Why am I running this blog or a blogger’s dream?

Coincidentally, as soon as thought appearedopen your little secret about the purpose of maintaining this blog, drew a contest "The blogger's cherished dream." That's why I decided to take part in the competition, and at the same time write about why I started to run this blog, tell about my dream, so to speak.

How many can remember, I could not sit on oneplace for a long time, the road is constantly calling me on the road. Do you know the state of the road? You can get tired of it, and you can enjoy it. New experiences, new places, new people. Another nature, another life. So many interesting things around, how can you miss it, how can you not see?

Have you been to the mountains? This is a separate topic, worthy of the whole story. Once you are on a mountain top, and seeing the beauty of mountain landscapes, it is impossible to forget those feelings of flight and freedom, the feeling of overcoming yourself and unity with nature. How can you not go to the mountains after that?

Mountain Altai.

Mountain Altai. Photo by Boris Volchek.

Sea ... Wild beach at sunset. You sit on a cliff surrounded by pizza trees. And only the seagulls and the sound of the waves break the silence. Well, how can you refuse such impressions?

Black Sea at sunset.

Black Sea at sunset.

My dream - see the world in all its diversity, whetherrocky mountains and beech forest or cities and people, Russia or other countries, and share your impressions with other people. But always an obstacle was the question of where to take time or money, how to combine ordinary life and travel, work with its short vacation and a constantly growing list of places where you definitely need to go. My dream is to find the answer to this question.

So why am I blogging? And then, what to look for the answer to the question is best inprocess, in the process of realizing a dream. Life itself pushed me to action: the reduction in the company and the question, and what to do next: look for a new job or ... And then a crazy thought - why not start traveling now and write about it in a blog? Go to meet your dream and at least for some time to be this same traveler, live the life of such a blogger-writer, adventurer who writes a diary in between the ascent of the mountain, or waits for the sunset for another portion of photos. So I decided to try it! Especially since I dream about it from an early age.

I dream that such a life and blog couldgive me the opportunity not to get settled on an office job afterwards, or at least suggested an idea how to do it. In the meantime, I just travel and enjoy the dream.

And I believe that I can continue to implementtraveling as often as I want, and writing photo stories on my trips, sitting in a small bungalow on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, or in a tent on the side of a mountain in the Himalayas.

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