What attracts vacationers Anapa

Essentially resorts of the Black Sea coastnot very different from each other, especially if you do not take into account the Sochi. This is the most expensive and pretentious resort city, and all the others are quite simple and cozy, pleasant for living for people of any income. Especially attractive in this regard is Anapa, with its long, almost endless sandy beaches, warm sea and almost year-round sunshine. This is such a hospitable city that the rest in Anapa is remembered not so much because of the pleasures of the sea, as with comfortable living, the proximity of everything you need and, of course, the variety of entertainment available.

In Anapa is good for everyone, and this is true. Here, the most comfortable, clean sandy beaches are safe for children, and on the central beach there is even a small “paddling pool” formed by a river flowing into the sea. Children's entertainment in Anapa is also enough, both on the beaches and on the streets. Rides and merry-go-rounds in Anapa are as common as ice cream stalls. And if before housing with a child was very difficult to find, now almost all private hotels in Anapa accept tourists with young children.

For adults in Anapa entertainment is also verya lot, it all depends on preferences and desires. Excursions and entertainment centers, cinemas and concert halls, night clubs and billiard rooms, bowling clubs and go-karts, sports complexes and swimming pools, restaurants and bars - all this is at the service of guests at any time of day. Numerous street cafes attracting passers-by with the breathtaking smells of Caucasian, Russian, Uzbek and Armenian cuisines are especially attractive to tourists. It is impossible to pass by such a cafe and don’t want to eat at least a small portion of delicious pilaf or a couple of smoking cloaks. In addition, evening walks in Anapa are one of my favorite entertainment, delivering a lot of visual, gustatory and olfactory impressions. In the evening, the city is transformed beyond recognition, turning into a New Year tree with a thousand sparkling surprises and gifts. One has only to leave the house with the beginning of twilight and plunge into this celebration of life and light.

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