Holidays in Armenia are traditions. National holidays of Armenia

Holidays in Armenia

Holidays in Armenia

Holidays in Armenia, in particular, religious ones, are celebrated widely and in accordance with traditions.

Major holidays in Armenia

  • New Year: on the night of January 1, Armenians celebrate Amanor (New Year) with relatives and friends. Traditional dishes, Armenian brandy, wine, sweets are displayed on the festive table. Nobody ever gets bored at the table - Armenians communicate and listen to traditional and modern Armenian songs.
  • Christmas and Epiphany are celebrated on the same day: on the evening of January 6, believers go to churches to light a candle, after which they take it home to consecrate their home. In the morning after the service in the church, believers bring home the water consecrated there (it is customary to treat baptismal water as a shrine, since it has healing properties).
  • Vardavar: on this cheerful holiday, it is customary to pour water over everyone, regardless of age and status in society (no one is offended by anyone, because on this day water is endowed with healing power) and go to picnics. In addition, festive events with songs, dances and games are organized in honor of the holiday..
  • Independence Day of Armenia: September 21 is widely and colorfully celebrated - festive events are organized throughout the country. In Yerevan, in the church of Grigor Lusavorich, a solemn service is held, a military parade is held on Republic Square, and in the evening concerts, laser and light shows are organized here, and at the end of the holiday fireworks are launched into the sky.

Event tourism in Armenia

Fans of event tourism should know that, as a rule, music and cultural festivals are held in spring in many cities of Armenia, and in summer, traditional and modern festivals are held in almost all regions. Do not miss the chance to attend festive events - plan your trip around the country at this time.

So, in October in the village of Areni (Vayots Dzor region) you can visit the Wine Festival - at this time you can see performances of musical, theatrical and dance groups, take part in competitions and national games, as well as taste various wines.

And in September (Akhtala, Lori region) you can take part in the celebration of the Barbecue Festival. It involves chefs who show their skills in barbecue business to the audience (they bring new flavors to the classic recipe). Naturally, the festival ends with a delicious tasting.

In addition to numerous holidays, festivals are held annually in Armenia, in the celebration of which it is worth taking part during a vacation in the country..


  • Holidays in Armenia
  • Holidays in Armenia
  • Holidays in Armenia