Weather in Thailand in July

In fact, July in Thailand is not much different from its predecessor - the month of June. Is that the amount of rain increases, if at all possible.

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Weather in Bangkok

Bangkok and Central Thailand temperatureair, beginning in July, gradually falls, and all this against the backdrop of steady rain. And this situation will continue on average until September. But this has its own charm - the waterfalls in the national parks are filled with water and appear before visitors in all their unique magnificence.

Weather in Koh Chang and Ko Kuta

All the severity of heavy rains characteristic ofJuly, you can feel, visiting the eastern part of Thailand. It rains heavily every day. The amount of precipitation often causes landslides. It cannot be said that at this time the sun would not appear here at all, but the quantity and quality of precipitation clearly overshadow it.

Weather in the north of Thailand

The northern part of Thailand is also in the areaheavy torrential rains. In many cities, this causes problems with the drain, which leads to the filling of streets with water. But the provinces bordering Burma, such as Chang Rai, suffer most from rain.

Weather in northeastern Thailand

The weather in northeastern Thailand can be described in two words: hot and damp, which in its totality does not make the region particularly attractive for tourists.

Weather in Koh Samui, Tao and Phangan

Southeastern Thailand also suffers fromexcessive heat and moisture, but compared to other places in Thailand, Koh Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao are considered the most attractive to visit in July.

Phuket Weather

If you already visit the southwestern part of ThailandThe month of July, the preference is best given to the coast of the country, rather than the south-western islands such as Phuket and Nha Trang. Ferry communication with the islands is still not stable, and frequent rains will spoil the mood, and even health, even the most not fastidious guests of the country.

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