Why do we need bank cards and how to carry money

Often friends ask us how to carry money.to this or that country. The answer is as simple as five kopecks - the best option to carry in the currency that is native to the country. However, not all currencies can simply go and buy in any exchanger. Thus, we carry with us either dollars or euros. And finally make yourself a bank plastic card!

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How to carry money

Thus, a very small choice is obtained:
- If we go to Europe, then the euro.
- If we go to America, then dollars.
- If we go to other countries, but do not want to go specifically to the bank for currency, we carry dollars and euros.

If we talk about Asia and its currencies, it is quite difficult to buy them in Russia. Therefore, you can not even particularly think, and immediately buy dollars and euros. And upon arrival they can be exchanged without any problems.

You should not take rubles with you, as a rule, it will be very difficult to exchange them on the spot.

How much money to carry

How much money to carry with you depends on yourneeds, budget travel, and countries where you drive. There are no general recommendations, everything is purely individual. If you have already figured out your route, and read about the country where you are going, then you should already represent its standard of living and your future costs. The benefit of the forums are prices for accommodation, and transport, and excursions.

For example. Thailand is a fairly cheap country, the price per night in the guesthouse starts at 200 baht, the Bangkok-Phuket bus costs 700 baht. In France, everything will be about 5 times more expensive. I wrote more in the article - How much money to take to Thailand.

And most importantly, you can not carry money for the whole trip in cash. There is a risk that you can stay immediately without the full amount. That is why the whole world long ago switched to plastic cards.

Bank cards

As I have already written, everybody has been using Visa, Mastercard and their ilk for travel long ago. Usually not even one, but several. Here is my compilation of travel maps and post about that which card to choose at all. Read necessarily.

Why do we need plastic cards

Why do we need plastic cards

  • Buying tickets and booking hotels is carried out via the Internet and is paid by credit card.
  • Already at the stage of preparation for the trip you will needplastic card to pay for air tickets (I advise you to buy through Aviasales.ru and Skyscanner.ru, we use them regularly) and book hotels. Yes, you can buy them at the agency, but often it turns out that during the journey itself you need to go through these actions, and there will be no way to pay for a purchase other than a bank card.

  • The card may be more than the amount required
  • You will not need to carry large sums with you for the trip and just in case. You just take your regular plastic card.

  • When withdrawing cash from a card, you immediately receive the amount in local currency
  • Conveniently in that at any moment of travel, inany bank or ATM, you can immediately get local currency. The course will not be the worst. And you will not need to be pre-purchased in dollars and euros in their homeland.

  • Payment by plastic credit card on site
  • Almost all European shops and cafes canimmediately pay with a plastic card, avoiding unnecessary actions with currency exchange. In Asian countries, this possibility is less common, but there are in almost all malls and large stores.

  • Money on a bank card does not need to be declared
  • This also applies to small amounts of cash, as a rule, up to $ 10,000 (different countries have different requirements).

How to use the cards I wrote here: How to use a bank card.

Plastic cards and cash at the border

When entering in some countries, border guards may require you to show a plastic card, or a certain amount. This will mean that you have the means to live.
Therefore, before traveling, it is necessary to clarify the rules for entry into a particular country. And cash must be taken at least in the minimum amount.

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