What to see in Lazarevskoye and surroundings - list of attractions

Lazarevskoye - the very first resort on the Black Sea,where i got to be It was a long time ago in my childhood, at 3 years old. We went there several times and I waited every trip with a sinking heart. Perhaps that is why I have warm feelings for this village. Otherwise, it is rather ordinary, crowded during the season, with the railway near the beach. If you like to relax in quieter places, then it is better to rent a house in the neighboring villages. Sights can be visited wherever you live.

Well, if you do go to Lazarevskoye, then look at my post - A selection of cheap hotels with the best ratings and reviews. After all, it is better to book everything in advance, especially during the season, otherwise you will find something completely wrong on the spot that we would like.

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What to see in Lazarevsky

Park of Culture

Recreation Park Lazarevsky was foundedback in the Soviet years, in 1975. It is located in the heart of the city, near the waterfront. The park is decorated with walking paths, flower beds, lawns, green alleys. Magnolias, eucalyptus trees, palm trees and rhododendrons - all these southern plants give shade on hot summer days, delight the eye and make walks in the park especially pleasant. In addition to a variety of exotic vegetation, the park is notable for attractions. It has the highest Ferris wheel in Russia, you can ride a roller coaster, play classic slot machines, visit the room of laughter and a shooting gallery - just like in Soviet childhood. Modern children's playground for kids here too. As in all entertainment places, there are many cafes, snack bars and stalls with all sorts of goodies. In general, the standard set of pleasures, especially characteristic of the southern resort town.

Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel in the Park of Culture and RestLazarevsky began work in 2012. At the moment it is the largest Ferris wheel in Russia, its diameter is more than 80 meters. A full turn the wheel makes in 8 minutes. From its highest point a wonderful view opens up on the coast of the Krasnodar Territory, up to Abkhazia. On the wheel there are closed and open cabins for six and four people respectively. It is better not to plant children in open cabins, as it is shaken by the wind, it is scary to sit there. In the evening, almost nothing is seen from the wheel, so it's not very interesting to ride after dark. For an additional fee before landing you can rent binoculars. Service, however, as in the whole park, and specifically on the Ferris wheel is not the most "European" in quality.

Ticket price: from 200 rubles

Waterpark "Nautilus

The water park is located near the Park of Culture andrecreation Lazarevskogo, on the banks of the river Psezuapse. Nautilus is already a pretty old water park (it opened in 2004) and looks worn. Attractions are not as exciting as, for example, in Golden Bay, butt joints are felt on the slides, and the area is small. But still in the heat it is a good place for a family rest. However, as elsewhere, there may be queues in the season and it is difficult to find a free deck chair with an umbrella, a life jacket or a rubber ring. In the water park there are 4 pools: swimming, with slides, for children, and a pool with an attraction "Tsunami", which is 14 meters high - quite an extreme entertainment. In the Nautilus there are no pools with waves, but the children's area is not bad. If you don’t compare the Nautilus with anything, you might like its slides and pools. On the territory of the water park there is also a cafe, you can buy corn, ice cream, hot dogs. True, prices in cafes and other services inside the water park are not the most attractive.

Ticket price: 800 rubles

Waterpark Starfish

The water park is located by the sea, as part oflarge entertainment complex "Dolphin". Next to it are also the Tropical Amazon Oceanarium with a penguinarium and an exotherrarium, a starfish dolphinarium and a children's amusement park. The territory of the water park is small, there are few slides and seams are felt on them. For children there is a heated swimming pool, water rides. The closed “Braids” interlaced with each other, as well as the “Cosmic ball” and “Kamikaze” belong to the extreme. In addition to water activities, daily shows are held in the water park. True, the service leaves much to be desired, the water park is very crowded during the season, the queues and local water parks will not be particularly interesting.

Ticket price: 1000 rubles

Tropical Amazon Oceanarium

The Tropical Amazon Oceanarium is located inentertainment complex "Dolphin". The aquarium and exotherrarium occupy two floors. On the first, in a cool dim hall, there are large aquariums with various fish, from freshwater inhabitants of the Amazon, small sharks and piranhas, to marine tropical fish and corals. The area of ​​the hall is not very big, but it will be interesting for children to look at the fish. On the second floor, visitors find themselves in the tropical jungle. Here you can look at the boa, monitor lizard, caiman, toad and turtles. In addition to open aquariums with reptiles and amphibians, waterfalls and tropical plants, here you can see a toucan, monkeys, and even, suddenly, penguins. They sit in one small aviary. Photography is paid, 100 rubles, you can not take pictures with a flash, so as not to frighten animals.

Ticket price: 500 rubles

Dolphin Starfish

Dolphinarium is in great entertainmentcomplex "Dolphin". The presentation in the dolphinarium lasts 50 minutes, two white whales, three dolphins, a sea lion and a walrus participate in the show. True, animals do not always perform the full composition, and not in all cases tricks are obtained from them the first time. After the presentation, visitors can buy souvenirs and CDs with a film about dolphinariums, take pictures with dolphins or swim. At extra charge. Swimming with dolphins immediately after the performance costs 2,000 rubles, 4 laps around the pool. According to reviews, this is not the most spectacular performance and not the best dolphinarium of Krasnodar Region Children may be interested, but for adults it is boring.

