Restaurants in Abkhazia - the best restaurants and cafes of Abkhazia

Restaurants in Abkhazia

Restaurants in Abkhazia

Once a lush Soviet resort area, Abkhazia is trying to regain its former splendor and is actively restoring what was lost and destroyed. And now the first tourist swallows have already reached the warm sea, which are met by the beaches, hotels, boarding houses and restaurants of Abkhazia. Despite some still disorder and unkemptness, in Pitsunda and Gagra the words: "Would you like to dine?" can already meet visitors even in the middle of an establishment. And what else also attracts a traveler who is pretty tired of the sun, if not hospitality and care??

Scrolling through the menu

The highlight of the program of any restaurant in Abkhazia is khachapuri. The magical aromas of hot suluguni filling the middle of the most delicate cake are emitted by a perfectly prepared "boat", from which a golden egg eye peeps out. Khachapuri can be ordered and tasted endlessly. It is cooked in different parts of the world, but only in the restaurants of Abkhazia is the one found, the memory of which becomes so warm in the soul.
No less delight is the real Abkhaz adjika as a seasoning for traditional barbecue or eggplant with nuts. She whetts the appetite and makes you ask the waiter to serve Abkhaz wine again and again - tart, aromatic, with an unusual ruby ​​hue.

In search of the ideal

Going on vacation to Abkhazia, it is important to understand that there are almost no hotels in the usual sense of a package tourist. Alternatively, the hotel can offer a buffet breakfast, and the boarding house - four meals a day in the style of a set lunch. Therefore, the choice of an independent and inquisitive traveler is cafes and restaurants in Abkhazia, where you can taste all the best:

  • The most budgetary option is canteens preserved from Soviet times, where, in the resort tradition, they prepare several first and second inexpensive dishes to choose from.
  • Cafes in Sukhumi or Gagra are institutions with a higher status. They can offer fish and seafood dishes, local wines, desserts and even an evening program..
  • Restaurants in Abkhazia are quite unpredictable in terms of matching price and quality of service. That is why, when choosing a place for dinner, you should study the reviews or just take a closer look at the number of guests at the tables..

Chaliapin stage

The scene of the Gagripsh restaurant is a unique place in Abkhazia. Back in 1902, it was built by the Prince of Oldenburg. The building was in those years the palace of Princess Eugenia. It was bought in Norway, transported to Gagra and collected there. Having become a restaurant, "Gagripsh" hosted the famous Chaliapin with a concert program on its stage, and Chekhov, Bunin and even Joseph Vissarionovich were noticed among its regular visitors..


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