Where better to stay in Gelendzhik - a selection of cheap hotels

Gelendzhik, on the one hand, is characterized by the fact thatthere are many cheap and even quite budget hotels. On the other hand, even if you look at the photos and rating, you will notice that finding a really interesting option that would meet several requirements at once (for example, proximity to the sea and the city center, cleanliness, silence, etc.) is not so easy .

If you are going to rest in Gelendzhik, be sure to read about his sights I have here on the blog, I have prepared a rather solid selection - What you can see and where to go in Gelendzhik.

The content of the article

My selection of hotels in Gelendzhik

Prices for hotels in Gelendzhik as well as in allresorts of the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory, greatly increased during the season. In addition, cheaper rooms quickly dismantled. The most expensive month is August. Below each hotel shows the approximate price for a room in the summer season. The exact cost of the dates you need is better to look at the links.

How to search for a hotel

What should you focus on when choosing a hotel? First of all, the reviews of real guests. Those are most convenient to read on the most popular tourist sites, like Booking.

Hotels in Gelendzhik>

A selection of really good onesThe price of quality in Gelendzhik is not so great. Before you start viewing offers, you will most likely need to determine the main selection criterion and focus primarily on it. For some, it will be more critical to stay close to the sea and the overall noise in the area is not so important, for others it is the price or facilities provided.

In addition to hotels on the Black Sea coast you canrest in the private sector, rent apartments or apartments, in the end, you can go with a tent. But still, most prefer hotels and mini-hotels, better by the sea and with meals (buffet, as an option).

One of the most expensive hotels in Gelendzhik - Kempinski Grand Hotel

5 stars, located on the seafront, withprivate beach and buffet. This is an analogue of foreign hotels "all inclusive", but it can not be called budget. From 4 star hotels the most popular are Primorye

(it also has a buffet) and the hotel California

. The rooms are cheaper than Kempinski.

Guest House Belka

Cost: from 2000 rubles for a double room

Guest House Belka

- This is the wooden house of a small family hotel,which is located in a quiet area, from where it is close enough to both the city center and the open clean sea. Inside the hotel is clean and comfortable, the atmosphere is friendly. There is a kitchen, veranda, balcony, barbecue area. Reviews about the owners of the hotel are very good. A great option for a holiday with a small child.

Guest House Belka>

Family Guesthouse (U Nikolaevich)

Cost: from 2000 rubles for a double room

Family Guesthouse

- small guest house 20 minutes walk fromSea, quite comfortable and cozy. The hotel’s guests have access to a swimming pool with sun beds, a clean and comfortable summer kitchen, and a balcony. Rooms with TV, refrigerator and air conditioning. The hotel has a small shop, near the market, the park of Olympus.

Nice view of the sea and the mountains, responsive hosts. In general, it is a good place for a quiet holiday. A good option for economy class, where you can stay with your family.

Family Guesthouse (U Nikolaevich)>

Pension Rainbow

Cost per day: from 2350 rubles for a double room


- pension in the center of Gelendzhik, next tothe waterfront. Nearby is the water park "Dolphin", attractions and cafes. The rooms have air conditioning and refrigerator. Perhaps three meals a day on the menu in the dining room pension.

For guests is also available cafes on site.boarding house, cinema, swimming pool, sauna, children's playground, spa treatments, guarded parking. This option is suitable for families with children.

Pension Rainbow>

Guest House Noi

Cost: from 2900 rubles for a double room

Guest House Noi

- a private mini hotel with simple interiors, but quite cozy. Located 10-15 minutes from the sea, but in the center of the bay.

The rooms are small, no wi-fi, but the hotel hasown kitchen where home-cooked meals are prepared, free transfer for guests. The hosts are pleasant in communication, always ready to help. In the courtyard there is a swing. In general, a pleasant quiet place, the rooms offer views of the mountains or the sea.

Guest House Noi>

Guest House Mandarin

Cost: from 3000 rubles for a double room

Guest House Mandarin

in the vicinity of Gelendzhik, which hasbudget rooms economy class. But they are very quickly dismantled, much in advance. The guest house is located about 400 meters from the sea, which is quite normal for a cheap hotel. The rooms are simple, but quite functional, with an area of ​​about 30 square meters. m., with a bathroom.

