What to see in Anapa and where to go - on your own or with a guided tour

In the Anapa itself is not so much that you can see. Rather, you need to get out of town in the nearest neighborhood to see something, for example, the same dolphinarium, or even far away when it comes to natural attractions. Unfortunately, there are no waterfalls and beautiful gorges in which the region from Tuapse to Sochi abounds. There are mostly steppes around the city, so you should go, at least, to Gelendzhik. So be prepared that local travel agencies will offer long trips.

I still have a useful post here - A selection of cheap hotels in Anapa, with a good rating and reviews. It is better to start your search for housing in advance, or it may not be possible to find something worthy during the season. I personally prefer to book everything in advance, so that I don’t think on the spot.

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Attractions in Anapa itself

Archaeological Museum Gorgippia

The Archaeological Museum is right in the center.Anapa and consists of an exhibition of antiquities inside the building and excavation under the open sky. Excavations with a total area of ​​about 2 hectares give an idea of ​​the structure of the ancient city of Gorgippia, which was located on this site from the 4th century BC. III century AD Here you can see the basements, the foundations of residential buildings, wells, streets and even a small fragment of the fortress wall. Open air exhibits and archaeological finds made in the city. These are fragments of the temple pediment and columns, and tombstones. Bronze and marble statues, dishes, jewelery, weapons and coins are exhibited inside the museum building. There are some very rare and valuable items in the collection. The museum has professional guides who can hold the attention of tourists for an hour and a half in a fascinating story. The history of the city was very rich in events and there is something to tell about. Both adults and children should visit the museum, it is not only very interesting, but also valuable for the general development and understanding of the history of these places. Moreover, the ticket price is very attractive.

Ticket price: 100 rubles.

Archaeological Museum Gorgippia

Archaeological Museum Gorgippia

Bringing Down the House

Upside down houses have recently become fashionable. Krasnodar Region boasts at least two more houses of the same type - in Abrau-Durso and Kabardinka (here is my visit report). Anapa inverted house is located in the park named after the 30th anniversary of the Victory, just behind the building of the Summer Estrada. Since its opening in 2014, the attraction has continued to be popular with many tourists vacationing in Anapa. Here you can take funny pictures and just have a good time with friends or family. The building itself and its entire interior look as if the real house had been turned upside down. Interiors are recreated quite realistic. So much so that some visitors even start to feel dizzy. But where else can you run up to the ceiling and dive into the toilet?

Ticket price depends on the season and ranges from 100 to 300 rubles.

Musical fountains

The complex of singing and dancing fountains with lightinglocated in the center of Anapa, in front of the Administration building. Fountains were opened in 2014. The main one is in the center of the square, and a cascade of smaller fountains goes towards the park named after the 30th anniversary of the Victory. During the day it is just a fountain, and in the evenings the light and music show begins. More than 300 floodlights illuminate streams of water, the highest height of which reaches 15 meters. The performance takes place under 10 different musical melodies. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Anapa, in the evenings it is quite noisy and very crowded. A very beautiful and fascinating show will surely please both adults and children.

Drinking fountains in the center of Anapa

Drinking fountains in the center of Anapa

Anapa Dolphinarium Nemo and Ocean Park Ocean Park

Relatively new complex, built justa few years ago includes a dolphinarium, an aquarium, a zoo and a penguin. All this is located a couple of kilometers from the city, but you can get quite easily: by bus, taxi or on your own transport. Entering the building of the complex, visitors embark on an exciting journey through the marine and underwater fauna. The most interesting of all of the above, of course, the Dolphinarium. The show lasts about an hour, the performance of the tricks is good. The show will not leave anyone indifferent. A little loud music, but in general, viewers like it a lot. Animals participate in the presentation of different, not only dolphins. There is a walrus, seals, beluga. In addition to the presentation, the dolphinarium offers for an additional fee: swimming with dolphins, photos with them. In the oceanarium you can look at exotic fish in large aquariums, get some rest from the sun and the noise in the coolness of the underwater kingdom. The zoo and penguin will introduce children and adults to exotic animals. In general, the whole complex is a great place for a family holiday, meeting children with the inhabitants of the sea. The complex also has a souvenir shop, cafes and restaurants.

