Which bank is better to choose for entrepreneurs in 2019 - comparison of tariffs

Since I once registered IP (my detailed instruction), I also have to use a separate bank account for business activities. I already wrote general information about opening a current account, and in this post I would like to lay out a small comparison of the tariffs of various banks, including those that were advised in the comments.

Basically it will be about Moscow banks, but they are often represented in the regions, and their rates will be lower.

The content of the article

Comparison of bank tariffs for individual entrepreneurs

Due to the unstable economic situation inthe country and license reviews from banks, it is believed that it is better to choose top and large banks so that you do not have to pull money through DIA from small ones (IP accounts are insured up to 1.4 million rubles). But I would not say that it is difficult, just for some time the money will be “frozen. As an option, you can simply not keep large amounts on the account of the IP and immediately withdraw them.

And, if it comes to that, it’s reallyIf you do not worry, you need to open an account in Alfabank / Sberbank, nothing will happen to them. So see for yourself. The larger and safer the bank, the greater your maintenance costs will be. But if you have a big business, then all these commissions against the background of the company's turnover will be a penny.


After the module has worsened tariffs, Tinkoff Business (free for the first 2 months) began to look more attractive, besides, the bank is still much larger.

Opening an account, connecting to the Internet bank, exitrepresentative in the office / apartment - for free. Very long operating day, from 1 am to 8 pm, inside the bank around the clock. It is convenient for me, sometimes I do translations in the evening. Intrabank transfers to accounts of individual entrepreneurs and companies are free.

My tariff is “Simple” - 490 rubles / month. SMS notification of the account - 99 rubles / month, if there is a 4% operation for the balance. The first 3 external payments to accounts of individual entrepreneurs and companies are free, then 49 rubles each. But with payments to individuals, there is an ambush - 1.5% of the amount (plus 99 rubles) within 400 thousand rubles, with large amounts the commission is higher. But if we are talking about transfers, you can transfer up to 150 thousand rubles per month to your Tinkoff Black debit card, and 250 thousand rubles per month to a credit card. Or a total of 400 thousand rubles per month. It is quite enough.

The tariff "Advanced" - 1990 rubles / month. SMS notification of the account - 99 rubles / month, if there is a 6% operation for the balance. The first 10 external payments to accounts of individual entrepreneurs and companies are free, then 29 rubles each. Payments to individuals - 1% of the amount (plus 79 rubles) in the range of 400 thousand rubles, with large amounts the commission is higher. But if we are talking about transfers to yourself, then you can transfer up to 300 thousand rubles / month to your Tinkoff Black debit card, and 400 thousand rubles / month to a credit card. Or a total of 700 thousand rubles per month.

The tariff "Professional" - 4990 rubles / month.

Try Tinkoff>

Cash withdrawal from the card - 1.5% within 400 thousand rubles / month in the Simple tariff and 1% within 400 thousand rubles / month for Advanced. Card with a separate account and free service.

So, if you do not want to doTinkoff bank cards for yourself, or if you have physics on a salary, then you need to look for something else. For example, Point Bank with good rates. And fares are easier to understand.

Currency Transfers

Maintenance of foreign currency accounts is free. You can transfer currency to an account of a person inside Tinkoff to avoid commissions on transfers to other banks. But limits on transfers and commissions will be the same as on ruble ones, voiced them higher.

For the tariff "Simple". Currency control - 0.2% of the amount (minimum 490 rubles). External transfer 0.2% of the transfer amount, minimum 49 ye.

For the tariff "Advanced". Currency control - 0.15% of the amount (minimum 290 rubles). External transfer 0.15% of the transfer amount, minimum 29 ye.


Modbankbank is suitable for many categories of entrepreneurs. Opening an account, connecting to the Internet bank, certification of a card with signatures, SMS for all transactions is free of charge.

Tariff "Starting" - 0 rub / month, payment for legal entities90 rubles, payment by physical person 0.75% (but not less than 90 rubles) within 300 thousand rubles (1%). It is suitable for those who have almost no operations at all, I do not consider it at all.

The tariff "Optimal" - 490 rubles / month, 3% for the remainder,payment for persons and individual entrepreneurs - 19 rubles, payment for individuals - 19 rubles within 500 thousand rubles / month (1%) I have this fare, IMHO it is the most successful. There is also the "Unlimited" tariff.

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There is also the "Unlimited" tariff for 4900 rubles per month.

Give a free card for withdrawal and deposit.cash flow. She has her own account. There are limits and withdrawal fees depending on the tariff and the withdrawal amount. Depositing in certain ATMs is free. But I don’t use a card, I’m used to withdrawing a physical person to another bank account.

