Why wintering in Thailand still makes sense

I wanted to ask everyone what everyone thinks aboutfurther travel and wintering in Thailand? The situation in Russia is clearly not simple and no improvements are foreseen. I think it has already become clear to everyone, even to those who were initially very optimistic.

Personally, I see two scenarios: bad and very bad. But each of them is finite, that is, people will get used to the new prices, adapt and just then go to winter, because those who run from the climate (or for a better standard of living) will still try to find ways to change their geographical location. And, by the way, it may well be that budget travel will again be in trend! :) And I remember that some of their “phi” told me when we spent 15-20 thousand baht in Tae per month, they say, rogue. And now it is already 30-40 thousand rubles, and it may well be that there will be 50-60 pretty soon.

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Wintering in Thailand still makes sense

Bad script

Continuing my thought, I want to say thatthe rise in price, as a result of a change in the course, absolutely everything will feel sooner or later. Yes, those who are abroad, immediately felt it, when withdrawing from an ATM they charged off twice the amount in rubles, but the prices now and in Russia have already grown and continue to grow, as long as they do not adjust to the rate. Upon my return from Poland, I thought I would save on products (compared to Poland), but it was not there, everything was already half as expensive in a supermarket at home. Prices for equipment and cars have also grown quite noticeably. The process is inertial, so there is some delay.

Near our house, Moscow, Butovo.

Near our house, Moscow, Butovo.

Thus, after some time we can come to the conclusion that Thailand will again become cheaper than life in Moscow. :) For example, if you compare on products. Previously, persimmon could be bought for 80-100 rubles, now it costs about 150-200 rubles. Mango in Tae cost and cost 50-80 baht, which is now equal to 100-160 rubles taking into account the course. As a result, mango is already cheaper (and for me also tastes better) persimmon, though not by much.

The only thing that does not fit into thisscenario - the cost of rental housing. Previously, you could rent an apartment or house in Tae for 15 thousand baht, which was 15 thousand rubles. Now it is 30 thousand rubles and coincides with the cost of renting odnushki on the outskirts of Moscow. And while I do not see something, that real estate in Russia began to grow in price (most likely it falls). That is, if it were not for renting the property that makes up the lion's share of the winterer's budget, then Ty would continue to be cheap. :) Here is the rental of transport ... Although if we talk aboutbikes, in Moscow it is impossible to remove the scooter for 7 thousand rubles / month (3.5 thousand baht) and ride it all year round. In general, it is only a matter of time when it will be possible to go to “cheap” Tai again, and now it is more profitable for someone.


Unfortunately, life has become more expensive everywhere, regardlessfrom the country of residence, if your income in rubles. Apparently it is necessary to simply accept, relax, and live on. As an option, to draw some conclusions for yourself, so as not to plunge into such crises once every 5 years, but this is a topic for another post. So for several years we are working to increase our income and you can go on the road again. Only, I would not really expect the salary indexation, why not raise them, but, being a sought-after specialist, freelancer, or doing internet projects, you can still raise income.

Very bad script

In terms of the worst scenario, there are some weightychanges in the country: unemployment, the collapse of the banking system and economy, the closure of borders and some kind of rebellion. You can select any item from the list or several. If it goes the same way, then Thailand / travel will become necessary for everyone not in a couple of years, but in 10 years, when survival ends and life begins. Perhaps it will be in a completely different country and with another government. True, then a bad scenario will be a bright future for those who wait for it.

So far everything goes to the fact that this option andwill be implemented. It is hard to believe in it, but according to forecasts of all sorts of smart people, it remains a year to suffer or even less, so that for the majority it comes to what a difficult situation the country is in and who is the true cause of everything that happens. Although forecasts are such a subjective thing, no one knows exactly what will happen next.

Downshifting is back in fashion

The network has many ironic articles, whereThe way of life of careless downshifters who return home and get a job because of a lack of money is ridiculed. Only for some reason there was a substitution of concepts, the downshifter always began to mean slobber. That is, they took some atypical example and spread it to the masses. Downshifting does not mean doing nothing, not at all. You can be a downshifter, but at the same time work and earn money, the bottom line is that more joy comes as a result of doing what you love and personal life appears instead of just working from dawn to dawn (career).

Maybe a crisis is the very time whenit makes sense to understand what in life I would like to do in reality? It does not matter, remotely or in the office, the main thing is that the profession and the format of work should be liked. Perhaps, looking at how savings have turned into a pumpkin in a few days, not everyone will want to waste their lives only on wealth. Moreover, if you translate everything into hours / days / years, then a person who earns all his savings for 10 years turns out to have wasted 5 of them for nothing (exactly half of the money in rubles has been lost by now). Maybe something else was worth spending these years in parallel?

On the other hand, downshifting is downshiftin, buta crisis is also a time when, on the contrary, it is necessary to work more. The freebie is over! Healthy competition, lack of easy money, pumping their abilities. Probably only lazy people will survive :) That is, there is not much time to choose a favorite business, it is necessary to act. Although “working hard” does not in the least contradict downshifting in my understanding.

In addition to downshifting, in my opinion, in trendthere will be budget travel and savings, because there simply will not be funds for consumerism with snobbery. Moreover, with the economy, too, there was a substitution of concepts, because in fact it very seldom means poverty. Savings can be conscious to control their expenses for certain purposes, or simply to not spend too much and not to regret later, because money = time. Note that any company does not scorn to keep a budget, plan expenses and incomes, calculate and cut unnecessary expenses. What is an ordinary person different? Nothing, he also needs to spend his money efficiently.


But in the end, all the same it comes down to whattravel anyway be, even later. Perhaps even they will acquire a new meaning. Who would have thought more than 100 years ago that such a huge number of people would travel, and not some brave explorers, but ordinary people will be able to boast a dozen of the countries visited. The world is changing, whether we like it or not, movements become something commonplace.

And what else I wanted to say to those who reallyneed to go somewhere, they will look for opportunities. After all, the state of the road, some insights, are sometimes caught even in a reserved seat, which travels to the Black Sea in winter. Well, this is a question about the difference between traveling / trevling / traveling and doing something for nothing! :) Sometimes people went to Tai precisely in order toto relax / have fun, renting an apartment in Russia or accumulating. Here the number of winterings / trips of this format will be reduced, especially if we are talking about long trips, there is simply nothing to go on and have to work. They will also look for opportunities for those who are thinking about leaving for a while, because it is better to wait for bad scenarios somewhere else than in the epicenter of events.

P.S. It is very interesting, who thinks about wintering / traveling and prospects in the next couple of years. Only, pliz, without political srachey, I will delete.

P.P.S. Instead of "Thailand" you can substitute any other country, and in the comments everyone just discusses Tai :) The problem of price increase applies to any travel.

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