What to see in Bangkok

The historical name of Bangkok - the capital and theThe major city of Thailand, officially consists of 20 words, most of which are now obsolete and are not used in everyday life. But, if you try to translate them, then everything will indicate that this is an exceptional, majestic city of angels, which has won the divine grace of God Indra.
Because of the number of words in the name, the city fell into the Guinness Book of Records.

The very name Bangkok (Bangkok) comes fromthe names of the village (bang), which in ancient times served as a shopping center and port, where initially olive (kok) trees grew on the site of the current capital.

Bangkok became the capital of Thailand in 1782, when King Rama I built a palace on the site of this village and called it Krun Thep, "City of Angels".

What to see in Bangkok

Because of the divine favor to the city, and maybe not only, but the main attractions of the city were and remain temples and monasteries. So you can see a lot in Bangkok.

For example, the 12th century temple of Wat Pho (Wat Pho) (temple of the reclining buddhawaiting for Nirvana). The length of the statue of the Buddha reaches 46 meters, and the height is 15. Buddha’s feet are covered with mother-of-pearl patterns that convey his individual features.

The temple of the statue of the 66-meter Emerald Buddha is called Wat Phra Keo (Wat Phra Keo) - the most sacred place in Thailand.

The iron symbol of Buddhism is embodied in the temple of Wat Ratchanadda (Wat Ratchanadda), named after the princess Somanas Wadhanavadi - "the granddaughter of the king."

For those who are not religious rites, their gatesreveals the nightlife of the city, distinguished by its unique charm. A huge variety of restaurants, clubs, places of entertainment, shopping centers will satisfy the most sophisticated taste of any tourist.

I would like to say a few words about the worldBangkok's famous hotel - The Oriental Bangkok, whose rooms are decorated in the national style, but with a special royal splendor - the bathrooms are decorated with nothing more than marble, and the common hall of the hotel resembles a royal palace. In addition, the hotel has its own pier, gardens and a swimming pool above the river.

From the past, the city remained and some channels (klongs), for which the "City of Angels" received an additionalthe name "East Venice". Most of them are already covered and land transport moves along them, but along the remaining channels, it is quite safe that river trams and ferries cross the banks of the Chao Phraya River run.

In all other respects, Bangkok is a hugemetropolis with a bunch of people, cars, dirty air. Therefore, it is best to come here to see the sights, and spend most of the time in smaller cities and islands on the sea.

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