What to see in Phuket yourself - my list

Due to the fact that there is an island your own airportthat accepts international flights (which is forus means direct flights from the Russian Federation), Phuket is considered one of the most popular resorts in Thailand. But the geographical feature, a large number of different beaches and a developed tourist infrastructure are not the only advantages of the island. Phuket is so huge that it is given the status of a separate province, which is why the Thai word Ko (island) is not used in its name. And for an independent tourist there is always something to see in Phuket on those days when he gets tired of the tying and monotony of vacation days.

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What to see in Phuket

FantaSea Show

Fantasea - one of the most popular and large-scale(Park area - 57 hectares) Phuket show. Combines elements of theater and circus. The target audience of attractions - families with children, who will be there expanse. Acrobats, clowns, illusionists and gymnasts perform on stage. The show involves not only people, but also animals: elephants, buffaloes, tigers and even goats. Presentation based on the ancient legend lasts an hour and a half, photographing during the show is prohibited. In addition to the show, of interest is a restaurant with a buffet for 4000 seats - the largest in Southeast Asia. In addition to the FantaCi show, you can still visit a similar attraction - the Siam Niramit show, which combines elements of theater, circus, museum and restaurant.

Detailed description of the sights - Show Fantasy and amusement park.

Show Fantasy passes here

Show Fantasy passes here

Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi is a group of six islandslocated in the Andaman Sea, 48 km from Phuket. The most famous island is Phi Phi Ley and the Gulf of Maya Bay, it was there that in 1999 the movie “The Beach” was filmed with Leonardo DiCaprio. This is the most popular attraction and one of the symbols of Thailand. The beaches around the islands look fantastic in beautiful weather: white sand, emerald sea with clear water and sheer cliffs. From Phuket to Phi Phi, you can come with a one-day tour. Especially the tour is suitable for lovers of beaches and natural attractions.

Phi Phi tour, how to go
How to get to Phi Phi

What to see in Phuket yourself - my list

Kao Sok

Khao Sok National Park is oneof the largest and most famous national parks in Thailand, located 160 km from Phuket, on a narrow continental isthmus that separates the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. One of the most beautiful places in the park is the mountain lake Cheo Lan. Other Khao Sok sights make a strong impression: sheer karst cliffs, rainforest, with a huge number of different types of plants, mountain rivers and waterfalls. The territory of Khao Sok National Park is well established, there are roads, guesthouses, cafes and trails marked for walking. In my opinion - this is the most interesting and unusual place in the south of Thailand.

Detailed description of the sights - Khao Sok and Cheo Lan - excursion, how to get, prices.

These 3 rocks are a symbol of Khao Sok National Park

Phuket Botanical Garden

Pretty nice place where you are giventhe opportunity to get acquainted with the mass of tropical plants in Thailand in the open air, in the format of a tropical garden. The place is spacious, with kilometers of footpaths, corners and dead ends - you can walk a lot. Great for shorting the hottest time of the day, and with a strong desire, you can rent a bungalow at the hotel, which is located right inside the garden, near a small artificial pond. In addition to the Botanical Garden, you can still see about a similar attraction - the Butterfly Garden.

Detailed description of the sights - Botanical Garden.

Botanical Garden, Phuket

Botanical Garden, Phuket

Temple of the Big Buddha

Temple of the Big Buddha on Mount Nakaked over Chalongremarkable for a huge statue of a seated Buddha, located at an altitude of over 300 meters above sea level. The construction of the temple with a nearly 50-meter statue began in 2008 with donations from the local community, and is still ongoing. From the observation deck near the statue, there is a great panoramic view of the beauty of the island, although I would not call this viewpoint the best in Phuket, and the popularity of the place greatly affected its attendance - the people of darkness.

In addition to the statue of the seated Big Buddha, you can still see a similar attraction - Temple of the Reclining Buddha in Phuket - Wat Sri Sunthon.

What to see in Phuket yourself - my list

Wat chalong

Wat Chalong Monastery is located in the south of Phuket andis one of the most famous Buddhist monasteries of the island. The first written record of Wat Chalong dates back to 1837. The highest building of the monastery - Chedi Phra Mahathat, keeps a particle of Buddha’s dust, a gift to the King of Thailand for his 72nd anniversary from the government of Sri Lanka. The architecture of the monastery strikes with purely oriental bizarre forms and brilliance of colors. Every 15 minutes, monks blow firecrackers, driving away evil spirits. From the tower of the monastery offers a great view of Chalong. Everything together creates an amazing and unique atmosphere of this place. Separately, I advise you to visit the deserted and atmospheric Temple Wat Sirey. It is located on a mountain, from where a beautiful view opens.

Detailed description of the sights - Wat Chalong in Phuket.

Chalong Temple (Wat Chalong)

Chalong Temple (Wat Chalong)

Karon Viewpoint

Noisy and crowded place, very popularamong tourists, which is included in most sightseeing tours of Phuket. Large parking, equipped pavilion for visitors, some merchants and photographers with birds, in general - the usual tourist place with an unusually beautiful scenery. From the observation deck overlooking the beaches of Kata, Kata Noi and Karon. You should come here only to see this beauty with your own eyes. In addition to the lookout, I recommend to go to restaurant HeavenHe is very close there. In the afternoon, it may not be necessary, but before sunset - at sunset, there will be a very pleasant view of food and drinks.

Detailed description of the sights - Observation deck Karon-Kata.