Tariffs at Modulbank for individual entrepreneurs and companies

Tariffs at Modulbank for individual entrepreneurs and companies

Currency Transfers

Foreign currency account maintenance is free of charge. Transaction passport for Optimal and Unlimited tariffs - for free. For currency control take 300 rubles for payment in the range of 500 thousand rubles (equivalent) and 1000 rubles, if from 500 thousand rubles to 1 million

Currency transfer to an individual in another bank 30dollars, 30 euros or 150 yuan (yes, there are accounts in RMB), up to 500 thousand / 1 million rubles per month (Optimal / Unlimited). If more, then 1%. Somehow so-so. Given that they do not serve physicists and the currency will have to be withdrawn at any other bank. In this regard, it is more convenient when there is an account of an individual immediately in the same bank, because intrabank payments are usually free. But if the currency is not needed, then it can be converted into rubles inside the Module, they have a currency exchange rate: exchange rate +/- 1%.

He also wrote repeatedly that the Module hasminus in terms of currency payments, their intermediary bank takes $ 15 from some payments. In theory, this should depend on how the non-resident counterparty sends them, shifting the entire commission to the recipient or part of the payment on its side. But earlier for the same payments there was no commission (received in another bank), they appeared only in Modula.

Commission on currency transactions in Modbank

Foreign exchange commissions

Point bank

Under the link discount on the tariff "All the best at once" on 3of the month. IMHO is a very good option for the PI, because the tariffs include many services and do not need to pay anything extra. Included in the group "Opening", that is, Top Bank. I recommend to think about it if you want to open an account in a large bank. And the tariffs are easy to understand.

An interesting feature of any tariff is that there is no monthly service if there were no account transactions. That would be so all had. Do not use - do not pay.

Opening an account, connecting an Internet bank, a mobile application, issuing bank cards, and a representative’s visit to an office / apartment is free of charge

Tariff "Required minimum" - 0 rubles per month. All payments, cash withdrawals, transfers nat individuals - for free. Straight freebie, huh? Not really. They take 1% for all incoming receipts up to 300,000 rubles, 5% for amounts from 300,000 rubles to 800,000 rubles, and then already 8%. Very good tariff plan for small PI with low turnover.

The rate of "golden mean" 500 rubles / month, includes 10free payments in favor of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities; free transfers to the physical person’s account within 200,000 rubles (0.5%). IMHO the best fare for them, sufficient for many.

Try Point>

The tariff "All the best at once" - 2500 rubles / month (the first 3month 500 rubles each), includes 100 payments in favor of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, free transfers to the account of a physical person within 500,000 rubles (0.5%) Cash withdrawals up to 100,000 rubles for free. Give cashback 2% from taxes.

Opening a foreign currency account is free;is free. Currency control 0.15% of the amount of transfer, but not less than 350 rubles. There is a paid rate, there is a slightly lower percentage. Outgoing currency payment is 25 euro at the rate “All the best at once” and 30 euro for the rest.

Tariffs for business in Point Bank

Tariffs for business in Point Bank

Alfa Bank

Bank of the top 10, that is one of the most.

Is free: opening ruble and foreign currency accounts, connecting online banking, a mobile application, issuing a bank card and transferring legal entities and individual entrepreneurs inside Alfabank, SMS alerts. If there are no operations in the current month at the “One Percent” and “At Start” tariffs, the service charge is not charged. A representative can come to your office or home.

A long trading day like Tinkoff’s: from 1:00 am until 7:50 pm, inside the bank around the clock.

Tariff "One percent." Everything is free, including SMS alerts. Pay only 1% for all receipts. Exactly the same rate is at the point. Great for small PI with low speed. No income - do not pay anything. Opening a currency account is not available.

Tariff "At the start." Account maintenance 490 rubles / month, or free of charge, if there are no transactions. 3 external payments to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities for free, then 50 rubles. Internal and external transfers to individuals' accounts are free up to 100 thousand rubles, 1% to 500 thousand and 1.5% to 2 million.

Tariff "Electronic". Account maintenance 1440 rubles / month. If you pay 9 months immediately give another 3 months as a gift. Certification of the signature sample card - 590 rubles. External payments to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities cost 16 rubles. Internal and external transfers to individuals' accounts are free up to 150 thousand rubles, 1% to 300 thousand, 1.5% to 1 million, and further the commission grows with an increase in the amount.

There are some more expensive fares. A fairly wide range of tariffs, but there are too many conditions, it's hard to understand right away.

