Winter holidays in "Matonen Cottage" - a real fairy tale!

Finland is one of those countries that canoffer a great winter vacation. Since the country is northern and the winter is long enough, it is not surprising that the local population found ways to use it for their own benefit. One of the main attractions is skiing. The most beautiful landscapes of winter nature will be opened to the skier. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to ski on the virgin soil. To make holidaymakers more comfortable, and they got more pleasure, they built ski slopes that are lit in the dark. It should be recalled that the dark time can last long enough, since part of Finland is located beyond the northern Arctic Circle. This is the zone of the polar night in the winter and the polar day in the summer.

Holidays in Matonen Cottage

Holidays in Matonen Cottage

For lovers of more exotic sensations, rest inFinland in winter can have dog sledding races or snowmobile safaris. But this is not all possible entertainment that Finland can provide in the winter. The list also includes winter fishing, hiking on snowshoes, walks on reindeer-sledding, as well as recreation at high-class ski resorts.

To fully enjoy the winter holidays andTo admire the fabulous beauty of Finland’s snowy forests, it’s better to rent a cottage. This is a fully landscaped wooden house, which is surrounded by forest. It creates a feeling of isolation from the world. However, this is only a feeling, because if you wish, you can get to the village, or even walk. The cottage is usually designed to stay a certain number of people and there is a corresponding number of beds. Paint what are cottages in Finland, the prices for which I must say very moderate, it is not necessary. Each firm will offer its own version, just like Matonen Cottage, and it will be comfortable and comfortable.

The main thing to note is the maximum.approximation to nature. Renting a hotel in a city, or staying in a hotel in a small village, one cannot feel the beauty of the Finnish winter forest. Only when he surrounds a wooden house from all sides, round the clock, can one see all the smallest changes that occur in it every hour. Such a vacation in the middle of a real forest for a city person can be very unusual, but it makes one stop and look not only at the outside world, but also at oneself. In this unhurried atmosphere, you can gain strength for new accomplishments, or you can abandon unnecessary fuss and choose a new path for yourself. Perhaps it will be more important and necessary than the previous one.

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