Good fun all year round

Surprisingly, our desires do not match eitherour capabilities, nor the weather outside the window. The calendar indicates the beginning of spring, and the temperature indicators do not even think to rise above zero. And how do you want warm, sunny days to go out for a weekend out of town or play on the lawn in the park in badminton.

Maybe you should not postpone a walk in the freshthe air for later, and use the delights of frosty weather and enjoy the cold days to the maximum. And well, this avitaminosis and gloomy mood, because a little bit more and forget about the snow. And on hot summer days, on the contrary, we will dream about it.

You can get a lot of pleasure from riding onskiing, sledding, ice skating. These activities give not only a feeling of cheerfulness and give energy, but also provide several delightful hours of admiring the picturesque scenery. In addition, a rush of blood stimulates the body's defenses, and the cold mobilizes the nervous system, helping to cope with overwork, stress, improves well-being and increases efficiency.

And after such a walk, but in the bath. The sauna with its breathtaking smells of wood, birch broom and herbal tea not only relaxes and deprives of despondency, but also heals from various ailments.

And enough, in the end, to expressclaims to nature and grumble about the weather, remaining mostly ungrateful to the environment. In fact, it is not the temperature indicators outside the window that are decisive in life, but our attitude towards reality. Even in the novel “War and Peace” by L.N. Tolstoy, the main character A.Bolkonsky after a meeting with N.Rostova was touched by an old oak tree, having seen young growth on it. But literally on the eve of him, tired and disappointed in the life of a man, this old dried tree seemed ugly.

It’s never too late to change your mind,lifestyle and do what the "hands did not reach." For example, from childhood dreamed of learning to skate, but somehow it did not work out. It is enough to dream, at the weekend - on the rink. Moreover, this type of recreation does not depend on the weather. In addition to open natural sites in the winter, there are also covered ones (large shopping centers have not only shoe and clothing stores, but also ice rinks) under their vaults. So skating is a year-round entertainment. Yes, everyone can do it: at least an office worker, even a doctor, engineer or taxi driver. It is important that, in addition to physical relaxation, ice skating also has an emotional effect - it improves tone and mood.

And there you look out the window: green around and the birds are singing.

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