For cash withdrawals give free cardAlpha Cash (In, Ultra, FIFA) is linked to the main current account. The annual service is free of charge for the Alpha Cash In card (only for cash payments) and 299 rubles / month for the Ultra card. Cash withdrawals at the “One Percent” tariff of up to 1.5 million free of charge. Cash withdrawal up to 100 thousand rubles / month - 1.25% at the “Start” tariff (min. 129 rubles) and 1.5% at the “Electronic” tariff (min. 200 rubles). More withdrawal amount - more commission. Cash depositing to the current account is 1% for the “One Percent” tariff, free of charge at “On Start” and 0.23% for “Electronic.

For currency control they want 600 rubles for eachpayment within 400 thousand rubles (in equivalent), then 0.15%. Monthly maintenance of a foreign currency account is free at the “Start” tariff and 1440 rubles / month at the “Electronic” tariff. Inside Alfbank, all currency transfers are free for the “Start” tariff. For the “Electronic” tariff, internal transfers are free only to accounts of an individual and legal entity, and payments to individuals within a bank or to other banks - 1% (min. 900 rubles). At both tariffs for external transfers take 0.25% (minimum 57 dollars or 43 euros, maximum 228 dollars or 174 euros).


The minimum package "Start" is 990 rubles / month, there isdiscount for when paying for the year. The package includes free opening and account management. Payments of 25 rubles, transfers to individuals within 100,000 rubles without commission, then 1%. Issue a free card to the account, the service card "Business 24/7 Basic" - 90 rubles / month. SMS alert - 199 rubles / month.

Without package: opening a ruble / foreign currency account 1,700 rubles, maintaining a ruble / foreign currency account 950 rubles / $ 25 per month. Translation of a physical person in Raiffeisen without a fee, transfer of a physical person in another bank 0.1%, but at least $ 40.


Opening an account is 2400 rubles, but if you have revenue before1.8 million / year and you want a loan, then 700 rubles. Internet bank connection 960 rub. These were all one-time spending, go to the monthly. Account management 700 rubles / month, fee for using Sberbank Business Online 650 rubles / month, 30 rubles payment.

Opening a currency account 2400 rubles, maintaining a currency account 600 rubles / month. Currency control 0.15% of the amount, minimum 10 ye.

These were the general rates for cash register services. But there are also packages of services. For example, “Minimum” 1500 rubles / month is a ruble account + Internet bank + 5 payments. It is not difficult to calculate that everything will be approximately the same without a package. If you pay for a few months, there will be a small discount.


USB key 1500 rub, only with it you canuse the Internet Bank "PSB On-Line". The minimum tariff "Business Light" - 1050 rubles / month, opening an account 590 rubles, payment 45 rubles. The tariff "My Business" - 1250 rubles / month, it immediately includes bank services, payment of 45 rubles, opening an account is free. Give a discount if you pay a few months. Currency control 0.15%, but not less than 750 rubles. SMS informing 199 rubles / month.

Why did they come up with this USB key?


Opening an account 1000 rubles (if the application is through the site), maintaining a ruble account 900 rubles / month, maintaining a currency account 500 rubles / month, paying 25 rubles or $ 30 for dollars, currency control 0.075% (min 400 rubles).

In Vanguard one moment worth knowing - those who cameYou do not need to withdraw money to your personal account on the same day, otherwise there will be a commission. Just to make it a rule - to make a delay at least one day before the withdrawal.


Free account opening, online banking and checkoutthe manager. The minimum tariff "Economy" - 500 rubles / month, payment of 25 rubles, but for connecting the package you need to pay another 750 rubles one-time. The tariff “Online” - 800 rubles / month, payment of 25 rubles, connection is free. The difference between these tariffs is in the “Online” payments around the clock.

Personal experience

Agree, I could not compare these two banks, if I did not use Tinkoff too, it would not be fair :)

I have 2 settlement accounts now (Module and Tinkoff). While I use two, but I am going to move to Tinkoff, since I have cards there for individuals. I will try to compare the most basic points.

  • Tinkoff is a bigger bank and in financial terms it is ahead. Included in the national TOP, and Modbank is not included.
  • Tinkoff has accounts of individuals, and those who havethere are bank cards like Tinkoff Black, it will be very convenient to receive money on them instantly and without fees. Modbank does not work with physical persons, it will only have an account of individual entrepreneurs.
  • Tinkoff tariff 490 rubles / month. Modbank has a free tariff, but there is a transfer fee of 0.75% for individuals, so it will be more correct to compare it with the Optimal 490 rub / month tariff. Thus, the same goes for maintenance. Tinkoff takes another 99 rubles / month for sms, they are free from the Module. But sms is basically an optional function.
  • Currency accounts Tinkoff began to open in January2017, but I did not open, I can not say anything. Currency control at Tinkoff is 0.2% of the amount (at least 490 rubles), Modbank has a fixed 300 rubles for operations up to 500 thousand and 1,000 rubles for operations 500 thousand - 1 million rubles. But the Module has such a problem - for some reason a commission of 15 ye is taken from some payments on the road, for example, with Google Adsense. With a similar payment to another bank, there is no commission.
  • Currency transfers from the IP account to the account of individuals will be free within the Tinkoff Bank. In the Module, you will have to pay at least 30 ye for each currency transfer to your card in another bank.
  • Both banks have remote support and you can find out any question through the chat, as well as perform some actions.

