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Traditions of Azerbaijan

Traditions of Azerbaijan

The culture of the Azerbaijani people and their customs began to form in the 15th century, when the local ethnos began to stand out in isolation from the centralized Ottoman. The traditions of Azerbaijan were largely influenced by the customs of the Iranians, Arabs and, of course, the Turks, with whom the local population has both religious and linguistic commonality..

Guest on the doorstep...

... it is sacred for an Azerbaijani. Refusal of an invitation to visit someone's house can be regarded by its owner as a personal insult, and therefore, having agreed on the time of the visit, you will have to inflict it. Going on a visit, it is worth stocking up on a few nice souvenirs, because the host will certainly present guests with their gifts..
It is customary to take off your shoes at the entrance to the house, and you should not refuse the tea, presented as a greeting. By the way, tea drinking is an important tradition of Azerbaijan and it accompanies any conversation. There are hundreds of teahouses in the country where you can discuss business or just chat with friends. As a rule, Azerbaijani women do not go there, but Europeans are allowed to drink a glass of tea in such an almost male club..

Patriarchy with pleasure

In family relations, the culture of Azerbaijan is a woman's unquestioning obedience to her husband, father or brother. It is the husband who has sovereignty over the property, decides financial issues, and determines the fate of the children. Modern society, naturally, is moving away from these patriarchal traditions, women in Azerbaijan are increasingly holding positions of responsibility on an equal basis with men and decide for themselves where to study or work. But the respectful attitude towards the stronger sex remains, and therefore the Azerbaijani women admit that they like to feel in marriage as if behind a stone wall..

Useful little things

  • As in any Muslim state, a special dress code should be observed in Azerbaijan. You should not appear in public places in too open clothes, and when visiting mosques or monuments of national culture, it is important to have a decent look.
  • Alcoholic drinks should not be consumed on the streets. This is punishable by a fine. Before you smoke, you will have to make sure that there are no prohibition signs.
  • When buying an Azerbaijani carpet, it is important to obtain a certificate from the seller that allows you to freely export the work of local craftswomen outside the state. Carpet weaving is one of the ancient traditions of Azerbaijan and the export of especially valuable specimens is prohibited by law.


  • Traditions of Azerbaijan
  • Traditions of Azerbaijan