Ticket price: from 600 to 800 rubles, depending on the series.

What to see in the vicinity

33 waterfalls

33 waterfalls - one of the most famoustourist attractions in the vicinity of Lazarevskogo. You can go to the waterfalls with a guided tour or independently. They are located in the village of Big Kichmay. Along the river to the waterfalls, you can drive almost any car, not just an off-road vehicle. From Lazarevsky road takes about 40 minutes or more. A little before reaching the waterfalls there is parking, from it to the checkout there is a path, along which souvenir shops and stores are set up. The first (he is the largest) waterfall in height of about 12 meters. The rest of the waterfalls are lower, but it's still worth seeing them, they are not worse than the first beauty. To the waterfalls on both sides of the river made wooden flooring and stairs with railings, bridges across the river. In the summer, in season, there are many people at the waterfalls, tourists are swimming (there are booths for changing clothes at the first waterfall), they are photographed. But the stairs can not climb to all the waterfalls. Upstream there are several cascades that will have to climb the slope and the roots of trees. In addition to waterfalls, this place is known for its beautiful and mysterious forest, with trees covered with moss, almost like in a fairy tale. More about 33 waterfalls.

Ticket price: 100 rubles

33 waterfalls near

33 waterfalls

Svirskoe gorge

Svirskoe gorge is interesting in the first placeSvirsky waterfall. This is the closest and highest of the gorge waterfalls. Climbing up Svirskaya Street in Lazarevskoye upstream of the stream, you can first come to the clearing, on opposite sides of which are the sights of the gorge. To the right is the Svirsky waterfall, to the left is the Glory dolmen, the Adam and Eve waterfalls, the Moonstone, the Tree of Desires and the waterfall with the intriguing name Teschischi Tears. To go to the dolmen is not close, about three kilometers. The trail rises uphill on rough terrain, winds from one bank to another. The entire route will take several hours to complete. Red markings on stones and trees will indicate the way and will not let you get lost.

Ticket price: 80 rubles

Berendeyev Kingdom

To the recreational facility of Berendeyev Kingdom fromLazarevsky can be reached by suburban bus (Sanatorium Yantar stop). The territory of the park Berendeyevo kingdom is part of the Mamedov gorge with waterfalls on the Bezymyanny creek, which is a tributary of the Kuapse river. In addition to natural attractions, the park is interesting because there was filmed a fabulous film Snow Maiden. Wooden figures of fairy-tale heroes are scattered around the park, and the waterfalls have romantic names: Kupava, Emerald, Beard Berendey. The path along the stream with waterfalls, starting from the ticket office, has a length of only 450 meters. Further from the observation deck at the 30-meter waterfall Beard Berendey to the ancient megaliths, the sanctuary and dolmen - another park attraction, - through the tea plantations, leads a route 700 meters long. The trail is equipped with bridges with railings, marked and quite simple even for children. There is a wondrous fairy-tale forest with intertwining tree roots and lianas hanging from branches and stones. In addition to the beautiful nature on the territory of the Berendeyev Kingdom, you can personally catch trout in a small pond next to a cafe, take pictures with fabulous characters and participate in entertaining animated shows for children and adults.

Ticket price: 100 rubles

Mamedovo gorge

Mamedovo gorge is one of the mostscenic spots Lazarevskogo area. The name of the gorge is associated with the legend of the Adyge Mamed, who saved his native village from Turkish robbers by sacrificing his life. The route along the gorge begins from the Yantar boarding house, the dirt road which leads to the Kuren restaurant. Then for about half an hour the route goes along the river, in the shade of beeches, chestnuts and limes. The road goes to the right of the river, and the path goes along the Kuapse bed leads to the Kosmos camp and Orekhova glade. Further, a narrow corridor between the rocks leads first to the grotto with sluggish formations and bizarre rocks, and then to the stone gates of the gorge, where the converging stone walls form an arch. Behind the gate is the so-called "White Hall" of limestone. A stream of the Beard Mamed waterfall flows through one of the walls of the hall. Further along the route you can see a small natural reservoir, called the Bath Mamed. Three more waterfall gorges are called Happiness, Youth and Love. They are a little over 10 meters high. It is believed that you need to swim in each of them to gain all of the above. Climbing up the trail, you can go to the tea plantations and tea house with a cafe near the village of Bolshaya Mamedka. In addition to the above, in the gorge you can see the stone blockage, where the waterfall “Head of Mamed” and the dolmen are located. The length of the route along the gorge is 7 kilometers.

