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Traditional cuisine in Africa

Food in Africa is characterized by the fact that African food is colorful, diverse and exotic. Despite this, it is not as extreme as some people think, but gourmets and lovers of exoticism will be able to taste dishes from the meat of a crocodile, ostrich, hippopotamus, porcupine, insects and their larvae in Africa..

Food in Africa

The diet of Africans consists of:

  • meat;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • dairy products (villagers eat cottage cheese, milk, whey).

Africa is a whole continent, which is why African cuisine is very diverse: having tasted Moroccan cuisine, you can enjoy dishes with sweet and delicate spicy aromas. And lovers of spicy and spicy dishes will surely like Tunisian, Libyan, Algerian cuisines.

If you are in Nigeria or the coastal regions of East Africa, be sure to try ginger-marinated fish, as well as peppers and tomatoes cooked in peanut butter.

If you visit Ethiopia, you will have the opportunity to taste the fiery-hot berber sauce (it is served with many dishes) and raw ground beef seasoned with various spices.

East African cuisine will delight lovers of meat and fish dishes, so they should try the chicken, lamb and beef dishes.

On a trip to South Africa, you can experience cuisine that is a mixture of different cuisines: here you can taste South African lobsters, fish dishes and cold cuts based on African game.

To get a clear idea of ​​African cuisine, try the classic dishes of this cuisine - couscous with lamb and vegetables and pomegranate sorbet.

Drinks in Africa

In Africa, you will have the opportunity to drink the elixir of youth and beauty - Rooibos tea: it has a spicy-sweet taste with a woody-nutty aroma (this tea has a healing and rejuvenating effect).

In the countries of South Africa you can taste coffee, white and red wines, tangerine liqueur, honey wine.

Gastronomic tour to Africa

If you wish, you can go on a food tour to Cape Town (South Africa) - here you can visit an ostrich farm, where they will arrange a barbecue for you.

In local restaurants and cocktail bars you can enjoy good food - Norwegian salmon carpaccio, marble parfait, smoked ostrich meat, raspberry crème brulee and wine.

And going to the ethnographic village of Lesedi (it is located 40 km from Johannesburg), you will not only get acquainted with the life of African tribes and visit their villages, but also take part in colorful traditional dances and taste local dishes.

Travel to Africa for an unforgettable gastronomic experience!

Photos of African national dishes