Population of Algeria. Population in Algeria: features, density, composition

Population of Algeria

Algeria has a population of over 37 million.

Arabs began to settle in Algeria in the 6th-7th centuries (the period of Islamic conquests) and the 11th-12th centuries (the period of nomadic migrations). The Arab-Berber ethnos was formed as a result of a mixture of immigrants and an autochthonous population. In the XIX century. in Algeria, the number of Europeans increased, most of whom had French roots, and the rest were from Spain, Malta and Italy.

National composition:

  • Arabs and Berbers (98%);
  • other nations (French, Spanish, Italians, Turks, Jews).

6 people live per 1 sq. Km, but Kabilia is a densely populated area (population density is 230 people per 1 sq. Km), and the Algerian Sahara is characterized by the lowest population density (less than 1 person live here per 1 sq. Km.).

The official language is Arabic, but French and the Berber dialect are widely spoken in the country.

Major cities: Algeria, Oran, Constantine, Annaba, Batna.

Algerians are Muslim (99%) and Catholic.

Life span

On average, Algerians live up to 70 years.

The main causes of death are tuberculosis, malaria, trachoma, and gastrointestinal infections. Due to poor treatment and dirty water, the population suffers from hepatitis, measles, cholera, typhoid fever.

Traditions and customs of the inhabitants of Algeria

The inhabitants of Algeria live according to Muslim traditions. Young girls are forbidden here to appear on the streets accompanied by a man who is not her fiancé or relative..

Of interest are the ancient customs associated with the birth and death of a person. At birth, a baby is bought a jug, which is kept throughout its life. And after the death of a person, the jug is broken and these fragments are placed next to the tombstone (it is not customary to write names and dates on the tombstones).

As for wedding traditions, they involve spending a night of henna: on the night before the wedding, the bride gathers women at her home who draw henna drawings on her hands, give her gifts, do hairstyles and makeup, after which they drink coffee or tea together. ... When a young man decides to marry, he informs his mother about this so that she will look after his bride. If a young man has a girlfriend, he asks his mother to go to that girl's house and agree on everything with her parents (the groom himself cannot woo - this is considered indecent). It is customary for the bride to give a wedding gift, which can only be disposed of by her (gold, house).

An Algerian wedding is a public, noisy and large event attended by a huge number of people (the wedding is accompanied by an abundant feast and dancing).

If you are going to Algeria, be aware that the locals do not like to be photographed - they will immediately turn their backs on you (according to legend, photography can take a person's soul), and women in black scarves are not allowed to photograph at all.