There is a fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning,ironing facilities, washing machine. That is, there is almost everything you need for a comfortable stay. In the courtyard there is a barbecue, a dining area.

Guest House Mandarin>

Hotel Imperial

Cost per day: from 3000 rubles for a double room

Hotel Imperial

- 3 star hotel, located not on the first line,but not very far from the sea, less than a kilometer (about 10-15 minutes on foot), in the center of Gelendzhik. This is a fairly convenient area with developed infrastructure. The hotel itself looks good, the interiors are nice. True, the rooms are small in size and for families with children, for example, will be cramped.

So this is the best option for a few days.and for those who plan to walk a lot. The hotel offers several additional options: breakfast included in the room price, free wi-fi, indoor pool, spa, sauna (for an extra fee), jacuzzi, gym, free-of-charge washing machine at the hotel, dry cleaning, ticket booking and more. .d

From household appliances in the rooms have air conditioning,fridge, microwave dishes and kettle, TV, DVD-player. In general, the hotel is clean and perfect for a business trip, for couples without children, not focused on a beach holiday, for a short rest in a few days.

Hotel Imperial>

Hotel Favorite

Cost: from 3800 rubles for a double room

Hotel Favorite

- This is a 3 star hotel, not very far away.from the sea, 700 meters. It offers free wi-fi, public parking, air-conditioned rooms and a Russian steam bath with a pool. All rooms have a minibar, safe and flat-screen TV. Breakfast is a buffet, the reviews of which are very good.

Within walking distance of the hotel you can findmany different cafes and restaurants, 300 meters from the hotel there is a supermarket, to the bus stop - 100 meters. The hotel has a neat look, the rooms are in the style of good European hotels - everything is functional, nice to the eye, nothing superfluous. Hotel reviews are good. A great option in terms of price and quality.

Hotel Favorite>

Guest House Amigos

Cost: from 3800 rubles for a double room

Guest House Amigos

- A great option for those who love the youth atmosphere, parties and communication.

Graffiti on the walls, common area with playconsoles, and comfortable chairs, a large TV - all this makes the guest house is similar to the fashionable European hostels. At the same time, the hotel is quiet, calm, the rooms are cozy, relatively close to the sea, there are a lot of restaurants and cafes nearby. Hotel guests like its atmosphere, staff and location.

Guest House Amigos>

Mini Hotel Studio on Frunze

Cost: from 4500 rubles for a double room

Mini Hotel Studio on Frunze

- a small cozy hotel for several rooms.

The rooms are quite spacious with a kitchen. Good comfortable furniture, wi-fi, clean, quiet, in the courtyard there is a gazebo. The hotel is located near the road, and quite far (15-20 minutes walk to the center of the embankment in the bay) from the sea, so first of all it will suit those who travel by car. The hotel has a small parking lot. Reviews and about the hotel and its owners are good.

Mini Hotel Studio on Frunze>

Hotel Cozy House

Cost per day: from 5100 rubles for a double room

Hotel Cozy House

- a small private hotel, comfortable and clean. About the owners of the hotel guests respond very well. Everything you need for a good holiday, the hotel has: comfortable rooms, tasty and well-cooked breakfasts, a small pool, a barbecue grill, and a cozy balcony overlooking the sea.

The hotel provides an inexpensive shuttle service (300rubles) to the airport. The hotel is located in a quiet place, on the seashore (not the bay), the beach is about 10 minutes walk. Nearby there is still a wild beach, but the shore is in the form of a cliff. To the city center far away, you need to get on public transport. In general, the Cozy Home Hotel is a good option for a quiet family holiday.

Hotel Cozy House>

Hotel Firebird

Cost per day: from 6500 rubles for a double room

Hotel Firebird

- a cozy family hotel with a very interesting interior design, which creates a little fabulous and homely atmosphere.

The hotel is clean, the staff reviews are good, there isparking, swimming pool in the courtyard, balconies in the rooms, delicious breakfasts, secure parking. The location is also very good - in the very center of Gelendzhik Bay, five minutes from the beach. In general, this is a very good option for a holiday in Gelendzhik, hotel reviews are very good.

Firebird Hotel>

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