XX of the most useful Android applications for travel

Guest post from one of our readers who wanted to share a small overview of the applications he used on his last trip. Can I write my personal review? :)

Greetings to readers of life-trip.ru! I have long wanted to share mobile applications that I constantly use on trips. This blog already has this overview and at one time I was extremely surprised almost not finding in it a match with my list. After that I decided to supplement it sometime. The time has come)

Why is there no round number in the headline, so beloved by the media? Everything is simple: for each trip the set of applications is different and for each travel style it is even more so.

I must say that these applications were used intravel time in South America, Southeast Asia and Europe. Everywhere there are special applications that work very well in this region, but I decided not to include them in the list, but to limit myself to universal programs.

When selecting applications, I relied on the harsh life principles:

  • Offline access to information and functionality. In most cases you will have Wi-Fi only in the evening in the hotel, and even then, if you are not tired.
  • Free / freemium model. After the app helps you out of a difficult situation a couple of times, you yourself will want to buy it. And buying a cat in a bag for 300 rubles is not ice. I first used the vast majority of applications for free, and then paid for the full version.
  • "All in One" Maps and dictionaries do not need to shake hands and put in the right folder. Convenience and reducing the number of errors in use.

I advise you when choosing applications for yourself to take into account these points.

All screenshots are on the application pages in the market, so I don’t see any point in loading an article with them. All links are for free versions.

Android applications for travelers

Exchange rates

The best of what I found for the calculation in several currencies.
You add the necessary world currencies, standardly - rubles, dollars, euro and currency of the country of travel, the program at the connected Wi-Fi updates data on the course and can be considered.
For example, in some countries, despitenational currency like to sell everything for dollars. It is possible to calculate on the spot how it is more profitable to pay - in dollars or local currency. Same story when choosing to pay with a dollar card or local cash. Or when keeping a budget trip it is much easier to keep records in one currency, and not in different ones.

Weather forecast
Similarly - the most convenient and detailed forecastweather to show the weather in several places. You can drive how many cities you need, and there are very small and unknown places to other services. A bit illogical interface, but in a couple of days I got used to it. It is updated by wifi, then it shows all the data offline. There is current weather, daily and weekly schedule. Also, data for all activities - precipitation, snow, pressure, force and wind direction.

Offline dictionary
Available about 50 dictionaries in both directions (English-Russian and Russian-English). Free, for the money, you can turn off advertising.

GPS Test and GPS Status
Cool things that show timealtitude, the number of satellites in sight, speed, length of daylight, compass and other buns. Used for photos in the style of “I am at an altitude of 4600 and not going to stop”

Offline maps. Points, routes, names - everything is there. The interface is complicated, but for the details of the cards you can forgive a lot. You can search by the name of the unknown guest and find it. There is a full functionality of the navigator. Restriction - 10 cards in free mode.

PDF reader for guidebooks. Convenient browsing, visual display of files (guide chapters), chapter support, selection and copying of text, document search.

HostelWorld and Booking.com
To book hotels on the run. And I advise you to look in two at once, because sometimes there are very cheap promotions in the booking, and hostelworld has sniveled a bit.

I somehow did not go, but indicated in Europea lot of institutions with an approximate indication of the average check. There are applications sharpened for a specific city, so they work mainly in megacities, or tourist places. Always compare it reviews for hotels in Europe.

Skyscanner and Aviasales
I don't know why, but they always have a littlevary ticket prices. Accordingly, it is advantageous to search in both systems. Both applications are user friendly and fast. I am not very familiar with the details, but it feels like these are the largest systems in Russia.

AirAsia (or another AK application of a low-cost airline in the region)
AirAsia is gradually moving away frompaper boarding and tickets. Now registration can take place online from the phone, and you will be given a boarding pass in the form of a check. Conveniently, what is there. Plus they are in the application they write about the transfers and delays of flights. It’s not a fact that there is the same application for a local low-cost airline, but it’s worth a search if you have more than one local flight. In addition, if the action is held in the style of “Fly away where the price is for $ 1”, then the tickets to it fly away in a few minutes, and then you can quickly forget the tickets without leaving the application.

Several mini applications about the country
Read at your leisure. Basically, most of these applications are educational projects, but there are made with love, and there are generally developed at the state level.
Usefulness - a clear and simple description of the country, history, food, local customs. Naturally this is all in the guidebook, but there it is spread over large articles, and here it is very compact and bright.

The remaining applications are selected based on yourhobbies. For example, in Argentina there are several excellent guides on the wine theme (restaurants, wineries, tastings, etc.) And in Rome there are a couple of museum applications beautifully showing what museum is on display now and how many (tens) euros it costs. And as applications for surfers and skiers are generally above the roof. Simple search algorithm: “activity name” in a country / city.

Good luck on your travels!
Reader blog, Pavel Kogan pavelkogan.ru

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