Airport in Minsk - "Minsk": scheme, photo. How to get to Minsk airport

Airport in Minsk

Airport in Minsk

There is only one airport in Minsk called Natsyanalny Airport «Minsk». As you might guess, in Russian its full name is National Airport «Minsk». There are both domestic and international flights from the airport.
The airport in Minsk is the largest airport in terms of passenger traffic in the whole country. It was opened in 1983, and today it is located 42 kilometers from the city center. It is important to know that this particular airport is the home port of the airline «Belavia», national Belarusian company.

The airport accepts many international flights, in particular, to Vnukovo airport in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Batumi, Tehran, Riga, Stockholm and many other cities. In Russia, the RusLine company cooperates with the airport, which has opened a new direction - Krasnodar. The partner of the airport in Ukraine is AeroSvit airline, which opened flights to Kiev, and in Israel - SunD’or, providing flights to Tel Aviv.
Companies based in Western Europe «Lufthansa» (Germany), «Austrian Airlines» (Austria), in the East - «Lot» (Poland).

The easiest way to get to the airport is by car - there is a special car connection from Minsk. It is also convenient to get there by buses 173E and 300E. Route 13ze runs from the Sokol microdistrict and can be used on weekdays, from 10 am to 4 pm. Route number 300E runs around the clock from the bus station «Central» (via station «Uruchye»). Unfortunately, there is no railway line to the airport yet, but its construction is planned.
Check-in for Russian flights is made in sectors 1 and 2 of the airport, and for international flights - from sectors 3 to 6. All of them are located on the third floor of the complex.

In the arrivals area 5-6, in the basement, there is a luggage storage room. She works around the clock. The following storage rates apply: luggage up to 50 kilograms - 5800, luggage up to 100 kilograms - 6500, oversized luggage - 8000 (prices are in Belarusian rubles).

If you need to use a mobile connection, the airport has MTS, Velcom and Life communications. In addition, there is also access to free Internet (we recommend using it in sectors 3-4 - it works best there).
Of course, the airport in Minsk provides all the services that are stipulated by the requirements of IATA (International Air Transport Association). Among them, the opportunity to go through customs control through the system «red and green» corridors; a separate group dealing with baggage handling; a well-established system for providing information to passengers. It is convenient to have a large number of transport services, it is possible to leave by bus or minibus, rent a car, call a taxi and use the parking lot.

There are insurance companies right at the airport where foreign citizens can purchase compulsory health insurance in Belarus. There are representative offices of many companies, both from abroad and from Belarus; representative offices of many banks and, of course, individual ATMs.

Other important services include hotel rooms, VIP lounges and business class lounges, a mother and child room available to all passengers with children, a gym, a clothing repair shop, a hairdresser and, of course, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. every taste.

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  • Airport in Minsk
  • Airport in Minsk