Ticket price: from 200 rubles to 600. Children under 5 years old - for free.

Russian gate

"Russian Gate" - a monument of architecture XVIIIcentury. This is all that remains of the Ottoman military fortress. The gate was built in 1783, and the Russians were named in honor of the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Anapa from Turkish rule (in 1828). Inside the gate, behind the bars, there is a stone with the inscription "The remains of Russian soldiers who fell near the walls of Anapa, 1788 - 1828, rest here." In modern Anapa, the monument is located on the edge of the park named after the 30th anniversary of Victory, not far from the Administration building. This is one of the main historical attractions of the city.

Russian gate

Russian gate

Anapa lighthouse

The lighthouse in Anapa is not the most spectacular.landmark, but look at it is quite possible. For example, during a city walk, passing through the shady Krepostnaya street from the park to them. 30th anniversary of the Victory and the Russian Gate. The lighthouse in the form of an octahedral tower and 3 black horizontal stripes was built in 1955 on a high seashore. The place here is quite quiet, although very popular with tourists, from here a good view of the sea and the mountains in the distance opens up. Especially at sunset time.

Lighthouse in Anapa

Lighthouse in Anapa

Waterpark Golden Beach

The water park is located in the center of Anapa, near the sea. It is so popular among holidaymakers that in the summer season rather long lines are already lining up at the opening. The same applies to rides, sun beds and other infrastructure - there are quite a lot of visitors during the season. We'll have to get a place for ourselves under the sun or, on the contrary, in the shade - as there are not as many lounges in the water park as there are those who want to use them. As for the rides, there are more than 20 different types of them in the water park, including quite extreme ones. There is a children's town, swimming pools - ordinary and with artificial waves. In general, this is a pleasant place where you can have fun with your whole family, sunbathe, swim, eat in a cafe and buy souvenirs.

Ticket price: 1000 rubles, children - 500 rubles.

Waterpark Golden Beach in the evening

Waterpark Golden Beach in the evening

Well room

Admission is free, you only have to pay for disposable dishes. A glass costs 10 rubles.

The pump room is called the pavilion, built oversource of mineral water. In Anapa and the surrounding area there are several sources of mineral waters that have been known since the times of the ancient Greeks. For example, highly mineralized chloride-hydrocarbonate sodium iodine boric waters of the Semigorsky field are similar in salt composition to Yessentuki No. 17, differing in the absence of carbonic acid in its composition. Since 1982, mineral water from the High Bank of Anapa has been used for medicinal purposes; it is called “Anapa”. This is a low-mineralized sulfate-hydrocarbonate-sodium chloride water, similar in composition to the mineral waters of Theodosia. A well-room with mineral water (Anapa and Semigorskaya) can be found near the central embankment of Anapa. It is possible to drink some water without a doctor’s referral, but it must be borne in mind that it is not advisable to take orally more than one glass at a time. Indoors there are posters with the chemical composition and rules for receiving mineral water.

Mineral Anapa Water Well

Mineral Anapa Water Well

Anapa Neighborhood

Anapa Dolphinarium on Bolshoi Utrish

Dolphinarium on Bolshoi Utrish is approximatelyin the middle between Novorossiysk and Anapa. You can reach it by land (by any means of transport), or you can take a boat, combining it with a boat trip. The presentation in the dolphinarium is interesting, the audience usually likes it. Lasts about 40 minutes. In addition to dolphins of different species, other marine animals participate in the show. From the technical points it should be noted that the audience sitting in the front rows during the presentation can be splashed with water. The building of the dolphinarium clearly needs repair, everything looks rather old and worn, the view from the auditorium spoils unnecessary items. After the performance, visitors can buy pictures painted by a dolphin, or take a ride in a boat dragged by a dolphin, swim with dolphins - all this for an additional fee. Photo and video filming during the presentation is also paid, employees of the dolphinarium are watching. Tickets for the show can be bought both in Novorossiysk and Anapa, and at the box office of the dolphinarium itself. When buying a tour, an additional transfer and insurance is offered.

Ticket price: from 600 rubles, children up to 3 years old - free of charge.

