We are participating in the first stage of the “Russia for 365 days” project

Our friend Igor Koltsov began a non-profitproject "Russia for 365 days." He is going to spend the whole year starting from the 1st of August 2011 around Russia and try to show the real life of ordinary people, without hidden intrigues and a special search for negativity. Indeed, if you throw aside all political slogans, forget the words “how to live badly,” you can try to change your thinking and become happier. Yes, there is negative, and it is enough, but is there any point in wasting your life on it? We are all people, and if we are kinder to each other, no matter what, the world will begin to change.

The content of the article

Igor's route

Route Igor, our route below

Route Igor, our route below

How would this happen

The first phase of the project will go throughThe central part of Russia, and we will take part in it. On some stretch of the way we will meet with Igor, and together we will continue the journey. It is a pity that for some reason we cannot devote more than a month to the journey, but then we will also help it from Moscow.

For us personally, another important factor isthe opportunity to meet with their readers, other travelers and bloggers, as well as just interesting and good people. I want to distract from the virtual social networks and plunge into live communication and real life, which flows beyond the borders of our screens.

Our personal route

Our route is more dependent on you! Invite us to visit your city, support the idea! We do not need a lodging for the night, we have a tent. But we will be happy and a couple of square meters on the floor of your home for us and our sleeping bags.

And if in the vicinity of your home / city / villagethere is also some interesting or unusual place, we will be very happy if you take a trip with us or just tell us about it so that we can visit it, capture it and then light it in our project. At any stage you can join us or Igor.

Our personal route is still not completelyformed (and not everywhere will coincide with Igor). It all depends on those people who call us to visit, or offer to visit any place. That is, you can influence the course of our journey. The route of our trip will pass only through the central part of Russia from north to south and will be adjusted along the way. Now we are looking for a car for travel (it will be possible to have more time so), but if it is not found, then we have trains and hitchhiking :)

The length of the path is about 5500 km.

The updated list of cities (from 05.10.11):


The travel itinerary will be adjusted in this article. And the reports will be published as our usual articles, which can be subscribed via RSS, twitter, Facebook.

Somehow it happened that Facebook is the most active, and there you can follow my almost daily statuses in your profile.

Вы можете писать нам на почту [email protected], в skype Geleosan, ну и конечно же в комментариях.

And during the journey it is best to keep in touch through the phones ... (Moscow megaphone, only SMS in roaming),…. (Orlovsky Beeline, calls and SMS). Will not work around the clock.

P.S. Who is easy, support us with a link, a blog or just a social network. We will start in the middle of August 2011. We will be glad to any help, we are waiting for you to invite you, and see you offline!

Update. The project is completed, almost all materials are posted on our website at the links above.

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