Why do I need the Periscop and Broadcast application?

Hello to all! Yesterday we conducted our first broadcast in Periskope, test, so to speak. Already a half hour chatting! So far I have not understood how much these broadcasts are needed, and how interesting they are. I guess the service is invented for short broadcasts, for familiarizing with our lives and is hardly suitable for something serious. I’m more likely I’m not going to write more on the blog here, so I’ll have questions and links for future viewing right away.

The content of the article

Login and links

Our login in the application Life_trip_ru, add.
You can also watch the broadcast from a computer at this address https://www.periscope.tv/Life_trip_ru

First broadcast

Here is the video from the first broadcast ... It turned out, as I said, for almost an hour and a half, I am not sure that someone will master the viewer in the recording, but this is a voluntary matter, but to suggest my business.


To be honest, I liked it, this is somethingthere is. You can chat, answer questions. Not something serious to hold, because there is no history of messages, and indeed no functionality (broadcasting can only be done from the phone), namely, having a chat, like with friends, during tea-drinking and other household chores. You are at home or somewhere, launched the application for 10-20 minutes (and not like we did for 1.5 hours), and talked a bit. Apparently the application for these purposes was created. For initiation to the life of another person, for spontaneous initiation.

However, several people wrote to me here thatIt is necessary to set the topic of the broadcast that you need to warn about the broadcast in advance. It seems to me, this service is not for this, not for long and rare broadcasts. Because if you announce the topic in advance, prepare for the broadcast, then this is already something like a webinar, akin to a video on YouTube. And isn’t it then easier to conduct a webinar or a video for YouTube? But, I do not deny that such formats are worth trying ... so, in fact, the questions.

- Do I need to announce in advance?
- Do you need a specific topic for broadcast?
- Do you think the broadcast for something solid (with the announcement and preparation) or for spontaneous hanging out (while you are drinking tea)?
- Is it worth doing short broadcasts every day (10-20 minutes) or rarely better (once a week / month), but long?
- Is it better to choose places for more interesting for broadcast (cafe in Thailand, mountain top, park, attraction) or is there enough apartment?
- What kind of goal do you see at Periscope and what is the future?

P.S. I would be glad if you write your opinion as a spectator, and as a leader of such broadcasts (well, if there is such an experience).

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