What to bring from Spain

Holidays in Spain promise you a lot of interesting adventures and unforgettable feelings. In order to remember the holiday in this beautiful country forever, you should buy memorable souvenirs and gifts.

Incendiary Spanish dance reminds soundcastanets - percussion musical instruments whose rhythm soothes perfectly. They look like shells attached to each other at the top edge. As a rule, castanets are wooden and plastic. The latter is a cheaper option. Going to the store, do not forget to get a gorgeous Spanish scarf and then you can dance at home a real flamenco. Plus, you can decorate the home interior with beautiful statues of dancers.

Undoubtedly, in Spain they sell luxurious fans. They are made of various materials. They can be plastic, wooden, paper. At the same time, each fan has amazing colors. For some, this is a beautiful accessory, and for Spanish beauties - an indispensable attribute in the hot season. A fan can be bought in any souvenir shop.

Leather goods of excellent quality are often brought from Spain. Buy a nice belt, purse or purse as a gift to your friends and friends.

For men, the best gift will be Spanishweapon Here you can buy Toledo blades, which are decorated with silver and gold. By name, it is clear that these weapons are created in the Spanish city of Toledo. There is a special old technology of their manufacture. The blades are made of Damascus steel. In addition to the blades, you can purchase various swords and beautiful swords.

Spanish cooking has always been famous for itswines and olive oil. In addition, you can bring home dried cured ham ("jamon") and delicious cheeses. “Jamon” is a true national delicacy represented by two types (“Jamon Serrano” and “Jamon Iberico”).

The favorite Italian wine is considered a drink brand "Sherry". This wine with a variety of flavors and aromas produced in Jerez de la Frontera.

From Spain you can bring amazingceramic products. They are mainly made in Andalusia, Catalonia and Toledo. Here you will enjoy a large selection of different jugs, vases, ashtrays and ceramic dishes.

If you go on holiday to Cadiz, Salamak or Alpujarra, you can get beautiful carpets and stunning textiles, bedspreads and painted blankets.

If you went on a trip to Mallorca,then, of course, you will not be left without souvenirs and gifts. Pay attention to herbal liqueurs and pearl jewelry, which are produced in a special factory. They will be the best gift for any woman.

No less than a stunning gift will be the famousValencian porcelain. In Madrid and other cities in Spain you will find a large selection of beautiful porcelain products. In addition, you will not leave indifferent crystal vases and beautiful colored glass products.

In the souvenir shops of the Mediterranean coast you can always buy woven straw souvenirs. The best and most practical will be a beautiful straw hat.

Tours to Spain do not go without visitingSpanish bullfighting. Therefore, the most common Spanish figurines are bull figures. For those who have been there, they will be a wonderful reminder of this amazing and at the same time dangerous sight. Figurines can be both large and small. They are made of various materials, including plush - for children. In addition, tourists often buy statues of the torero - "bull tamer".

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