What to see in Gelendzhik

At the very foot of the Markoth mountain range (Markoth), which borders Novorossiysk Bay of the Black Sea, is located the charming southern resort town - Gelendzhik.

From the Turkic language the name of this citytranslated as "White Bride" and this has its own pattern. From the height of the Markkhotsky Ridge, the city with its snow-white buildings of modern health centers and recreation centers, beautiful streets, pine trees lush in greenery, among which Pizundsky pine takes pride of place, looks like a blooming white flower. But besides nature, there is something to see in Gelendzhik.

Although the local climate allowsrest comfortably here from May to October, however, the holiday season opens on the first Sunday of June with the organization of celebrations on this occasion. Namely, on this day a costume carnival with a symbolic name “Gelendzhik Smiles the Sun” takes place, led by a brass band, after which everyone goes to admire the grandiose firework over Gelendzhik Bay.

Among the famous resorts of Gelendzhik include the following:
- Sanatorium Gelendzhik
- Sanatorium Blue Wave
- Sanatorium them. Lomonosova M.V.
- Sanatorium Sunny Beach and several others.

A few words I would like to say about the mentionbehalf of MV Lermontov. According to one version of historians, the poet arrived here in 1837, at General Velyaminov’s headquarters, after he was transferred from the Life Guards to the army for his poem “The Death of a Poet”. As a tribute to the memory of a famous person, not only the sanatorium was named after him, but also a part of the embankment, by the way, the largest in the world.

Of course, in addition to the resorts, there are in Gelendzhikand the private sector of various kinds, from cheap to very expensive. Compared with the same holiday in the Crimea, private hotels are more common here. Since the resort is actively developing and the welfare of the population allows for the season to recapture most of the investment.

What to see in Gelendzhik

Surrounded by pizza sheds

Surrounded by pizza sheds

Of the attractions of Gelendzhik, the following can be identified:

- Megalithic creations of human hands of the first century BC. (dolmens of Gelendzhik) built of stone slabs within whichthere was a relatively large room, about two meters. Their exact purpose is not known, but in the opinion of most scholars, these were burial structures for noble people.

Dolmen Sunny. Mount Neskis.

Dolmen Sunny. Mount Neskis.

- Door beacon, the light from which is seen insea ​​at a distance of 9 nautical miles. This is explained by the fact that his lamp is surrounded by reflectors of rock crystal. No less surprising is the lighthouse itself, which has been operating without repair for more than a century, since 1897.

- various waterfalls, the most famous of which "Emerald" on river Zhane and Bigius waterfalls

Waterfalls at the headwaters of the river Jeanne.

Waterfalls at the headwaters of the river Jeanne.

- Sail rock resembling a sail

- an amazing place where the local artisancollected in one place, made with his own hands, reduced copies of buildings - symbols of different eras: the pyramids of Cheops with the sphinx, the Greek temple, etc.

Many more amazing and unique objects, both nature and created by human hands, are waiting for tourists from all over the world to amaze them with their indescribable beauty and originality.

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