Bald Mountain with air defense balls

Bald Mountain is about three kilometers away.from the eastern border of Anapa. On the mountain, you can walk on foot or drive up to it by car. Interestingly this deserted place has a good panoramic view of the city and the sea below. It is especially pleasant to be here at sunset, catching the beautiful and romantic atmosphere of silence and solitude. In addition to the beautiful view, Lysa Hora is interesting for a military base with balloons of air defense radar installations. To start the walk, you can drive through the village of Supsekh by car to the Swallow Nest and the observation deck. You can also just go from the park Nut Walnut in Anapa along the coast on top, without turning anywhere. Or the bottom of the beach, to the stairs "873 steps", and rising on it - in the direction of the balls. From the Swallow's Nest to the military unit, you can walk for 20-30 minutes. Read more about Bald Mountain and the military base.

swallow's Nest

swallow's Nest

Footpath on Bald Mountain leading to the air defense balls

Footpath on Bald Mountain leading to the air defense balls

Sukko Lake (Cypress Lake)

The lake is located in the valley of the Sukko River, nearthe village of the same name. Usually, tourist groups during horse riding tours stop at the lake. There I rode a horse for the first time in my life. Next to the lake, in addition to the stables, there are two more local sights: "African Village" and "Knight's Castle". The main attraction of this place is 32 cypress cypresses that grow right in the water. Because of them, the lake is called Cypress. It is better to come here in the early morning, when there are no crowds of tourists. On the shore of the lake there is a beach, you can rent a catamaran or rent a gazebo with barbecue for barbecue. In sunny weather and at sunset, the color of the water in the lake is especially beautiful: it changes from azure to emerald. Travel to the lake is paid, but you can walk on foot, leaving the car in the free parking lot.

Castle "Lion Head"

Castle for show tournaments with views ofThe motives of medieval knight fights are located in a picturesque place, near the lake, in the valley of the river Sukko. Inside the castle is an arena with seats for the audience around it. Professional actors, dancers and stuntmen participate in the performances. The castle is impressive in size, it can hold 1200 spectators, its battlements are visible from afar. In addition to the actual performance with fights and tricks on horses, fire shows and tightrope walkers, here you can shoot a bow or crossbow, go to a torture museum, take pictures in knight armor, take part in a pottery workshop, ride a donkey or stamp a souvenir a coin. In addition to all of the above, there is a tavern, a hotel, a blacksmith shop, and souvenir shops in the castle. The program of performances is changing all the time, so you can come to the castle more than once.

Ticket price: 500 rubles.

African village

There, in the valley of Sukko, near the lake isanother tourist complex - "African Village". Daily there are show programs of professional African dancers. The dance show lasts about three hours, includes live sound, songs and dances of different nations and cultures, from ethnic to break dance, with elements of striptease. Artists perform in beautiful bright costumes, dragging those who want from the auditorium. On the territory of the village there are several African-style huts and an amphitheater. There are tables for spectators around the stage, there is also a bar next to the stage, barbeque is offered to those who wish. With the artists of the show, you can take a photo, buy a souvenir in the shop as a souvenir. "African Village" works from May to September. Lovers of cabarets and discos, bright shows in the style of Broadway.

Ticket price: for the evening show - 900 rubles, for the daytime - 400 rubles. Children under 5 years old - free.

Reserve Big Utrish

Nature reserve is located between the villagesSukko and Small Utrish and covers an area of ​​more than 5 hectares, stretching along the coastline for more than 12 km. The greatest value of the reserve is a unique juniper-pistachio forest, as well as lagoons with the purest water, magnificent mountain landscapes, wild nature preserved in its original state. Here you can find wild beaches and waterfalls, many species of birds, butterflies and fish.

The far surroundings of Anapa

Cruiser Kutuzov

The cruiser "Mikhail Kutuzov", in which nowthe naval ship museum is located, moored at the central embankment of Novorossiysk, next to the building of the Seaport. The huge warship turned into one of the most important attractions of the city. A tour of the museum with a guide gives you the opportunity to learn interesting facts about the structure of the ship and the life of sailors. If you do not want to take a tour, you can just walk along the deck, look at a part of the ship’s interior and exhibits, take pictures as a souvenir. True, the interior looks very brutal, redecorating the museum would not hurt. On the other hand, in this form of a cruiser there is a certain coloring. In general, the museum exposition is not very rich. Among the exhibits are mock-ups of warships behind tarnished glass, poor furnishings for sailors and other spaceships. Soon I will write a post about my visit to the cruiser. Read more about Kutuzov Cruiser.

