Where to Stay in Kolomna Cheap Hotels and Hostels

In Kolomna, somehow deafly with budget hotels,so that they are also with less good reviews and rating. Honestly, there is generally bad with hotels, which is strange, because the city is tourist and there are plenty of attractions. I do not know what it is connected with. Quite a budget, only if in a tent for free to stand in a beautiful place on the river bank. And the hotels in Kolomna are generally average, forgive me hoteliers and hotel owners. Before preparing for the trip, be sure to look at my post - What to see in Kolomna. There is a list of all the significant attractions of the city, and there is a map with points, you can estimate the route.

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Hostel Like Kolomna

Where to Stay in Kolomna Cheap Hotels and Hostels

Cost per day: 400 rubles per bed in a dormitory and from 1100 rubles for a double room

Perhaps the most budget hostel in the city. True, it is quite far from the center. In fact, this is an ordinary apartment in the entrance of an apartment building. As in all ordinary apartments, there is one bathroom (combined with a bathroom), washing machines, a full kitchen, and a small living room. For one night, the hostel is suitable, but depending on the guests staying at the moment, it is noisy in the kitchen in the evenings. Reviews of cleanliness in the hostel is not the most enthusiastic. Read details about the hostel.

Hostel Stary Gorod

Where to Stay in Kolomna Cheap Hotels and Hostels

Cost per day: 500 rubles for a bed in a dormitory room and 3000 rubles for a family room for five beds

The hostel is brand new and at the same time one of the mostbudget in Kolomna. There are few reviews about it, but the guests rate the hostel is very high: close to the city center, very quiet and clean, in fact it is a guest house in the private sector. The hosts are very friendly, make breakfasts and are always ready to help their guests. The house has many necessary household items: dishes, a refrigerator, a cooler, as well as a landscaped area, a barbecue, a terrace. Not far from the house there is a river, the Kremlin is 10 minutes away. Read details about the hostel.


Debarcader recreation center Master

Where to Stay in Kolomna Cheap Hotels and Hostels

Cost per day: from 1600 rubles for a double room with shared bathroom and toilet

Floating hotel, moored on the banks of the Oka, ina few kilometers from the center of Kolomna. The idea itself is very interesting and romantic. The main advantages of the hotel: a view of the river, originality, thematic decoration of rooms, cleanliness. True, the idea is not realized one hundred percent. Noise isolation is not the best, the area around the landing stage is not very well-groomed (that does not belong to the hotel), there are many different technical shortcomings. But in general, for a not very demanding guest, the hotel will be quite good. The hotel has free wi-fi, parking. Read Hotel Details.

Hotel Complex Sunflowers

Where to Stay in Kolomna Cheap Hotels and Hostels

Cost per day: from 1800 rub for a double room

Not a very big family hotel outside the city, ina few kilometers from the center of Kolomna. Located in the countryside, in nature, off the coast of the Oka. The complex includes a cafe, a pond, a fairly large area. The owners are friendly, try for the guests. Almost home-style cuisine and cozy bright interiors of the rooms, the opportunity to fish, well-groomed territory, all this makes the hotel complex a good place for a quiet family holiday. Suitable for people with personal vehicles - you can combine sightseeing of Kolomna with outdoor recreation. Read Details about the hotel.

Apartment Posadskaya

Where to Stay in Kolomna Cheap Hotels and Hostels

Cost per day: from 2300 rubles for a double room

Great apartment for short stays,located in the central area of ​​the city, within walking distance of the Kremlin and other famous sights of Kolomna, near the marshmallow museum. The hostess is benevolent, she invests a lot in creating coziness and comfort for guests. The apartment is newly renovated, clean, quiet, there is a fully equipped kitchen, parking in the yard. Read Hotel Details.

Hotel Aerograd

Where to Stay in Kolomna Cheap Hotels and Hostels

Cost per day: from 3200 rubles for a double room

The hotel is located outside the city, 15 minutes drive fromthe center of Kolomna, in the airfield, at the flying club. When there is no flight, here it is quiet and not crowded. The hotel can offer a not too large list of services, mainly standard TV, air conditioning and free wi-fi. The rooms are clean and quite comfortable. There is a restaurant, secure parking on site. On weekends, noisy wedding banquets can be held on site. In general, a good option for one night for those who came to see Kolomna on their vehicles. And, of course, for those who are going to jump with a parachute. Read Hotel Details.

