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Traditional South American Cuisine

Traditional South American Cuisine

Eating in South America is characterized by the fact that the South American cuisine is based on a variety of culinary recipes. Depending on the region you visit, you can taste dishes that have their own special character. For example, Argentina and Brazil will delight you with meat dishes, Peru and Chile - with a variety of cheeses, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador - with seafood dishes.

Food in South America

South American cuisine - Argentinean, Brazilian, Chilean, Uruguayan, Peruvian and other cuisines - is similar to Caucasian cuisine in the preparation of many meat dishes (charcoal grilling). The cuisines of South American countries are characterized by the abundant use of spices (dishes are often seasoned with thyme, coriander, chili, napassote), as well as sauces (cold, hot, creamy, sweet, salty, spicy). Sauces (salsas) are prepared from grated or chopped vegetables, which are abundantly flavored with spices and even tequila (they are served with almost all dishes).

The diet of local residents is made up of fruits, vegetables, corn, rice, legumes, meat (pork, lamb, beef). In some South American countries, corn is very popular - it is used to prepare side dishes, boil porridge and bake tortillas (flat cakes).

In South America, fried or boiled turkeys or chickens should be tried; angu (corn-based soup); rice seasoned with coconut sauce (arros-con-coco); ceviche (raw fish and seafood marinated in lime juice); a spicy pork-based dish with chili pepper (chili-con-carde); pieces of pork with salt and pepper, fried on skewers (fridantos); crocodile tail dish; fried or stewed guinea pig.

And those with a sweet tooth will be able to enjoy fruits (papaya, chirimoya, passionfruit, lucuma, tuna), chocolate cream with rice cakes, coconut flan, fruit pudding (masamorramorada), various sweet cheeses sprinkled with cinnamon and cocoa (they are often served with fruit).

Where to eat in South America? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants with international cuisine;
  • local eateries;
  • fast food restaurants (Subway, McDonalds).

Drinks in South America

Popular local drinks include black coffee, mate, fruit juices, chilled melon water with mint, beer, sangria wine, tequila, piskosour (grapefruit brandy with added egg white and lemon juice).

Food tour to South America

Arriving in South America as part of a gastronomic tour, you can see an interesting ceremony (prodisio) - the alternate removal of different types of meat: in restaurants this show will be performed for you by the carpadors, and in the houses - by the hosts..

Adventure lovers should go to South America: since this continent is very contrasting and colorful, here you will get new impressions of a variety of entertainment (climbing mountains to the lost Inca settlements, wandering through the jungle to waterfalls, various excursions) and gastronomic delights.

Photos of national dishes of South America

  • Traditional South American Cuisine
  • Traditional South American Cuisine
  • Traditional South American Cuisine