Wedding abroad in the summer

The best time for a wedding is summer, becausethat opportunities for the newlyweds opens much more than in winter. And even more options appear when it comes to going somewhere in another country and spend the most important day in your life there. Of course, if we talk about tropical countries, then you can go to them at any time of the year, and not only in summer.

Weddings abroad are becoming more and morepopular in our time. People are tired of the usual scenarios of celebrations, which include a walk in the city park, combined with a photo session and a banquet hall until the morning. Indeed, such a holiday should be remembered for a lifetime with vivid and interesting impressions, and not only by dancing drunken guests and a large variety of salads. That is why many people want something unusual and go to another country, combining the holiday and new sensations, the beginning of family life and travel. The only minute of such a wedding option is the high probability that neither relatives nor friends will be able to travel with the newlyweds. However, no one bothers, on arrival, to meet and celebrate this event in a small family circle, or even order a banquet.

Thai wedding

Thai wedding

Most often go to sign in Europeancountries such as the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Switzerland. No less common are trips to exotic places - Cuba, Seychelles, Fiji, Mauritius. The list of states is limited, since not every country can hold an official marriage ceremony and then legalize marriage documents in Russia. But the symbolic ceremony, can be ordered in absolutely any country. However, in this case, the most touching and important moment will occur in the Russian registry office and this trip will more resemble the traditional honeymoon. Therefore, it is better to stop at the first option, if something special is needed, since the list, although not huge, is sufficient for most people. Prague alone stands alone with its castles, embankments, bridges and an unforgettable romantic atmosphere.

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