Karon Viewpoint, Phuket

Karon Viewpoint, Phuket

Observation deck on Mount Rang Hill

Pleasant place on the top of Mount Rang, not withpanoramic view, but 180 degrees will be quite enough for positive emotions. The place is much more attractive than Monkey Hill, and here, too, there are local monkeys in the jungle, which will fall on your way up. The view opens onto the valley with Phuket town, it looks especially attractive at night, with artificial light. Attendance is free and available 24 hours a day. In addition to the observation deck, I recommend to go to the next "landmark" - View cafe Tunk Ka.

Detailed description of the sights - Observation Deck Grade Hill.

Observation deck Grade Hill, Phuket

Observation deck Grade Hill, Phuket

Observation deck on the tower of Khao Khad

Kao Khad View Tower is a three-story tower.which was built exclusively for one purpose - to get a full panoramic view. Actually 360 degrees. The tower stands on a high gentle hill, has a large parking lot at the base. There is also a shop where you can buy sweets or simple snacks, with which it is then pleasant to sweep down on the bench of the third tier, looking at the azure horizons. The place is tourist, but very worthy and is considered one of the best viewpoints of the island of Phuket.

Detailed description of the sights - Kao Khad Views Tower.

Kao Khad Viewpoint in Phuket

Kao Khad Viewpoint in Phuket

Observation deck at Cape Promtep

One of the most popular and easily accessible.Viewpoints of Phuket Island. Apart from the fact that Promteh Cape itself is an interesting natural sight with an excellent overview, there are also a couple of historical and religious sites: the sanctuary of Brahma with a whole herd of elephants of different sizes and a military lighthouse with free entrance where you can climb for a wider view. The place is crowded, beautiful and deserves at least one visit. In addition to Cape Promtep, you can still visit a similar attraction - View from the windmill.

Detailed description of the sights - Observation deck at Cape Promtep.

What to see in Phuket yourself - my list

Bang Pe Waterfall

The largest waterfall in Phuket is Bang Pae. It is located in the northern part of Phuket, in the territory of the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, in the Thalang area. Water in it does not flow down the wall and is not broken into rapids, but classically falls into a stone bowl from a 15-meter height. Swimming in the bowl can and should, if the number of people in the reservoir allows. Bang Pha on Phuket is the most picturesque waterfall of the island, perfectly suitable for walking and relaxation. On the way to the waterfall, you can look at the gibbon nursery, although I would not go there the second time - a sad sight.

Detailed description of the sights - Bang Pe Waterfall.

Bang Pe Waterfall in Phuket

Bang Pe Waterfall in Phuket

Thai boxing

Muay Thai is part of the culture and national appearance.sports in Thailand. Unlike ordinary boxing, almost any blows are allowed in Thai - this is a much tougher form of martial arts than the others. At the beginning of the last century, the windings on the hands of the boxers were sprinkled with crushed glass and iron, often fights were fatal. There are many places in Phuket where you can watch real fights. The cost of tickets is quite high, but for those who are interested in such shows, visiting at least one of the arenas will be very interesting. This is not only a fight, but also a kind of art, with complex accompanying rituals.

Flight of hanuman

Hanuman is the monkey god, if you suddenly did not know. And the “Flight of Hanuman” is a thrilling zip-line attraction where everyone can feel like a monkey and fly over the jungle, clinging to a special cable to the ropes stretched between the trees, getting their adrenaline rush. The longest flight - about 400 meters, height above ground - up to 40 meters. The adventure is quite safe, but this experience will be remembered for a long time and gives a lot of impressions.

What to see in Phuket yourself - my list

Snake Farm

Snake Show is a popular attraction in Thailand. Including Phuket, where several serpent farms. The most famous of them is located near the Chalong Ring. Show with snakes lasts 45 minutes. In addition, you can see the serpentarium and take a picture with a python. At the farm there is a shop where they sell snake leather products (belts, wallets, wallets), as well as snake venom medicines.

Safari Kok Chang

Elephant Safari has been around for quite some time andheld in the jungle between the beaches of Rawai and Kata. Lasts from 20 minutes to an hour. During the safari you can see the beautiful beaches of Phuket - from Kata Noi to Karon. Elephants can also be fed.

Phuket Zoo

A slightly tired zoo, which howevercopes with its main task - to entertain children in Phuket. Adults zoo is unlikely to like, the place is very simple, without pathos. The animals are shown both in aviaries and in the format of prepared shows with stunts and even with some semantic subjects. The visit will take several hours, the second time you don’t want to come here, but with all that said - Phuket Zoo is much steeper than Phuket Oceanarium.

Detailed description of the sights - Zoo - prices, photos and schedule of the show.

Phuket Zoo

Phuket Zoo

James Bond Island

Phang Nga Bay National Park is an island andbizarre cliffs in the form of pillars, with grottoes and caves in which stalactites hang from the ceiling, tropical vegetation and green-azure water create unique landscapes, as if from a fantasy world. One of the most famous islands of the national park is called “James Bond Island”, since it was there that one of the films about the world famous spy was filmed. Most of the islands in the park are uninhabited; many have caves and tunnels leading to hidden lagoons. The best way to explore the park is by boat or kayak, and the most economical way to get there is a guided tour.

Detailed description of the sights - Excursion to the island of James Bond.

Bond Island, Thailand

Bond Island, Thailand

Phuket Attractions Map

Phuket Attractions

Phuket Attractions:

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