Water parks in Grodno - photos, prices, description

Water parks in Grodno

Water parks in Grodno

Are you planning to spend your vacation in Grodno? Treat yourself and your family with a visit to a local water park.

Water park in Grodno

Within the territory of “Aquacenter” visitors will find:

  • water slides (regular, spiral);
  • artificial river, cascades, hydromassage jets;
  • swimming pools (large with several lanes and for toddlers);
  • shop and cafe.

IN “Aquacenter” guests will be able to learn to swim and join a health group, and they will also be offered wellness treatments in the form of a Charcot shower, hand and underwater massage. In addition, there is a Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath (for women and men), a Russian bath with a micro-pool and a relaxation room, a solarium, a sports hall and a gym..

1 hour of stay in the pool for adults will cost 39,000, in a pool with attractions - 51,000 Belarusian rubles, and for children (under 16) - 30,000 and 42,000 Belarusian rubles, respectively. The cost of additional services: Charcot's shower - 38,000 rubles / 6 minutes (subscription for 10 procedures - 345,000 rubles), hydromassage - 74,000 rubles / 20 minutes, Turkish bath - 1,300 rubles / 1 minute, hydroaerobics - 50,000 rubles / 45-minute session, visit sports hall - 220,000 rubles / 60 minutes.

It should be noted that in “Aquacenter” mass competitions (swimming, diving), children's matinees, corporate parties, discos on the water can be organized.

While resting in Grodno, you can go to the water park “Ozerny”, located in the sanatorium of the same name. It pleases guests with 4 slides (2 - for adults, 2 - for children), a jacuzzi, waterfalls, a swimming pool (there are sun loungers along it), underwater lighting. Prices: a visit to the water park for adults costs 220 rubles / 1 minute, for children - 190 rubles / 1 minute, visits to saunas - 550 rubles / 1 minute, and a gym - 150 rubles / 1 minute. It should be noted that the loss of a special plastic bracelet with an electronic key fob that records the time spent in “Ozerny”, will entail payment of a fine in the amount of 70,000 Belarusian rubles.

Water activities in Grodno

Upon arrival in Grodno, you can stay in a hotel with a swimming pool - in “Cronon Park Hotel”, “Apartment Wroblewski” or another hotel.

If you wish, you can spend time in the pool “Azure” (in addition to swimming in the pool, visitors are encouraged to do water aerobics, visit the sauna, solarium and gym) or “Grodno Khimvolokno” (has a swimming pool, sauna, including a phytosauna “Cedar barrel”, an inhaler, and here services are also provided in the form of heat therapy, cryobinting, massage, phyto- and aromatherapy, as well as taking pearl, herbal, coniferous, baths with phyto-concentrates and sapropel extract).

Are you interested in a beach holiday? You can spend time on the beach “Central” on the Neman river.


  • Water parks in Grodno
  • Water parks in Grodno