Ticket price: 200 rubles for adults and 100 rubles for children.

Cruiser Kutuzov in Novorossiysk

Cruiser Kutuzov in Novorossiysk

Museum of Technology in Temryuk "Military Hill"

The open-air museum is located at the entrance toTemryuk, on a hill that was once a mud volcano. Therefore, the people called the museum "Military Hill". Until now, in the museum, as a bonus to the exposure of military equipment, you can see a small mud geyser. The museum contains technology from the Second World War and the post-war period: tanks, cannons, airplanes, ships, mines and much more. There is even a locomotive with a wagon. More than a hundred exhibits represented almost all kinds of troops. The museum also has a monument to the liberation of Temryuk from the German invaders in the form of a T-34 tank on a pedestal. There are no guides in this museum, as well as fences - everything can be touched. Children here especially enjoy. Also in the museum you can make interesting pictures with technology. The state of the art is an amateur; everything that is possible is painted over.

Ticket price: 50 rubles.

Factory of sparkling wines in Abrau-Durso

The plant is located near Novorossiysk, onthe shore of the picturesque lake Abrau, in a picturesque area surrounded by hills. A tour of the factory can be ordered with a tasting (about 5 wines) or without. In the cellars of the plant it is cool and damp, so it is better to additionally bring along something from outerwear, a windbreaker or a jacket. Guides tell about the history of the plant and the technology of production of sparkling wines, the secrets of their production. About how to choose and use sparkling beverages. At the end of the inspection, you can go to the gift shop, choose a small bottle of wine that you like at the tasting or some other souvenir. Prices in the souvenir shop of the plant are moderate, just like in regular stores. After the excursion you can take a walk along the picturesque lakeside, enjoy nature, go boating. For children in the factory there is a games room.

Ticket price: 650 rubles with tasting, 350 rubles without tasting, children under 10 years old - free of charge.

Lotus valley

The lotus valley is located next to the village.Golubitskaya and Akhtanizovsky liman, not very far from Taman and Anapa. The lotuses in these places appeared in the 1980s. They do not take root in salt water, therefore they successfully rooted only in a desalinated water body. Lotus flowers are actively blooming from mid-July to August, the stems and leaves protrude from the water, and do not float on its surface, as is usually the case in Asia, in their homeland. To get to the lotus valley by car, you need to go along the Temryuk-Strelka highway to the Cossack River Erik, and then follow the signs “Lotos”. Also, an excursion to the valley can be bought at almost any travel agency. It is better to come to the lotuses at dawn, when they are just beginning to unfold, and in July and August, when they bloom. Although they say that in June they are already starting too. Since the coast around the lotuses is marshy, tourists are usually brought to flowers by boat along a canal that was dug by the Cossacks 200 years ago. Excursion to the lotuses - an interesting and romantic, and riding on a boat adds impressions to admiring exotic flowers.

Mud Volcanoes in Taman

On the Taman Peninsula there are manyactive mud volcanoes. This is one of the main natural attractions of the Krasnodar Territory. Mud volcanoes in Taman have been known since ancient times, Homer wrote about them in his Odyssey, placing the entrance to the underground kingdom, Hades, in this area. The mud erupted by geysers is highly valued because it has a healing effect. It is used for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Among the largest and most famous volcanoes of Taman, which are annually visited by thousands of tourists from all over the country, are Tizdar, Plevak, Karabetova Sopka (I was right there because there are no people there) andothers. There are about 26 of them in all. The temperature of the mud in most volcanoes is 20-25 C, but in some it is less. Volcanoes of the Taman Peninsula act periodically, periods of rest are replaced by activity. Some have already cooled down and turned into fells, others still emit dirt, which consists mainly of blue clay, mineral water and contains bromine, iodine and a little bit of oil. Some volcanoes, like Tizdar, are well-equipped tourist complexes with all the necessary infrastructure, others retain their original, wild look.

Mud volcano in Taman

Mud bubble bursts

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