish, or not more than 3 days. No more than a week - a visa upon arrival at the airports of Tehran, Shiraz, Tabriz, Isfahan and Mashhad.

Kazakhstan - up to 90 days, after 30 days registration is required.
Kyrgyzstan - up to 30 days without registration, registration is required for a longer period.
Colombia - up to 90 days.
Costa Rica - up to 90 days, return tickets to a third country.
Kosovo - up to 15 days with multishengen.
Cuba - up to 30 days.
Cook Islands - up to 31 days, return ticket to a third country.

Laos - up to 15 days (if you go for a long time, then read more visa to Laos for Russians).
Lesotho - you can drive from South Africa, but not the fact that let.
Lebanon - up to 1 month.

Mauritius - up to 6 months, return tickets to a third country.
Malaysia - up to 1 month (longer stay - visa by invitation, working or student. Read more - Visa to Malaysia for Russians).
Macedonia - up to 90 days.
Macau - up to 30 days.
Morocco - up to 3 months.
Micronesia - up to 30 days, return ticket to a third country.
Moldova - up to 90 days.
Mongolia - up to 30 days.

Namibia - up to 90 days, return ticket to a third country.
Nauru - up to 3 months, return ticket to a third country.
Niue - up to 30 days, return ticket to a third country.
New Zealand - transit of 24 hours when traveling to Australia, with a valid Australian visa.
New Caledonia - can be reached with an annual or a longer term multi-schengen.

Panama - up to 180 days, return ticket to a third country.
Paraguay - up to 90 days, return ticket to a third country.
Peru - up to 183 days.

Romania - up to 90 days for every 180 days for the Schengen multivisa.

El Salvador - up to 3 months.
Samoa West - up to 60 days, a ticket back to a third country.
Saint Helena Island - for up to 183 days, you can issue an entry permit upon arrival.
Saint-Barthelemy - up to 90 days out of 180 with a French Schengen visa, valid for 6 months or more.
Seychelles - up to 30 days, return tickets or tickets to a third country.
St. Pierre and Miquelon - possible to enter on multishengen.
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - up to 30 days.
Saint Kitts and Nevis - up to 90 days, you need a ticket back or to a third country.
Saint Lucia - up to 6 weeks.
St. Maarten - transit 24 hours, it is possible to enter via multishengen.

Serbia - up to 30 days.
Northern Mariana Islands - up to 45 days, return ticket.
Northern Cyprus - up to 30 days (in some cases it can be extended up to 90 days).
Swaziland - up to 30 days.
Singapore transit up to 96 hours (confirmationfunds, namely, transit from one country to another by plane, there may be problems on the spot and will require a visa) or e-visa for 30 days, $ 40, information about getting on the embassy website.

Tajikistan - a Russian passport or international passport.
Thailand - 30 days (having a return ticket), if you have to be in the country for a long time, you can do visa to thailand.
Trinidad and Tobago - up to 90 days (hotel reservation, return tickets or the amount to buy them).
Tunisia - up to 3 months, tourist voucher, return ticket, single entry, for tourists traveling on the tour by direct flight.
Turkey - up to 60 days.

Ukraine - up to 90 days.
Wallis and Futuna - you can get with a multi-schengen annual or longer.
Uruguay - up to 3 months.
Uzbekistan - up to 60 days.

Fiji - up to 4 months if there is a return ticket and funds for accommodation.
Philippines - up to 30 days, return ticket. Further extension in place for 59 days. You can also renew for 2 months and then, for 2 years. Read more about visa to the philippines.
French Guiana - with Schengen.

Croatia - on the Schengen multi-visa.

Montenegro - up to 30 days.
Chile - up to 90 days.

Ecuador - up to 90 days.

South Korea - up to 60 days.

Japan - may receive a transit visa upon arrival.
Jamaica - up to 90 days.

List of countries for Russians, where a visa is put on the border, e-visa

(In alphabet order)

Australia - a large percentage of failures, but still you can apply for a visa via the Internet, e-visa for 90 days, $ 100.

Bahrain - 14 days upon arrival, need return tickets or tickets to a third country.
Bangladesh - transit visa for up to 2 weeks at Dhaka airport, $ 51, tickets to a third country.
Bolivia - up to 30 days at the border, $ 52. Not at all checkpoints.
Burundi - 1 month (tourist), 72 hours (transit). The visa fee is $ 40 for a transit visa and $ 90 for a tourist visa. Ticket back or to a third country.

Ascension Island - need an online application, 20 ?.
East Timor - 30 days, $ 30.
Vietnam - with a written invitation received in advance, for example from a tour. firms, you can get a visa at the border for free.

Gabon - e-visa for 30 days, 85 €.
Haiti - 90 days, if in the last 21 days there have been visits to Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Lyon may be denied entry
Gambia - 56 days, on arrival only at the airport.
Ghana - $ 150, upon arrival, with an electronic permit.
Guinea - 90 days, at Conakry airport.
Guinea Bissau - on arrival for 90 days, 85 €.

Djibouti - on arrival up to 30 days, $ 90.