Volkonsky dolmen

Dolmens on the Black Sea coast canmeet quite a lot, but they are of varying degrees of safety and accessibility. Volkonsky dolmen is different from the rest. This is the only fully preserved monolithic dolmen in the world. His camera is carved in solid stone. The dolmen is located in the valley of the river, near the village of Volkonka, not far from the Novorossiysk-Sochi highway. Next to the dolmen on the slope of the gorge there is a spring with hydrogen sulfide water, and a little upstream of the stream there are rocks “Two brothers”. The dolmen inside is semicircular, with a strong echo. It is better to come to him early, because by noon groups of tourists arrive. Of course the place is fanned by legends. Someone remembers unknown civilizations and megaliths, others simply make a wish. Read more about Volkonsky dolmen.

In the season entrance fee - 100 rubles, for the rest of the time is free.

Volkonsky dolmen near Lazarevsky

Volkonsky dolmen near Lazarevsky

Waterfalls of Najigo aul

The area in the village of Najigo is interestingwaterfalls of the rivers Kumyshtepe and Gumyshtepe, examining that you can go the route, not very difficult, but long - about 12 kilometers. From the Sochi route, you first need to get to the village of Najigo, then go up the hill on a dirt road, about two kilometers there will be a cafe, working only in the summer season. If you go down to the confluence of the Gumyshtepe and Kumyshtepe rivers, to the right, there will be a huge 32-meter waterfall on the Kumyshtepe River. One of two large and beautiful waterfalls, for which you should come here. In the other direction, at the confluence of two rivers, if we cross the bridge, a canyon and a two-level waterfall will begin ahead, around which bridges are also laid. even further will be the most beautiful 35-meter waterfall. The water in it falls on a rocky ledge covered with moss. A powerful jet of water crashes against the stone, forming a cloud of spray around. If you go back to the cafe, go riding over the waterfall on Kumshtepe and go further up, you can see a lot of smaller waterfalls, 5-8 meters high. The clear and transparent water of the mountain river fills small natural depressions. Light limestone makes the water color azure. Multi-layered rocks, sometimes mossy or twined with ivy, protrude from the ground at an angle or rise vertically. The sun breaks through the tall trees, around a lot of fallen trunks. The nature here is very beautiful, there are few people, especially in early spring and late autumn. For a contemplative walk this place fits just fine.

Aul Thagapsh

The upper reaches of the river Thagapsh and the neighborhood of the same nameAul is part of the Sochi National Park. The place is not very touristy, but quiet and has a certain charm of nature, not trampled by mass tourism. From the center of Lazarevsky to the village Thagapsh only 16 kilometers. The road is narrow, goes through the mountains, but the views from it come off very picturesque: on a narrow channel and the valley of the river below, framed by low green hills. Aul Thagapsh is small and quiet, except perhaps for trout farms. The 800-meter-long path to the waterfalls suggests closed shoes and some sports training, as in some places you have to climb on moss-covered boulders along climb-ups and climb rugged terrain. The route starts at the cashier, but no one can be there, even in the summer season. In addition to the low waterfalls in the gorge of the river you can see the rubble of huge boulders and detached stone blocks. In the vicinity of the village you can see the Tiger Cave. There are also about a dozen dolmens left in this area, and in one and a half kilometers from the aul, down the Bjiju River, there is the Kholodny Klyuchi tract with a small cork oak plantation on the southern slope of the Nikhetkh range.

Psedah ​​and Shapsug Waterfalls on the River Ashe

The Valley of the River Ashe attracts tourists with severalinteresting natural objects. These are the half-submerged Witches Cave, dolmens, the Psidah and Shapsug waterfalls, picturesque suspension bridges over the river. Powerful and beautiful waterfalls on the river Asha - one of the highest on the Black Sea coast. Previously, it was possible to drive to the waterfalls only on off-road vehicles, but now almost any car will travel here. If you are not in your car, in principle you can walk to the waterfalls (although it is rather tedious and far away) or drive to the UAZ or GAZ (for a large group). At the first waterfall with tourists collect payment. This is the three-cascade waterfall Psyda (or Psedakh, translated as “Beautiful water”) on the tributary of the Ashe River, its total height is about 20 meters. The water in it flows through a stone chute, washed in the rock and falls dramatic flows in a cloud of spray. To the upper cascades you can walk along wooden footbridges with railings, specially made for the convenience of inspection. Near the Psidah waterfall in season there are trays of honey and various foods. You need to walk up to the second waterfall for about ten minutes (600 meters). Shapsug is located on the right bank of the River Ashe. A suspension bridge with a 30 meter long railing leads here. Then you can climb to the top of the waterfall on a wooden staircase. This waterfall is four-stage, with a total height of about 50 meters. If you walk up the river for about 15 minutes from the waterfall, you can see the so-called stone Jacuzzi Psychef, located on the creek Bekishe. The rapid flow of water in the river here stumbles upon a stone blockage of sandstone blocks, breaking up into smaller ones with boiling water. The village closest to the waterfalls, the village of Kalezh, is also interesting at the Witch's Cave (or the Salvation), about 70 meters in length, to which a long suspension bridge across the Ashe River leads.

Ticket price: 100 rubles

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