Yanui Beach - hidden in the very south of Phuket

Yanui Beach is located in the southern part of Phuket Island, 5 minutes drive from Nai Harn beach. The beach is relatively small, with a length of about 100 meters, but it is cozy and very picturesque. Wedding photography is often held here, and Yanuy is considered one of the best places for sunset.

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Beach description

Yanuy is located in the cove, surrounded on all sides by rocks, so that even in the season of winds the beach is not subject to serious excitement. In the southern part is located cape promtep (Promthep cape). In the north, Yanui is protected by a hill, on top of which there is an observation deck (Windmill viewpoint), which offers a wonderful view of the countryside and the nearby beach.

There is also a wind generator. Not far from the coast there is a small island of Man (Koh Man), to which, if desired, you can swim, but sunbathe here will not work, as it is surrounded by stones and reefs.

Sunset, depth and waves

The beach itself is conditionally divided into two parts smallstony protrusion, on both sides you can swim. The sea here is very calm, the entrance to the water is comfortable, sandy, gradually turning into a rocky surface.

The place is great for family holidays,truth with some reservations. The water is so clear that all underwater pebbles and sea creatures are visible, this creates excellent conditions for lovers of water diving.

Sun beds and shade

There are a lot of loungers here, just like the shadows. Very cozy place, compact, everything is close by. There are no deck chairs, but for a cocktail at a bar nearby with sun loungers, you can get the right to borrow one of them. In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all Phuket beacheswill help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Beach photo

Yanuy Beach, Phuket

Yanuy Beach, Phuket


This is not to say that the beach is crowded, but in seasonthere are not so few tourists. For a comfortable stay on Yanuya there are all the necessary attributes. Sun loungers with umbrellas are arranged along the beach, there are cafes and restaurants, massage can be done right on the beach, there is an opportunity to rent a kayak or a scooter.

There are only a few attractions near Yanui Beach: cape promtep, Nai Harn Monastery Buddhist Temple Monastery, Lake Nai Harn (central to active sports entertainment) and Windmill observation deck near the wind turbines, but there it will be difficult to walk there already, as it is uphill.

Houses and hotels on the beach

Accommodation options in this area a bit. You can stay at the Ya-Nui Resort

that 10 minutes walk from the beach, rent a bungalow almost ashore from 1500 baht per day or rent a room at The Windmill Phuket Hotel

which is a little deep, but still not very far from the beach.

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How to find the beach

Find the beach is easy, you need to go from the beach Nai harn to the south (to the left, if you look at the sea), in the direction of the hill with the wind generator up the hill and after 2 km you will see Yanuy beach For the road there is a paid parking (20 baht).

You can also go with Rawai Beach moving along the sea and following the signs to Promthep cape and on.

Beach map

Yanuy beach map

Map of Yanuy Beach:

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