Hotel 40th Meridian Arbat

Where to Stay in Kolomna Cheap Hotels and Hostels

Cost per day: from 3390 rubles for a double room

The hotel is very well located: in the historic center of the city, right on the river bank. The main attractions are just a few minutes walk. The hotel is quite new, the rooms are comfortable and clean, they have everything you need. In addition to standard amenities (air conditioning, parking, wi-fi, refrigerator, ironing board and cooler in the corridor), the hotel has a sauna. Breakfast - buffet in the restaurant "Arbat" on the first floor of the building. The hotel also has a children’s playroom and a small cafe called Most. In general, the hotel leaves a pleasant impression on guests. There are, however, different household comments and nuances. For example, on Saturdays, the main restaurant of the hotel often hosts wedding banquets, the noise from which can disturb guests. Read Hotel Details.

Yacht Club 40th Meridian

Where to Stay in Kolomna Cheap Hotels and Hostels

Cost per day: from 3559 rubles for a double room

The hotel is outside the city, a fewkilometers from the center of Kolomna, on the banks of the Oka. In the presence of a massage room, sauna, swimming pool, private beach, wi-fi. The room rate includes breakfast (buffet), sauna and swimming pool. The undoubted advantages of the hotel: cleanliness in the rooms and a good location on the picturesque bank of the river, right by the water. On weekends it can be noisy due to wedding banquets right on site. In general, the hotel in terms of service and comfort of living rather does not justify the declared 4 stars, with prices quite corresponding to this category. Read Hotel Details.

Guest house in Kolomna

Where to Stay in Kolomna Cheap Hotels and Hostels

Cost per day: from 3800 rubles for a double room

Small family hotel, cozy and friendlythe hosts. Comfortable interiors, clean and comfortable rooms. The hotel is very conveniently located: in a quiet place, not far from the river, and just minutes from the Kolomna Kremlin and the city center. There is a guest closed parking, wi-fi, air conditioning (except the attic), breakfast. In general, the hotel is nice, though not quite budget. Read Hotel Details.

Hotel Kolomna

Where to Stay in Kolomna Cheap Hotels and Hostels

Cost per day: from 4150 rubles for a double room

The hotel is located in the center of Kolomna, with highthe floors of a high-rise building offer a good panoramic view of the city. Nearby are shops, pharmacies, bus stops. Hotel reviews are good, the staff, the convenience of the rooms, the varied and tasty breakfast (buffet), wi-fi, parking - all on a completely European level, only slightly giving the Soviet past. Not the most budget option, but very decent. Read Details about the hotel.

Park Hotel Olymp

Where to Stay in Kolomna Cheap Hotels and Hostels

Cost per day: from 4400 rub for a double room

A large hotel complex is located in the village of MaloeUvarovo, about 15 km from Kolomna. The biggest plus of the hotel is the beautiful nature around. Everything else is pretty controversial. On the websites of the reservation systems and in the hotel advertisements, a spa, sauna, swimming pool, gym, entertainment room for children, a large, well-groomed area and a pond are announced. In fact, if all of this is available, it is not at all as tempting to use as you would expect when viewing photos. The noise isolation and comfort of the rooms are reminiscent of Soviet hotels, the buffet doesn’t receive the highest reviews from guests, and in numerous restaurants and banquet halls of the complex noisy weddings are held on Fridays and Saturdays, which can interfere with guests. In general, this is a rather controversial option for recreation, considering the prices for rooms and additional service. Read Hotel Details.

House on granatnaya

Where to Stay in Kolomna Cheap Hotels and Hostels

Cost per day: from 22000 rubles for a double room

The apartments are renovated.house of the XIX century, the atmosphere in the spirit of that era, while it includes modern amenities. The location is great, very close to the Kremlin, there are shops and cafes nearby. The hosts are friendly and welcoming. From the windows of the house offers a wonderful view, around the garden, greenery. The house has everything you need for a comfortable stay: a well-equipped kitchen, washing machine, air conditioning, TV, parking. The house has two bedrooms, the maximum possible number of guests: 5 people. Very cozy, atmospheric, original. A great option, hehe, though not budget. So work hard to afford to go to Kolomna and stay in such a hotel. Read Hotel Details.

P.S. The last option can be seen as a joke. :) Because the cost of several nights in such a hotel is akin to the cost of a small trip to Europe along with the flight.

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