Currency in Abkhazia: exchange, import, money. What is the currency in Abkhazia?

Currency in Abkhazia

Currency in Abkhazia

The first official currency of Abkhazia is the Russian ruble. It is the most popular currency in the Republic and is accepted by all organizations and individuals..
The native monetary currency of Abkhazia is apsar. Does not apply in everyday use. It is issued exclusively in the form of collectible coins (for connoisseurs of numismatics) in limited quantities. The exact exchange rate can be found at the National Bank of the Republic..

What currency to take to Abkhazia

There is no need to exchange currency in Abkhazia. Without worry, you can take Russian rubles and enjoy all the delights of shopping. Few shops and restaurants accept euros and dollars for payment, but you may not like the course. Therefore, you can safely take with you rubles, euros and dollars..
The import of funds into Abkhazia has no restrictions.

Currency exchange in Abkhazia

The easiest and most correct way to exchange money is at banks or bank branches. Exchange offices located on the streets, for your own peace of mind, it is better to pass by. Not only are the courses unprofitable, but you can also get fake money.
The overwhelming majority of banks are located in Sukhumi (the capital) and in the popular tourist city of Gagra. In other cities, you will find a maximum of 1-2 bank branches..
Banks in Abkhazia operate from 10 am to 5 pm on weekdays, Saturday is a shortened day (usually up to 4 days), Sunday is a day off.
In addition to the National Bank of Abkhazia, it is possible to use the services of commercial banks (there are 15 of them in the country). Sberbank has the most branches (23 branches).

Credit cards

It would be more correct to have money in Abkhazia with you. Credit cards are not popular and are almost never accepted anywhere. And with the withdrawal of funds from a bank plastic card, problems may arise. The problem is that there are very few ATM machines across the country.
The maximum amount for withdrawing cash from an ATM is 3000 rubles. If you need a large amount, you will have to go to the bank and write an application. Therefore, it is better to immediately deal with cash before leaving for Abkhazia..


  • Currency in Abkhazia
  • Currency in Abkhazia
  • Currency in Abkhazia