Why do we run with Egor from the winter and Moscow

Sometimes we are asked a question, why did we go to Thailand last time when there is nothing better than Russia in this world? :) Since there are many reasons, and it’s difficult with alternatives, I decided to write a whole post on this topic. In principle, we have already written why do we like wintering in thailand, but then we were without a child, and now everything has changed and the reasons are different, so we are looking for alternatives. Yes, and it's not about Thailand at all.

The content of the article

The main reasons for wintering

Need to crawl and walk

Most basic reason winters in Thailand - this is what Yegor does not walk. So he needs to be able to somewhere and somehow crawl. Accordingly, when cold weather begins in Moscow (usually in September), it becomes a little pleasant to crawl on the street. Starting from the fact that it is too dirty and wet on the playgrounds, ending with the cold hands. And if we talk about winter, then I generally have little idea how to crawl through snowdrifts or porridge, in volumetric overalls. Actually, walking hands is also quite uncomfortable, as is walking with various devices.

I must say, crawling / walking only onapartment, and walks only in a carriage sitting / lying, we do not fit, unfortunately. It’s not like waiting for 1-2 months, it is from October to April, that is, as many as 7 months!

While there is no snow, only the pants are wiped, and the snow does not want to crawl

While there is no snow normally, only the pants are wiped, but in the snow they don’t want to crawl, protesting

Epidemics of viruses

A couple of months after this post, wefinally, after our long search, we found out Yegor’s diagnosis. He confirmed our intuitive guesses that Moscow and such a climate / ecology are not compatible with Yegor. Any infection of the upper respiratory tract can end fatally for him, which is why there are only two children left in the world with this diagnosis.

The second reason - the epidemic of viruses in the winter in Moscow,the whole tape on Vkontakte and Facebook begins to be full of messages “we are sick again”. Egor, on the whole, once managed to get sick so that he got into intensive care and was sick for a total of a month and a half (3 diseases in a row, 2 of them brought from the hospital). As a result, we had a rollback in skills almost half a year ago. More we do not want such happiness, too risky, and really scary.

This fall, Yegor, too, is constantly ill. At first we moved the rehabilitation in Vatutinki near Moscow (well, that was possible), but he still got sick then during it. Then they "prayed" before going to Poland, so that he would not break the rehabilitation in Olinka. This bastard arrived again, ill first with otitis, then with rotavirus, in the process he also infected us, as a result of which full rehabilitation did not take place, we missed the plane from Warsaw to Moscow and were stuck in Poland for a while. Here's how to plan for something, if this ubiquitous otitis media catches up in the winter and in the off-season of the child (the main problem of the deaf). What is better, to rehabilitate in the intervals between illnesses (in fact, the result is not visible due to kickbacks), or do these few months live in warmth by the sea and with fruit, improving your health, but without rehabilitation? Complex issue.

By the way, Daria and I almost don’t get sick when it’s summer instead of winter. This is also important because it costs one parent to get sick, as soon as the whole schedule collapses.

Other reasons

Actually the two reasons listed aboveenough to want to leave winter Moscow where it's warm. Or rather, where the child, at a minimum, can be healthy and get physical activity, and it is better, if the immunity is still increasing. Probably, if it were not for all of this, it would not have made such a special sense to go somewhere, and we wouldn’t have a headache on this subject, would be at home and go about our business.

In general, there are other bonuses in warmer countries.

  • Fruits and vegetables. Yes, not everything is natural among them, but as a rule, what is sold in Moscow supermarkets in winter is not edible at all by definition. That summer, yes, there are no problems with this.
  • People. Again, one can argue a lot on this issue, but we notice that people in some countries are more benevolent or something. Maybe they are not sincere and all that, but we are so comfortable. Yes, and Egor is very useful, he opens and interacts. Naturally, it is only about strangers, with friends, it is good everywhere and does not depend on the country. By the way, even in Warsaw, the teachers conduct themselves quite differently with Egor, he himself asks for them, which has never happened before.
  • Summer and sun. This item is an amateur one, of course, but during the summer solar period Daria and I have more strength and energy to do different things. In winter, we want to hibernate and depress. Actually, we are not the only ones, and in Moscow it is necessary to take either serotonin or summer SAD.
  • Security. Bad people are everywhere, like crime. But in some countries it’s safer overall.
The man you can't force to drink, he picked up fresh pomegranate juice from his hands

A person you can't make him drink, he picked up fresh pomegranate juice from Thailand in his hands

Also, if we talk about countries where the price level is lower, then you can get a higher standard of living compared to Moscow.

