Capital of Barbados: map, photo. What is the capital city in Barbados?

Bridgetown - the capital of Barbados

Lucky for the beautiful Bridgetown, firstly, because it is the capital of Barbados, and secondly, it is the only city on the island. It has an excellent location on the shore of a bay that cuts deep into the land. Two bridges have been thrown across this bay, it was they who gave the name to the capital, which can be translated as «bridge city».

Barbados is part of the so-called British Commonwealth, the country and its capital are positioned as a paradise for the rest of the wealthy citizens of the planet. Here you can find monuments of local history, shops and duty-free shops, and cruise ships often call here..

Barbados cuisine

In the capital, tourists are rare, coming for one or two days to walk around the city, go shopping and local restaurants. Many of the catering establishments have retained the spirit of old England. The local cuisine is also an interesting cocktail of Barbadian national dishes - hot, spicy and aromatic, and recipes traditionally considered English.

Flying fish are the main symbol of Bridgetown and the country, but the attitude of local residents towards them is not at all enthusiastic and sublime. Flying fish dishes are the main menu of many restaurants in the capital. Usually fish fillets are breaded in breadcrumbs and fried, served with the sauce. Another popular dish on the island is pork, which is also served with a dark-colored sauce..

Acquaintance with the sights of the capital

First of all, on the map of the city, tourists are trying to find a hippodrome and a museum, which is located not far from the hippodrome, in a former prison. The exhibits of the museum tell about the history of the island, the first aborigines, the arrival of Europeans to these lands, the terrible period of slavery and colonial subjugation that followed..

Of the religious buildings, the attention of the guests of the capital is attracted by the church consecrated in honor of the Virgin Mary. The building of the church was built in 1827, earlier, at the beginning of the 17th century, it also housed a Christian shrine..

Also, vacationers in Barbados are offered a visit to the port, which is rather an entertainment center, including trade establishments, boutiques and shops; restaurants and cafes of national and English cuisine.

Of other entertainment on the island, tourists celebrate cricket matches - this sport appeared thanks to the British colonialists, and horse races, which are often held in the capital.