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Sanya - China's tropical resort on the coastHainan Island, which became a popular tourist area in the late 90s. True, the resort is mainly popular with the Chinese and, in my opinion, is not at all sharpened by foreigners. I was surprised that even at the airport, they do not speak English, not to mention hotels, shops and other establishments. The same lettering is all in Chinese. So the resort is an amateur. However, there is in Sanya Dadunkhai, the last years chosen by Russians, and so there inscriptions in Russian are also Russian-speaking Chinese. But not massively, of course.

We lived 3 months in the city Lingshuyeand drove from it to Sanya (stayed at this hotel), there is not far, just 25 minutes by train.

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Buddhist temple complex Nanshan

Known around the world thanks to a huge statuethe goddess Guanyin (108 meters high). The statue is poured out of 140 kilograms of pure gold, encrusted with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, jade and other precious stones. The entrance to the temple is called the “gate of non-duality” and symbolizes the last step before attaining enlightenment. The path to the temple lies through the Merciful Liberation Park, where the famous Giant Pitcher of Purity is located, collecting rainwater.

The Merciful Liberation Park itself representsis a classical Chinese garden, divided by the lake into two shores: beautiful gazebos, well-kept vegetation. There is also an alley with photos of centenarians of Hainan Island (each of which turned more than a hundred years old) and the famous Pure Reason Bell, which, according to legend, brings good luck and well-being if you hit it three times.

The ancient city of Yachen

The city is located 45 kilometers west of Sanya.and is a historical monument. It is believed that the city appeared during the reign of the Xia dynasty (1765 BC) and since then it has an extraordinary architecture. Tourists come here to admire the South Gate Wenmin and visit the Academy Yachen, or the Temple of Confucius. For a long time here was the most famous school of Confucianism on the island. In the western part there is a 15-meter tower built at the end of the 19th century. The tower is often compared with the Leaning, because it also has a characteristic slope.

Daoist Park Celestial caves

The park was built in the 12th century, located at the foot ofSouthern mountains and is a national treasure of China. The park also houses the Museum of Natural History and Natural History, the exhibition which reproduces the nature of these places 140 million years BC. The museum is protected by UNESCO and includes a huge collection of ancient exhibits (pterosaur, dinosaur, ichthyosaur, chrysmatite from Mount Uchzhishan, etc.).

The unique tropical nature of the park is complemented by numerous grottoes. Fans of vivid impressions go through small grottoes - they go in and out from the back.

Beach Jade Belt

Entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the mosta short land strip separating the river and the sea. Located on the east coast near the town of Boao. The beach separates the sea directly from the three rivers: Wanquan, Jiuqu and Lungun. The jade belt is famous for the purity of the sand, the clarity of the water and the beauty of the landscape.

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef - Anotherlandmark in Sanya. It rises at an altitude of 380 meters above sea level. Entrance to the reef is paid. From here there is an extraordinary view of the sea. At the foot of the reef is a small restaurant where they cook a variety of dishes of national cuisine.

Haikou sunken villages

Sunken villages near Haikou are a magnet fortourists. In 1605, a strong earthquake occurred on Hanyang Island, as a result of which more than 70 villages sank in the area of ​​Dongzhai Bay. Now this place has become a popular attraction. The water here is so clean and clear that you can see sunken ruins at 4 kilometers from the port. Diving enthusiasts can scrutinize the remains of houses, the arch, stone bridges and temples.

Nanwan Monkey Island

Nanwan Monkey Island is a tropicalReserve Macaques, which, by the way, in China are protected by law. Here, on an area of ​​1000 hectares, more than 2,000 monkeys live in natural conditions, and a monkey circus also operates. In addition, here is the longest trans-oceanic cable road in China (2138 m long). You can get to the island by ferry or by cable car (by this very cable).

Mount Wujishan

Mount Wuchishan (Five Fingers). The highest mountain on the island (1876 meters above sea level). In addition, the mountain is extremely picturesque: more than 150 orchid species grow here. Two "fingers" of this mountain (peaks) are interconnected by a bridge. Locals call it the “fairy bridge” - there is always fog, drizzle and clouds. And the three-level waterfall Taipinshan, falling from a mountain lake, is notable for its special beauty.

Gulf Yalunvan

Located 25 kilometers east of SanyaYaluvan Bay It is called the tourist "Mecca" of Hanyang. Here are beaches, palm trees, five-star hotels, restaurants, bars, places of entertainment for every taste, yacht clubs, golf courses, all kinds of water sports and entertainment. The coastline of the bay stretches for 7 km. Here come lovers of a quiet, civilized rest. The main attractions of the bay are the Tropical Seashell Museum and the Valley of the Butterflies.

Xinglong Botanical Garden

Xinglong Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful andThe largest botanical gardens in China. Located near the radon sources of the same name between the cities of Haikou and Sanya. This is a very well-kept authentic botanical garden of 38 hectares, with a wide variety of native tropical flora and fauna. In the garden there is a lake, where you can swim by boat, and diving equipment is available for rent. In addition, there are cafes and shops in Xinglun, where you can try a variety of teas and coffees, including exclusive Singlun Coffee and Vanilla Green Tea.

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