Visa to Thailand in St. Petersburg - documents and requirements

I myself did not do this visa, but one of the readersoffered to add information on my blog after registration. Naturally, I agreed, because I do not plan to get experience in applying for a visa in St. Petersburg myself. I hope in the comments you will add various nuances, if any. Initially, it seemed to me that the rules of receiving were even stricter in the northern capital, but it turned out that everything was approximately the same, so it’s definitely not worth going from St. Petersburg to Moscow for a visa.

The content of the article

Visa to Thailand in St. Petersburg

You need to know that the Thai consulate in St. Petersburg issues visas only for residents of the North-West region (see registration). The consulate in Moscow accepts all.

First of all, you need to read 2 of my posts to be aware of:

  • General about visas and stamps. It contains all the information about all types of visas, vizarana, overstey, the specifics of visas for children, about visa options in different countries.
  • Registration of a Thai visa in Moscow. My personal experience with all the nuances and life hacks and the experience of several hundred more people, which they wrote in the comments, including very recent reviews.

Further, information about applying for a visa inthe city of St. Petersburg. Just a list of the main differences from the receipt in Moscow. In my opinion, to do a visa in Moscow and St. Petersburg is about the same in terms of costs.

  • No need to translate all documents into English. But the questionnaire is filled in English.
  • No reference is needed from work (in Moscow since autumn 2017, too, they no longer require it).
  • You need a hotel reservation in Bucking or with Airbnb (in Moscow since autumn 2017, you no longer need a reservation for housing).
  • We need a copy of the pages of a Russian passport - the main one and with a registration (in Moscow it is not necessary).
  • Account statement at the bank should be at the rate of 40,000 rubles per person per month, no less (preferably more in Moscow).
  • The visa application form must indicate the exact dates of the last visit to Thailand (from and to).
  • Be sure to specify both flights for ticketsround-trip (arrival, departure). And also tickets are needed REAL. But the meaning is not even in the reservation, they just will not be able to check it (if done according to my method), they just ask for a printout from the bank about the payment of air tickets. Therefore, the only way out, if you do not have a return ticket, is to buy a cheap emission ticket, read my post about how to fly without a return ticket to Tai, there is a detailed emission ticket.
  • Only a close relative (husband, wife, children, parents) can apply for a visa for other people and this relationship must be confirmed (in Moscow, any person can apply).
  • Photo 3.5x4.5 instead of 4x6 in Moscow. But, I suppose that, like in Moscow, nobody cares about this size,
    Any suitable between 3x4 and 4x6.
  • List of documents

    The sponsorship letter can be written in Russian, in contrast to Moscow, where everything is in English (download in Russian, download in English).

    List of documents for Thai visa in St. Petersburg

    List of documents for Thai visa in St. Petersburg

    An example of filling out a visa application form in Tai

    All images are clickable and increase by clicking on them. Please note that examples are for tourist visa, transit and non-immigrant.

    Here is the questionnaire template. The file is in pdf format and can be filled out on the computer.

    An example of filling out a visa application form for Thailand

    An example of filling out a visa application form to Thailand

    An example of filling a form for a Thai visa

    An example of filling a form for a transit Thai visa

    An example of filling a form for a Thai visa

    Example of filling out a non-immigrant Thai visa application form

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