Excursions in Vienna. Sightseeing tours of Vienna

Excursions in Vienna

Excursions in Vienna

The first association that can arise with the name of the city of Vienna is the musical classics and the ingenious composers who worked on it. But Vienna is also great architecture. In addition, the Austrian capital is also home to small coffee shops with their famous pastries - strudel and cakes. But you can really feel what enchanting Vienna is only by visiting it. After all, it is much more beautiful, deeper and more interesting than the book ideas about it. You can feel it by visiting excursions in Vienna.

Vienna attractions

Here is a real expanse for museum lovers. There are about eighty of them in the city. This means that you have to stay here for at least two weeks. A wide variety of expositions are collected here. These can be unique collections of paintings, and even medical instruments. Naturally, by visiting the magnificent royal residences, you will forever remain an admirer of their beauty. And in general, in Vienna, palace and park architecture has always been at its best.

Even if you are going to visit one of the local eateries, then this trip threatens to turn into a small educational excursion, since there are establishments in the city where talented personalities and celebrities often visited. The clearest example is the restaurant «Greichenbeisl», to which Strauss and Beethoven used to come in the past. Even the American writer Mark Twain, and he crossed the threshold of this institution. And here is the cafe «Landtmann», which opened back in the 19th century, can boast of the fact that it was visited by other famous people: Sigmund Freud - the father of psychoanalysis, as well as the incomparable Marlene Dietrich.

However, he will not forget about natural attractions, the most famous of which is the Vienna Woods..

Separately, it should be said about the Viennese tram, on which you should definitely ride along the ring road. Ringstrasse tries to visit any tourist who comes to the capital of Austria. Sightseeing tours of Vienna can be made, it turns out, simply by paying for travel on this type of transport.

All in all, in the impressive list of sights of Vienna and its environs, there is a small number of objects for the first visit.

  • Museum «Albertina».
  • Belvedere Palace.
  • Liechtenstein Museum.
  • Vienna Opera.
  • Schönnbrunn Palace.
  • St. Stephen's Cathedral.
  • Hofburg.
  • Kreuzenstein castle.
  • Liechtenstein castle.
  • Prater Park.
  • Vienna Woods.
  • Museum of art history.
  • Tower of the Mad.
  • Hundertwasser House.
  • Sigmund Freud Museum.
  • Funeral Museum.
  • Vienna Zoo.
  • Ringstrasse.

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  • Excursions in Vienna
  • Excursions in Vienna
  • Excursions in Vienna