My review of Tinkoff Business

I admit honestly, I originally wanted toTinkoff Business, as I have been using their debit cards for many years. But I was refused without explanation. I suppose there were some technical shoals, because all this was at the very beginning, when they only offered service to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Then I opened an account with Modbank (about it below), but six months later I again submitted an application to open an account with Tinkoff, and they gave a green light! So keep in mind that if you want to Tinkoff, but you are refused, then you can still try after a certain number of months.

I have a small PI and not many operations ina month, so I didn’t want to pay a decent amount for maintenance each month; it’s somehow stupid to pay for it. Actually, for this reason I did not consider the top banks, there are no inexpensive tariffs.

Tinkoff account + 2 months as a gift>

Tinkoff has a simple internet bank,intuitive. I do not remember that at least once there were any problems with him. Everything works well! Recently, I increasingly use their mobile application, where you can do everything the same. Somehow even from the phone it became more convenient. Tech support responds in chat with a slight delay, but always to the point. Really he is pleased and with a clear conscience I can advise all my friends and subscribers.

Signature certification, Internet bank, and discoverythe invoices were free, a representative came to my home 3 days after he left the application. We filled out the paper in about 10 minutes and he left. It's great, of course, when you do not need to go, as it often happens in other banks.

Online banking at Tinkoff Business

Online banking at Tinkoff Business

I can’t say anything about currency accounts, I have currency accounts while in Modbank. Maybe later I will completely switch to Tinkoff Business, but so far I’m too lazy to do all this, I use two banks.

My review of Modbank

Honestly, when I opened an account with Modbank, I did not expect anything special. It can be said from hopelessness opened the same (see the review about Tinkoff). However, the bank was very convenient.

While everything suits me, no problemsThere was, in general, not a single shoal. The procedure for opening an account took about 30 minutes, although I had to go to their office in Moscow City (now they come home or to the office). I did not pay anything for opening an account, notarizing signatures, connecting to the Internet bank.

Modbankan Account>

The module is quite convenient and intuitive.Online banking, where you can always ask a question in the online chat. Sometimes they answer right away, sometimes you have to wait 10-20 minutes. At night, it is often answered that the specialist will respond during business hours the next day. But I corresponded a lot with currency control, they only work during the day. I like that everything is very simple, and there is no such confusion on security as it was in the deceased Interactive Bank. There, I remember, you are tortured to confirm the operation with various codes and passwords, and then just sms and that's it.

How does Internetbank at Modbank look like

How does Internetbank at Modbank look like

It is also very easy to pass all currency.receipts. I just upload screenshots to the online chat, for example, from the Google Adsense account (only the very first time you need to send another offer). And then I don’t need to fill in a bunch of fields in the certificate of a currency transaction, I don’t need to create an order to transfer from a transit account to a regular one, everything is done automatically, I just need to enter the password from the SMS. Again, I remember how it used to be in other banks, where I made a little mistake (there are a lot of fields), so they call and ask to redo everything anew. By the way, in Modanbank, foreign currency accounts (dollar, euro, yuan) are opened without visiting the office, also via online chat.

Banks for those who use My Business

Convenient service My Business, which I have 5 yearsI use for keeping my accounting and tax reporting, I have significantly expanded the list of integrated banks where you can open an account. Alternatively, look at the Elbe, some like it more.

If you still do not know why we need Internet accounting services, then read my post. Personally, life is very simple. Although yes, you can do everything yourself, I do not argue. Who, how much time, I have lately been trying to shift myself from the maximum, otherwise there is no time to work.

Pricing My Business>

I will not tell about tariffs, usersservice can themselves get to this page and find out everything. I would not consider all banks, but I already made my choice - Tinkoff / Modbank (I have 2 accounts).

Opening a current account for individual entrepreneurs

Opening a current account for individual entrepreneurs

P.S. I update the post whenever possible, but the rates can change quite quickly, so be sure to check everything on the banks website, and write me a comment so that I can fix it too.

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