Wenceslas Square in Prague - historic boulevard

Wenceslas Square is named for the princeWenceslaus, who was killed by his own brother in the tenth century, because of his religious convictions, and for the throne, including. Subsequently, Vaclav was canonized and revered by both Catholics and Orthodox Christians. By the way, the famous cathedral in Prague Castle also bears the name of Wenceslas.

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Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is twohighways separated by a pedestrian zone in the middle. Therefore, an inexperienced person here will never come up with the idea that he is walking across the square. This boulevard starts at the permanently renovated National Museum, and ends at Na Prikope Street. Total is about 750 meters.

Wenceslas Square is concentrationshops, restaurants, boutiques and pubs, which are located in the grounds of the old buildings of 19-20 centuries of construction. Opposite the National Museum stands the equestrian monument to St. Wenceslas. In the afternoon it is good in sunny weather, and in the evening - at any time of the year, thanks to the cozy and well-designed lighting.

Wenceslas Square in Prague

Wenceslas Square in Prague

Historical reference

Wenceslas Square began its history in 1348year, as a horse market, created by decree of Charles IV. Until 1877, horses were actually sold here and everything that could be bought or sold. In addition to the shopping arcades, on the square were houses for craftsmen, shops and workshops. In the Middle Ages, executions were carried out here.

In 1680 an equestrian statue appeared on the square.St. Wenceslaus, which in two hundred years will be transferred to Vysehrad, and in its place a well-known, new version of Wenceslaus will be installed on horseback Closer to the 20th century, not only the facades of buildings begin to change on the square, but also the political life of Prague and of the Czech Republic as a whole.

During the German occupation, after the episode withthe assassination of Heydrich, Wenceslas Square became the place of mass oath of allegiance to the Reich, although this did not help much of the 1,300 people who were executed in retaliation for the attempt. And here, on the square there was a solemn announcement about the end of the Second World War.

In February 1948 there was a February coup, and to powerCommunists arrived, and Wenceslas Square became the venue for their meetings. In 1968, Soviet tanks passed here, sent to suppress popular unrest during the Prague Spring. A year later, in protest against the entry of Soviet troops, a Czech student committed an act of self-immolation.

Information to visit

Admission is free, free, it is quite difficult with parking during peak hours.

In the evening, there is an influx of marginals, which somewhat spoils the impression of the sights, but during the cold season the homeless are much less.

The best view of Wenceslas Square is from the steps of the National Museum.

On the map

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square
The area on which political meetings and processions are held is, in the past, the Horse Market. This area is associated with several significant events in the life of modern Czech Republic.
More about the area.

The area on which political meetings and processions are held is, in the past, the Horse Market. This area is associated with several significant events in the life of modern Czech Republic. Read more about the square.

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