Zmeikovskiye waterfalls in Sochi - 4 pieces

When visiting the Zmeikov waterfalls, a jamb came outI just put a label on the map and drove here closer to the end of the day (so the photos were not very bright). Nor did he read anything about what can be seen here. But more on that below.

I drove completely calm and easy, onceskipping the desired turn from the serpentine, but if you go there yourself, then you will most likely face the same fate. At the very waterfall, I found a large cafe, which occupied both banks of the Savage River.

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Zmeykovsky waterfalls

The place is amazingly cool, quiet and atmospheric,with a bridge, a path to the waterfall itself, and with several convenient shooting points, including an open terrace café on the second floor. Near Cafe "Snake" there is parking for 5-6 cars, where guests can place their car.

If you come here to just take a look orwalk - then you are given a wide roadside on the road before reaching the cafe. I actually parked there. Then he wandered through the area, poborgal cascade waterfall, which is really big, beautiful and spectacular, and went to test the menu of the cafe Snake. If I knew then that the hiking trail starts up the path, upstream along the stream, along which I could get to the other four (and there are as many as four) waterfalls, now the post would be different.

There was a thought in my head - why are waterfalls? He alone, here he is, beautiful, noise in front of me. Having climbed to the second floor of the cafe, I decided that 2 waterfalls are above each other, that is, this very cascade is the Zmeikovskie waterfalls. Only when I sat down to compile a report did I come across a photo with a completely different waterfall, and then I discovered the truth about how I got lost.

But now I can tell you about it, so that you do not repeat my mistakes.

The most spectacular and steep waterfalls, this is the first(which I saw) and the last. Moreover, the latter must be taken in comparison with a person in order to convey the depth and scale of the sights. And for this you need a second person who would make such a photo.

Zmeikovskiye waterfalls in Sochi - 4 pieces

Zmeikovskiye waterfalls in Sochi - 4 pieces

Zmeikovskiye waterfalls in Sochi - 4 pieces
Zmeykovsky waterfall in Sochi

Zmeykovsky waterfall in Sochi

Zmeikovskiye waterfalls in Sochi - 4 pieces

Zmeikovskiye waterfalls in Sochi - 4 pieces

Cafe "Snake"

Cafe also deserves special attention. In itself as an architectural landmark, it has no value, of course. But in conjunction with the place where it was built, I would say that the Snake Cafe is not just a store in a famous tourist place, but a reason to return. I personally would love to come here once more purely for the atmosphere of a forgotten mountain corner. There is always a shady, cool and noisy waterfall. I liked the Snake Staff with its immediacy, and the quality of the ordered dishes is slightly more than drop dead. A more detailed description with photos and prices, see here - Cafe Snake - the only institution at Zmeikovskie waterfalls.

Zmeikovskiye waterfalls in Sochi - 4 pieces

Cafe "Snake" on the lower waterfall

Zmeikovskiye waterfalls in Sochi - 4 pieces

Information to visit

The passage to the Zmeikovskiye waterfalls costs 100 rubles in a separate ticket office behind the bridge.

At the waterfalls need to allocate not half an hour beforesunset, and fully ride for several hours, taking into account the trekking to the last, the most beautiful waterfall. And if the walk is in the summer at the height of the heat, then it is necessary to lay time for swimming in the bowls. If you have enough of the first waterfall, then half an hour to visit is also an option.

Getting there

It is better to get to the Zmeikovskiy waterfalls by car, using the navigator. Yandex Maps in this regard rule in comparison with Google maps, so I highly recommend them.

And if you are a pedestrian, then you will go from the railway station toSochi on buses Nos. 120 and 180. When you start from Khosta and Adler, get what you can before turning on Matsesta and catch 120 and 180 buses there. You need a stop "Zmeykovskie Waterfalls", from which you have to go down the road literally 50 meters and turn onto a steep narrow path running down to the houses.

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Zmeikovskie waterfalls on the map

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