Egypt - 30 days, $ 25 in Sharm el-Sheikh for free on the Sinai stamp.

Zimbmbwe - up to 30/90 days, $ 30/100.
Zambia - 90 days, $ 50.

India - e-visa for 30 days, $ 60.

Jordan - upon arrival for 30 days, $ 56.
Iran - without a visa you can get to the island of Kish, or not more than 3 days. No more than a week - a visa upon arrival at the airports of Tehran, Shiraz, Tabriz, Isfahan and Mashhad.

Cambodia - 30 days and $ 20, there is an extension, or a longer visa - called a business visa (read more about ordinary visas and e-visa - Visa to Cambodia for Russians)
Cape Verde - 30 days, 20 €.
Qatar - 14 days and $ 15 at Doha airport (hotel / travel company / citizen of Qatar must submit an application for two days, acts as a sponsor), transit up to 96 hours.
Cyprus - up to 3 months at the airports of Larnaca and Paphos, for this you need a preliminary Pro-visa, obtained online at the embassy website. You can also enter schengen visa, but only from the territory of Schengen.
China - a number of conditions (residents of borderterritories for flying Vladivostok-Avia, direct flight to Hainan Island), free of charge as part of a tour group, 24 hours transit is possible with access from the airport in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Hainan Island upon arrival for 15 days, $ 30. Airports with possible transit of 24 hours -Fuzhou (FOC), Shenzhen (SZX) and Yanji (YNJ), Changsha (CSX), Chengdu (CTU), Chongqing (CKG), Dalian (DLC), Guangzhou (CAN), Qingdao (TAO ), Tianjin (TSN), Wuhan (WUH), Xi'an (XIY) or Xiamen (XMN). Airports with possible transit of 72 hours - Beijing (PEK), Guilin (KWL), Harbin (HRB), Kunming (KMG), or Shenyang (SHE). Airports with possible transit of 144 hours - Hangzhou (HGH), Nanjing Lukou (NKG), Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) or Shanghai Pudong (PVG).
Kenya - e-visa for 90 days, $ 51, visa suitable for visiting Uganda and Rwanda.
Comoros - 45 days, $ 50.
Kuwait - upon arrival for 30 days, $ 20.

Lebanon - 1 month (formally requires either a hotel reservation or a voucher, in practice it is checked selectively). Lonely women better to do a visa.

Mauritania - on arrival at Nouakchott airport, or on the border with Western Sahara, $ 50.
Madagascar - for 90 days, € 25, tickets back, or to a third country.
Mali - 90 days.
The Republic of Maldives - 30 days, a visa is put, but for free, there is only a fee for departure at $ 10. You must have a return ticket and a voucher.
Marshall Islands - 90 days.
Mexico - need an electronic registration, only on arrival. You can enter on a US visa or multishengen d 180 days.
Mozambique - on arrival at Beira (BEW), Nampula (APL), Maputo (MPM), Pemba (POL), Tete (TET) and Vilankulo (VNX), for 30 days, $ 66.
Myanmar (Burma) - e-visa for 28 days, $ 50 or at the border (1 day) when committing a visa-run from Thailand.

Nepal - on arrival 15/30/90 days, $ 30 / $ 40 / $ 90, transit is free.
Nicaragua - on arrival for 90 days, $ 10.

United Arab Emirates - 24 hours transit at the airport, stopovers of up to 96 hours from Emirates airline are possible with the opening of a transit visa, in this case, be sure to book a hotel.

Palau - 30 days, return tickets, or to a third country.
Pictern - 14 days, subject to arrival and departure on one ship, a fee of $ 15.

Rwanda - 90 days e-visa, possible to enter from Kenya or Uganda e-visa.

Sao Tome and Principe - 1 month, $ 100, is issued through the airline (return tickets).
Somalia - 30 days, $ 50.
Suriname - 2 months, permission in advance of the consulate of the country.
Sierra Leone - 30 days, $ 100 you need to send a request in advance.

Tanzania - 90 days, $ 50.
Togo - 7 days, $ 17.
Tonga - 31 days, with a tour.
Tristan de Cunha Ostrova - an approved application for a visit is sent to you by e-mail, 17 ?.

Tuvalu - 30 days.

Uganda - 90 days, you need to fill out a form online, a visa is suitable for visiting Kenya and Rwanda.

Sri Lanka - 30 days, $ 30, you need to fill out an electronic permit.

Central African Republic - 7 days, $ 51 (return tickets or deposit, yellow fever vaccination)

Eritrea - 30 days, $ 50 you need an invitation from a local travel agency.
Ethiopia - on arrival at Addis Ababa airport, for 30 days, $ 50.

Ethiopia - 1 month, at the airport.
Eritrea - 1 month, if there is an inviting party that made a request two days before arrival, plus 1 photo.

South Ossetia - entry only from the Russian Federation.

As you can see, the list of visa-free countries for RussiansIt turned out quite extensive. I very much hope that it will only increase, and someday there will be a visa-free entry for us, or at least a simplified one.

P.S. If you search and book flights, I recommend and I myself only use them.

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