  • Improving living conditions. For example, we instead of odnushki on the outskirts of Moscow, lived in three rubles in the center of Bangkok. Watched the prices in Ljubljana, Prague, Malaga, Warsaw, Bratislava, you can also get a better option for the same money. True, in Europe, as far as I understood, as in Moscow, everyone wants a contract for six months or a year (well, if we talk about normal prices).
  • Movement. Moscow is always worth going 1.5 hours one way became the norm. If you live in another country in a smaller city (but with a normal infrastructure), then the movements are simplified at least in time. Now we are in Warsaw only 15 minutes to go to the city center, buses are fast and always go on schedule (and they also often go). Or take, for example, a taxi in Bangkok - your car is not needed, cheap and fast. Although there are traffic jams too, provided that I rented an apartment in a more central area (you can safely afford it), it turns out quite well.

What does not like in Thailand

It’s a pity Thailand has enough cons, so we’re looking for another alternative from time to time (I’ve already written about different residence permits instead of wintering). Yes, yes, you heard right and there are plenty of cons. I even wrote a separate article about them Pros and cons of living in Thailand, but now I will list what strains with Egor.

  • Lack of sidewalks. This moment begins to soar when the child does not know how to walk for a long time. That is, the handles are not really at all with him, in the sling it is already heavy, and with a stroller along the road, bending around parked bikes or other obstacles, it is still a pleasure. In Moscow, in this regard, cool, everything is asphalted and full of tracks, where cars do not drive. Daria herself can walk several kilometers away from the house, go to the woods, to the store, to the polyclinic, to the playground. In Tae, I have to carry them everywhere, which entails the loss of my time and spending on the car.
  • Lack of playgrounds. No, they are, but they must be sought. Still, it's great when I left the house, and here she is right there in the yard. Sometimes it takes only half an hour for a walk, and you don’t have time to get somewhere.
  • Lack of familiar parks. There are parks, but you have to get to them, so there’s no place to walk. In the same Moscow greenery summer will be more, if compared with Bangkok. Plus, all sorts of squares, mini-parks, just ordinary forest and so on. And the grass, by the way, will be normal in the forest, not tough. Well, after all, you can just walk the streets, there are sidewalks in Moscow. And in Tae, in this respect, only the sea and the beach save, that's where the expanse is, no parks are needed, but there is a time limit, in the morning you need to catch up to the heat.
  • Classes with a special child. There is a training center, and we like it, but ideally we would like it to be located by the sea, and not in Bangkok. I tried to find something similar on the coast, but so far to no avail. Therefore, either the sea or occupation.
  • No citizenship, no socialsupport, no available environment. In principle, you can live on a working / business visa, earn a lot of money, and then support will not be needed, but with such a scenario, other countries can already be chosen. Something seems to me a hazy future in Tay with a disabled child, if the income is not too high.

What are we going to do next

Honestly, we are now once again oncrossroads. In March and April we are going to China presumably (there is not very good weather at this time, plus sandstorms), and before that time we need to stay somewhere. At first they thought of staying in Moscow, and there was a lot of work there, but seeing that Yegor was permanently ill, realizing how difficult it was to walk with him in such weather, the meaning was somehow lost.

Already worked option with the Crimea and Sochi, but inSochi has no races during the winter months, which means only the Crimea remains. It has a center for Darin with Chinese medicine (parents of the child organized labor), the reviews are good, and maybe we will find something else nearby, but does it make sense to twitch before China.

In general, either we hang in Moscow, hoping forthat which is much worse from this will not happen, or we will still jump into Tai for a couple of months at sea, in order to sail Yegor to China. Well, we do not exclude that some other options will come to mind, but in our case everything changes so quickly.

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